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2/19/2019 c1 DoggyDoodles1234

Love the ending!
2/19/2019 c1 DoggyDoodles1234

Love the ending!
11/28/2018 c1 5Orangebird124
Hello there, Holly! I am so, so sorry for not getting a chance to review this "Incredibles" one-shot due to me being busy in college! The good news is that I finally found the time to review this for my incredible, joyful, best Pixar friend! (Joy: Always look on the bright side!) That's right, Joy! You tell them! (Anger: Hey, look! It's Dash Parr from "The Incredibles"!) Where? (Anger: *face palms himself, annoyed* On Holly's profile, you idiot!) (Disgust: *rolls her eyes in annoyance* Boys are really stupid.) They sure are, Disgust. Now can we please get to reviewing this one-shot before we run out of time? (*The Emotions nod in agreement*) Thank you.

Gee, Dash looked very moody when Bob came to pick him up from school. I wonder why? (Sadness: I thought girls only get moody.) Well, boys do get moody too, Sadness. In fact, everyone gets moody sometimes. Dash didn't want to eat his after school snack when he got home? Wow, that's not like Dash at all. (Fear: *nervously* Do you think he might have depression?) (Sadness: *to Fear* It may be possible.) I felt a pain in my heart when Dash started crying and used his super speed to his room. (Sadness: *sniffles* Here, Orangebird124, *gives me a box of tissues* I got some tissues in case you want some.) Oh, thanks, Sadness. I'm really gonna need them. *gasps loudly* Oh my God! Dash didn't show up on a Saturday morning and Violet, Helen, Bob and Jack-Jack got really worried about him! (Fear: Oh-no, I think I know what that means. *grabs a megaphone and starts shouting into it* CODE RED! CODE RED! DASH IS MISSING IN ACTION! I REPEAT, DASH IS MISSING IN ACTION! THIS IS NOT A TEST!) (Anger: *growls, with his ears covered* Oh my God, beanpole! You almost blew my eardrums out! What the hell is wrong with you?!) (Fear: *to Anger* Why are you always yelling at me for, Anger? Why can't you learn to control your temper?) (Disgust: *to Anger* Yeah, what he said.) (Joy: Guys, chill out! Dash is fine! He probably went over to a friend's house.) (Sadness: I don't know, Joy. Yesterday, Helen dropped him off at his school and then he left the school.) According to what happened so far, Violet called Edna and she found out that Dash assumed he went over to a friend's house to get something he forgot, but it turns out that he had his super suit on and he was carrying a big backpack! (Disgust: *sadly* Definitely not so incredible now.) Oh, and that was cute when Jack-Jack was trying to call out Dash's name, by the way! (Joy: Who doesn't love Jack-Jack?) The Parr's went over to Edna's house to get more details about Dash and then when they got home while taking notes down, they got a phone call from the police saying that they found Dash! (Joy: Woohoo! I knew Dash would be okay! I was starting to get worried about him! Now to do the happy dance!) Uh, Joy, I wouldn't do the happy dance right now because they found him at Hollinsville Park and it doesn't look pretty good to me. To be honest, I never heard of Hollinsville Park before. Is that a fictional park? (Anger: *yelling* Of course it's a fictional park, you idiot! Where do you think creative titles come from, the Milky Way Galaxy?!) For your information, Anger, creativity comes from your imagination. (Anger: *grumbles* That is just stupid.) (Disgust: We heard that!) Oh my God, that was so tear-jerking when Dash got seriously hurt and he's unconscious! (Fear: UNCONSCIOUS?! YIKES! WHAT IF HE'S DEAD?!) (Sadness: *starts crying* Then that means we just lost another incredible super hero!) (Disgust: Oh, brother. Here we go again with the crying.) *We all just stare at Disgust* (Disgust: What are you all looking at me like that for?!) What's even worse is that Dash got stabbed! (*Sadness bawls even louder and cries on Anger's shoulder*) (Anger: *furiously, as his head erupts into flames* Whoever did this to Dash is gonna pay!) Uh, Anger, please be careful because Sadness is around you. You don't want to accidentally burn her. (Anger: *starts feeling teardrops on his head* Don't worry about it! Her tears put my flames out!) I felt relieved when Dash woke up and the part where Dash told Bob, Helen and Violet about those bad teenagers planning to murder Violet really brought tears to my eyes. *sniffles* Sorry, I'm getting choked up here. *grabs a tissue* Even though Dash was scared for Violet, he wanted to protect her and fight those dudes off and I couldn't help but cry when he got hurt and got thrown into the sewers. I literally felt like hugging him along with Violet, Helen and Bob and the next day, Dash got an award for being a hero and I'm glad those bad teenagers ended up in prison once and for all! This reminded me of my story, "Sadness Spiral" because I remember that Sadness once rana way from Headquarters and then she was reunited with her coworkers. Now Dash ran away, but then he was reunited with his family. (Disgust: *holding back tears* I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry.) (Joy: *smiles with tears of joy* That was so sweet and... heartwarming.) (Anger: *choking up* Dag nabbit, tears! If you so just hit my eyes, I'm gonna punch you away and wish you never came out!) (Sadness: *crying happily* You are so incredible, Holly! We love you very much!) You are so amazing, Holly. This will be an "Incredibles" one-shot I'll never forget. :) *The Emotions and I run up to you and tackle you into a big group hug*
11/28/2018 c1 1Tripledent
That was very cute of Jack-Jack imitating in the search for Dash. Gosh, why did Dash feel he needed to do that all on his own? Maybe he wanted to feel he is as good a superhero as his father is. A lot of tears were shed by characters in this story, I'm glad we got a happy ending.
11/25/2018 c1 Mega M
Adorable glad everything worked out in the end.

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