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12/7/2019 c49 8RedRat8
Well that was fun to see Six rampaging through Caesar's Legion, not to mention we finally get to see Six admit that he sees Ruby as his kid! That's sweet among all the bitterness of Caesar's Legion. Lots of fun to be had and now the end game will be getting closer, but seriously if House planned for Ruby to be kidnapped or was being dummb dumb, he's getting a nice roasting out of his sleep.
11/30/2019 c48 Guest
Booom I called it, Yang your sister is captured and I think it's time to rip and tear (gives chainsaw to Yang) have fun cutting dicks off before they even rape her.
11/30/2019 c48 Carre
1. Thanks for answers (and have a nice trip to Tarturus, Dickus).
2. a) ...Sorry for being responsible for you getting caught by FBI...
(...At least, I am feeling responsible for it...)
b) ...That said... I am the only one who feels wierd that you gets this crap? (I understand why)
I mean... You only mentioned Weiss and Ruby had sex, not details how, unlike many other aouthers (no matter their ages in these Storys, its must be mentioned) both ...hentai-like and non-hentai-like Storys (for better words).
...For not mention: kids with weapons (and using them)... No comment from anyone about that?!
Or kids dying/gets killed (like in the Show itself?)?
And as youreself comment: Its a another Time and Cultures.
3. I did laugh at the name (watched "Life of Brian" much latly?).
4. ...Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!)
11/29/2019 c48 Zealot24

Rome 1 Total War over these false romans any days and their days are numbered me thinks

hey almost new's year too
11/29/2019 c48 1thewittywhy
Personally, I would love to see Weiss, Ruby or Yang rip of Caesars' dick. Payback's a bitch.
11/29/2019 c48 5Crimson Weresloth
Okay, first. do you need a lawyer? Because I'm sending one. Two, Caesar fucked up. Six and the gang are going to tare them apart for this.
11/29/2019 c48 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
11/29/2019 c48 5Combine117
His wife's name is...interesting, I wonder what kind of parents he had.

"I'm so lucky that my parents aren't like that."

That Spanish Inquisition joke was pretty sudden, like I hadn't expected it.

"Like the Spanish Inquisition itself."

Yeah...wait a minute.

And for the record, since that boi is dead...yes I did laugh at his name.

Also, hopefully you'll get out of FBI's grasp. We would help but...we don't have lawyers.

"We can just break him out."

That'll cause more problems.

11/29/2019 c48 revan4221
Wait you were swatted? God I’m sorry man. Anyway good chapter although I feel obligated to speak up about my thoughts. For one I have nothing against WhiteRoss i just don’t like it when there is no pre-development, the Big MT sexual tension thing felt like an excuse to make the ship and that felt kinda wrong although I’m not a writer or a brain surgeon so I won’t pretend to know how things work especially when I don’t have all the information that I don’t see or forget.

My House ending bit was mostly just my personal obsession with the House ending. I never really understood exactly why I was drawn to him, but in all of the fan fictions about Vegas 90% of them have House die and while I completely understand about different endings and preferences I always feel a tiny bit angry and upset about it. However no matter where this story goes I’ll still enjoy it. I’m just rooting for Mr. House is all. Although I will say if you do decide to off house in the story I would recommend Victor either intervening or attacking. In the cut content you fight Victor in a small time battle and when he says “I should have left you in the ground!” It hits my heart to here such a normally nice guy say that, although your trying to kill his boss and father so it’s resonable.

Rip Biggus Dickus
11/28/2019 c48 10Helljumper206
Well...shit show just happened for the crew and the worst has happened. Now its time to show your cards for the round and call for the pot.

Time to Ant'ie up, Caesar. Your move.
11/28/2019 c48 8RedRat8
A Secret Passageway that House built and didn't guard at all...okay went through over about ten dozen aneurysms trying to accept that, but now I'm rolling with that for now. Also bring a pregnant woman onto a battlefield is a bad idea, that's like literally tempting Murphy to take a .50 Cal Potshot at ya with all the incentives needed. Also yes, more guns that we can see Courier Six use, looking forward to seeing more. And also I'm surprised to see Benny is still alive somehow.
11/28/2019 c47 1thewittywhy
So, white rose is realized. Good to know. So far, amazing story with a lot of character and heart. Just wondering, but any plans for the team to go beyond the Mojave? Also, the frog does Weiss have planned for that cola bottle?
11/24/2019 c47 Carre
1. Thanks for answers. (And yeah...I think I missed writing a b)...(Carre shrugs), something wrong I wrote).
2. a) Tzeentch: Funny thing, much in Warhammer is based/inspered of H.P. Lovecrafts works.
Especily when it comes to Chaos.
b) Wanted Posters: ...Talking about "Trassel"? (Or "Tangled" I thinks its called in english?)
Anyway, never really watched that movie (watched a little, but lost intresst... that or the movie had a "paus"/break and I decied watch something else on a another channel...).
c) Thanks for the names and the info (Thumbs Up!).
d) (Listened on these songs): Fell for: Aaron Kenny "Roundup on the Prairie".
3. (Chapter 46)
a) Ruby as a King-member: (Carre have a "O.O !?" -face)
...Didnt see that happen...
...Wonder how her dad and drunkle will react to this...(Carre snickers)
b) Six hates to feel like a simple number...
c) ...Shouldnt Pyrrha rest (consider the baby?)?
d) ...Hej, Yang.
Next time you wanna beat some (censour), you can borrow these (Carre gives her a pair of Lighning Claws)(Imagning power-gloves with wolvirine claws, google "warhammer lightning claws" for better picture otherwise). Little to big, but hej, you can still chop up people (or blow them up, consider some models have bolterguns attached)!
4. (This chapter)
a) ...Nice Nightmare...(NOT!)
b) ...Dean?! Actualy nice to see him.
(...Why I am imagning him as some kinda brother or uncle to Weiss, after reading this. Wich makes me wonder how Winter would react to that/him.)
c) The WhiteRose Moment: ...(Carre blinks) ...wow...
d) ...How in (long rant of swearing) did the (another long rant of swearing) Legion get in the (...last long list of swearing, for now...) 38th!?
(Know about the spy outside the Flux, but STILL?!)
5. Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!).
11/22/2019 c47 Guest
I Can diffntliy here braiwhate manor battle music when the others show up at Hoover dam or ceaser camp
11/22/2019 c47 Guest
Go for Red dead redmption 2 music for the battle at Hoover dam like jim millton rides again even when ruby captured by ceaser
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