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11/24/2019 c47 Carre
1. Thanks for answers. (And yeah...I think I missed writing a b)...(Carre shrugs), something wrong I wrote).
2. a) Tzeentch: Funny thing, much in Warhammer is based/inspered of H.P. Lovecrafts works.
Especily when it comes to Chaos.
b) Wanted Posters: ...Talking about "Trassel"? (Or "Tangled" I thinks its called in english?)
Anyway, never really watched that movie (watched a little, but lost intresst... that or the movie had a "paus"/break and I decied watch something else on a another channel...).
c) Thanks for the names and the info (Thumbs Up!).
d) (Listened on these songs): Fell for: Aaron Kenny "Roundup on the Prairie".
3. (Chapter 46)
a) Ruby as a King-member: (Carre have a "O.O !?" -face)
...Didnt see that happen...
...Wonder how her dad and drunkle will react to this...(Carre snickers)
b) Six hates to feel like a simple number...
c) ...Shouldnt Pyrrha rest (consider the baby?)?
d) ...Hej, Yang.
Next time you wanna beat some (censour), you can borrow these (Carre gives her a pair of Lighning Claws)(Imagning power-gloves with wolvirine claws, google "warhammer lightning claws" for better picture otherwise). Little to big, but hej, you can still chop up people (or blow them up, consider some models have bolterguns attached)!
4. (This chapter)
a) ...Nice Nightmare...(NOT!)
b) ...Dean?! Actualy nice to see him.
(...Why I am imagning him as some kinda brother or uncle to Weiss, after reading this. Wich makes me wonder how Winter would react to that/him.)
c) The WhiteRose Moment: ...(Carre blinks) ...wow...
d) ...How in (long rant of swearing) did the (another long rant of swearing) Legion get in the (...last long list of swearing, for now...) 38th!?
(Know about the spy outside the Flux, but STILL?!)
5. Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!).
11/22/2019 c47 Guest
I Can diffntliy here braiwhate manor battle music when the others show up at Hoover dam or ceaser camp
11/22/2019 c47 Guest
Go for Red dead redmption 2 music for the battle at Hoover dam like jim millton rides again even when ruby captured by ceaser
11/22/2019 c47 Guest

RUBY IS SIXTEEN YOU MESSED UP JACK ASS! I have siblings and there is one thing I know is that she is barely old enough to drive, much less get down at that age! Whoever asked for this shit really needs to reevaluate their life.
11/22/2019 c47 revan4221
This chapter worries my hopes for a Mr. House ending. I really hope Ruby can take a nightmare as just a nightmare and not some mystical foreshadowing that it really isn’t since that dream is the exact opposite of what Mr. House wants. So far this story has been one of my favorites considering it’s story is really good and the characters are also well done, although WeissXRuby really dampers my mood. I have nothing against lesbians but that relationship really makes no sense especially since their was no development of it besides moments of Ruby being a hero. Anyway good job and I can’t wait to see where this goes, just remember in Vegas the House always wins.
11/22/2019 c47 Emerald899
This was a great chapter. So Ruby lost her V card, I'm guessing this means the ruby's innocent cover her ears joke is over l which I'm kinda glad for as it was getting a bit repetitive and lets be honest, I knew every sex position, term, and joke by 13 a person being that innocent at 16 shows that she is heavily sheltered to the point where I would consider it detrimental or even abusive. Plus she is in a scifi nuclear wasteland with neo roman cults giant death lizards and horrors beyond imagination along with the fact that she's a remorseless killer at this point so I think sex is by far the leat important innocence to consider here. Sorry
I just have seen this trope in so many fanfictions that do it far more extreme than you and it's starting to disturb me. Back on subject, how did a whole bunch of legionnaires get into the lucky 38? I never finished fallout New Vegas but i'm fairly certain that that's the most secure place in the wasteland. They must of had a fool proof plan to succeed at this. Also you mentioned a final chapter. Do you mean the final chapter of the hoover dam arc or last chapter of the fic? Overall keep up the good work.
11/20/2019 c46 Guest
Hey thanks for liking my idea about my reply to your Red Vs Blue characters cameo if your wondering what happened to Church suffering from a friendly fire accident to make Washington in charge of The Blues it happened during target practice while they were still in California as a bullet from Cabooses gun which was a M1 Garand ricocheted from a target hitting several objects before hitting Church in the back of his right leg at his knee putting him out of action for a while as Command decided to put Washington in charge of the group as they were sent to the Mojave also if you ever think about putting either agents Carolina or Texas i can picture either of them being NCR Rangers thanks for the reply and also for the other two guest who are saying that Ruby is going to get captured by The Legion hope that your good at Running because Yang is coming you two and she’s more scarier than Texas and a Alpha Female Deathclaw combined so happy hunting Yang.
11/22/2019 c47 5Combine117
"Hello! Celeste here!"

"Thanks for the...thanks? I guess. I don't know how it goes alright?"

"Don't worry, they're coming down. We heard the screams from here."

"I actually wasn't expecting this chapter until tomorrow! So it was a pleasant surprise when I opened up my mail and found you uploaded a chapter!"

"Speaking of the chapter...oh shit. I knew something bad would happen."
11/22/2019 c47 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
It must be be dream, no way a Legion force to brake into Lucky 38 that easy.
At least Legion remembered Ruby birthday and sent assassins.
11/22/2019 c47 5Crimson Weresloth
The useless lesbian got her girl, mama Veronica would be proud Weiss. Also how the fuck did legion show up in the Lucky 38. I mean House's bots should have killed all those shirk boys already?
11/21/2019 c47 10Helljumper206
I guess next we get Ruby meeting the leader of the Legion next chapter. This will be interesting on how it is written. Can't wait what you have for us.
11/21/2019 c47 12patrickregalado
They have to pass through the people outside gate of New Vegas without getting caught same with the NCR and the House Robot.
The Lucky 38 is only for House key player like Six and Ruby and their companion.
11/21/2019 c47 4spurlinpatricksean2
This was very good and i cant wait for more. But how in the hell did a group of legion soliders get inside the lucky 38. And into the top floor let alone how the hell did they get into vages without anyone seeing them or walk inside the lucky 38. I can understand if they where wearing disguises and thats how they got in but they weren't
11/21/2019 c47 8RedRat8
Okay, there are many things I can accept but I have to call Bull on Legion Soldiers, especially a Centurion getting into the Lucky 38. Considering that they're are you know, NCR Military Police, Securitrons, and other things that should have prevented them from getting in. Also I have to ask, do you need to pay a song every chapter? While I can get behind the idea, it feels more like padding to a chapter at times.
11/18/2019 c46 Guest
Why is Six being phased out of the story?
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