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for A Rose over a shallow grave

6/7/2019 c26 3Phygmalion
Wow, Jaune and Pyrrha are into some kinky stuff. :0 I suppose congratulations are in order to the happy couple? And perhaps condolences as well. Good thing they have strong hearts, otherwise they'd drop dead from sheer unadulterated mortification once they realize what happened with the broadcast. Now how, exactly, did Jaune lose his finger? I think I missed that part.

Well, that was quite funny. Well done! Might want to edit one teensy, weensy bit though - I'm pretty sure Jaune doesn't have a seven-foot long 'member'. That seems anatomically impossible, even for him. :D

Good job, and good luck on the next chapter! I wish I could help you with the Navajo bit, but while I've visited the Navajo Nation, I didn't learn the language. Nice people, though
6/7/2019 c26 1dekuton
seven FOOT two inches? im pretty sure you would have got the point across with say...9 or 10 INCHES...7 feet is like...andre the freakin giant. was this an omake and i just didnt notice? lol
6/7/2019 c26 dekuton
seven FOOT two inches? im pretty sure you would have got the point across with say...9 or 10 INCHES...7 feet is like...andre the freakin giant. was this an omake and i just didnt notice? lol
6/7/2019 c26 coduss
Well, i always knew Jaune needed P-money to be blunt with him. cant be blunter than getting married and fucking his brains out
6/7/2019 c26 Zombiedudecolletti
It's good to know that this story shall continue too many good stories die as for the Inquisitor you would be surprised by them just simply look up the word exterminatus.
6/6/2019 c26 TheHatter1
-The camera shows a blood stained hotel room, Hatter is sitting at a desk repairing an Eyebot that seems to have a mount for cardboard cutouts, he turns to the camera-

And Welcome back to the show sorry for the absence last time the Fiends recruited me and Chibi here for a heist, and let me tell you clueless blonds and yandere redheads make great distractions. Anyway I hear those kids got into some hijinx so that's our topic today.

So we've got a report from our affiliate in "Raider Dave's Chem Review" that Black Mountain Radio has been replaced with a looping comercial for Jacobstown, apparently the duo managed to revive a defunct and that somehow fixed everything including the dozens of corpses decorating the mountainside, also Raider Dave now has to pay 8 years of back pay to one Raul Tejada, who was held captive by the BM Radio host Tabitha. "That's what you get for outsourcing labor Dave".

-as Hatter says this Chibi's laser fires and burns a hole in the roof, causing Hatter to fall out of his chair, knocking over the camera and showing a large crate of gold labeled "Emergency Pancake Budget", the camera is hastily picked up-

Anyway hopefully none of the Omertas saw us with their crate, now back to the news so while our favorite lovebirds were gambling and drinking like newlyweds, I was sneaking into the upper floor to get Nero's keys, I may have also thrown someone who looked suspiciously like Clanden the Licker down a set of stairs, after getting the keys and pointing Mr. Tejada towards his charges we snuck into the Vault with 8 of the "normal" Fiends to help haul the crates we made off with just under 2 million caps and 3 crates of gold bars.

-Hatter powers the Eyebot on, attaches a cardboard cutout of Neo to it and starts tinkering with a White glove cane-

So, after all that we split the loot with Motor Runner and made our way to Jacobstown where we unintentionally crashed the lovebirds wedding, evidently they didn't care and we made off with most of the town's scotch, so afterwards... *CRASH* one moment.

-Hatter rushes to the door, grabs the shotgun from the umbrella stand, opens the door, and blows away the Scorpion member on the other side-

Much better, after we left with their scotch we don't know what happened with the lovebirds, but we...

-the audio is replaced by the sounds of of our favorite Yandere claiming her man, while Hatter continues on without noticing until finally he picks up his cane walks out of the room with the Neo cutout Eyebot and the camera cuts out-
6/6/2019 c26 Tristram Shandy
You know, you'd think Weiss would be used to Pyrrha picking Jaune over her by now. Certainly happens often enough.
6/6/2019 c26 1buzzsaw935
This was fucking hilarious, good fucking job!
6/6/2019 c26 8RedRat8
This makes me curious as to how Six feels and realizes he’s sort of now the wasteland legal guardian of teenage porn stars. I can imagine him having an ulcer at this but eventually him laughing at the duo. Also yay, Raul is here so we got some good ole dry wit coming.
6/1/2019 c25 Carre
1. Thanks for answrs and discusions.
2. a) Velvet Unleash hell art: If I found the right art, Velvet realises a rabbit and something blowes up latter (?) ("...O.T"). Ok...?
b) Vault 70: (...T.T) "...What?".
c) Wasteland Scandenavia: Well, neo-vikings (raiders, traders or explores or all three), dala-hästar (horses), tomtar (gnomes), trolls and jotuns (some kind of super-mutants perehps) comes to mind...
d) Survival Mode: I know mine cousin said its was Hard, but that HARD... By the Beard of God and the Devils Arse, Am I happy that I never played that mode...
3. a) I really liked the Hanlon parts.
b) The! Chief Hanlon: ...Why am I thinking of the main-guy from game "Halo 3" (wich are the only Halo game I played)?
4. Veronica: ...(O.O) Was just wondering what Veronica was doing...
5. Six as Dad: ( T.T) Nora is right: Six is their Dad (wether he likes/aknowldes it or not)...
6. Rubys Crack: a) ...Now I am really curious how everyone will react back home on Remnant.
For not forgett Tribal Blake and Lobomite Yang... (Carre had a "O.O" face, reading that parts).
b) ...Ever read Goblin Slayer or Murcielago? (There are others, but these two just came in mind.)
The ..."modes" (eyes glow creeply/angry, shadows hides their faces, voices cold) when the charachters (some of them, that is) are starting killing...
I did just imagning Ruby have that expressasion when she stabed that Legioner...
7. Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!).
6/3/2019 c25 1Aartorias
You know. After reading this whole thing, I was thinking that Wiess got it the roughest for her landing. But goddamn I think Yang is a strong competitor for the worst luck fucking ever.
It's also kinda hilarious that Wiess that blame The Metalheads in the Big Empty for her pleasant times. The Sierra Madre is their fault, after all.

It's kinda refreshing to see Ruby that way. It's like, most people write her as this undaunted goody two shoes who will always be the hero and always do the right thing. It's just, nice seeing her succumb to the emotions, do stuff she will regret. It's good that the concept of "surroundings make a person" isn't lost here.
Also, I thought Wiess smoking would be kinda cool. Damn shame you dropped that XD

I do fear for their collective sanity though. I can't imagine after all that they will be forced to endure, and all the blood they will spill, they will be quite the same.
5/31/2019 c25 Guest
Damn... Yang and Blake are both gonna need Joshua to help them sort out the horrors. Also Blake I can kinda see going nuts in a tribe, Yang however in Big Mountain for that long? What I'm trying to say is that while it's great your adding the characters back through the elf missions and what not, it is a bit drastic that the dlc's revolve around them. Like the way you found Jaune seems likely because he was found in a random place in the waste land which adds to the whole missing person feel, while if we know that the characters are gonna be at major plot points only then it takes away the randomness.
6/2/2019 c25 3Phygmalion
Well, that was intense. Ruby has changed, and a lot of it isn't for the better. And while I'm glad to have correctly guessed Blake and Yang's locations, I really wish I'd been wrong. Blake, scalping people? Yang, with her brain removed? And her head shaved? The Think Tank is probably going to die just for that. "You may take my brain, but you can never touch my hair!" I'm hoping for a ground-shattering punch like we saw at Junior's club.

I hope The Burned Man is able to help Blake with her guilt. Once she comes to her senses, she's going to have a lot of it.

So, how do I claim my invite to Chapter 34? I'm honestly curious as to what's going to happen there.
Great work, and good luck on the next chapter! Watch out for those pesky homophones!
6/1/2019 c25 Zombiedudecolletti
I for some reason really want to see what will make Ruby snap. Also what will she do when she snaps. Keep up the good work for if you stop I will have to get an Inquisitor to get you. You don't want that.
5/31/2019 c25 22Luckenhaft
Now back to... (Reads title.) Veer it E at Valkyrie. I'm sorry I don't speak nerd-


Whatever go back to being a satellite love interest meant only to unify the WhiteRose Shippers against you. Or better yet, flirt with Jaune. I know you secretly want that Dork's butt.

Meanwhile Pyrrha feels the sudden need to 'accidentally' kill amidst battle another rival for Jaune's love.

Neptune: You need to not take comics of Weiss asking me to let Jaune know she isn't that into him, but I am very much interested in him so seriously.

But they are so funny they may as well be canon, and Jaune needs a new Waifu now that Pyrrha got roasted by Cinder for being Best Girl.

Neptune: First of all: How can I be a Waifu if I'm a guy. Second of all: Jaune doesn't need a new Waifu. He'll probably get together with Ren, then the two of them and Nora will be a Mènage à Trois.

Meanwhile Pyrrha suddenly give a confused Ren a jealous glare cursing Cinder for denying her a chance at getting Jaune AND Nora. (And Ren too, but Pyrrha is a Jaunesexual who will only make exceptions for Best Girls like Nora or if Jaune gets Genderbent.)

Any guy can be a Waifu if they are pretty enough and are put in a dress. So I arranged for Coco and Velvet to kidnap you and give you a makeover.

Neptune: Thanks for warning me.

I'll give you 50 Lien if you go along with it. 'Sucker Lien is nothing compared to earth money.' I made a bet with Coco that if she made you pretty enough, you could trick a guy into thinking your a girl and asking you out.

Neptune: Is the guy, Jaune?


Neptune: (Grins and takes my hand.) Deal.

(Grins back as I hand Neptune the 50 Lien and take a step back.) It's actually Sun.

Neptune: (Frowns and holds the 50 Lien out to me.) Can I give this back?

No take backsies.

Neptune: (Sighs as he pockets the cash.) 'Sorry bro, I'll make this up to you by getting you a date with Blake.' Fine.

(Reads the above thoughts.) 'Like that is going to happen.' Also Neptune about that French thing you mentioned earlier.

Neptune: Yes?


Neptune: (Sighs.) 'I walked right into that one.'

Now back to actually reading the story.

Ruby tells Hanlon some funny stories. (Note to self: Tell Yang to make a bet with Jaune to make him wear a skirt if he loses the bet.)

Hanlon tells us about Intelligent Deathclaws and Albino Deathclaws and I wish we had more than one Intelligent Deathclaw Companion.

Speaking of unpleasant creatures that would drive us to extinction if they were smarter, I wondered today what would happen if Dodo birds didn't go extinct, but instead lived on and became hyper-intelligent and got really big and have really sharp talons and a beak. (I was looking at Good fanart of what an evolved form of Dodrio would look like. The YouTube channel that spurred this was Shin Art if you are curious.)

Ooh! Better ideal than a Deathclaw Companion. A Fallout DLC where you have to defeat an evil mad scientist Deathclaw, and at the end of the DLC you can make the Deathclaw your Companion if you spare him and convince him to put his evil genius to work for you.

Neptune: That's pretty much Old World Blues, but with Deathcla- (A water basin falls on his head and knocks him unconscious in response to me snapping my fingers.)

We need to make that dream of Nora's a reali- Wait, I think this a reference to another Six is RWBYJNPR's very reluctant dad.

Oh that's so sad- Nora is that creepy psycho little girl from Finding Nemo.

Yay! Time to get Blake's delicious more than likely rotted fish.

Veronica has some fun with some cannibals in the non-typical way cannibals have fun.

But ED-E, you hate everything.

There could be worse reasons people think a bunch of colorcoded anime kids are following you around Six.

Bad ED-E, we don't dispose of people we don't like by dumping their bodies in a lake.

Cue flashback to Pyrrha taking a dismantled Penny and chucking her parts into a lake.


Oh God! Nora's being the logical one here. It's the end of ZA WARUDO! (Punches a nearby grandfather clock causing it to break.) This is the power of the True Ultimate Stand! I have stopped time!

Neptune: (Groggily raises his head.) Weabo- (Another water basin knocks him unconscious.)

I wonder if Blake would take Mirelurk Sashimi?

Nora goes full Rambo on the Legion. I approve.

Yes, because using the scrubs and noobs in your army as canon fodder to weaken your opponents before actually fighting them is so very honorable.

Oh cool. This is the song I suggested here, fellow readers. (Grins excitedly.)

Oh cool. It's Blake! (Starts happily bouncing.)

Oh... Shit, it's Blake! (Stops bouncing and stares in horror.)

Oh! Oh shit, that's Yang!

'The screen goes dark as the only sound of that horrifying moment is the sound of the saw meeting the flesh.'

Oh god! Yang!

I think I'm going to need a barf bag, (Reads your response to my last review.) and to find a new panic room to hide in now. I wonder if Six would let me borrow his Pip-Boy in order to outrun Blake by constantly fast traveling.

I look forward to these plans your sending. I need to see a guy about a thing involving a crash space ship to flee the planet as a long-term solution to the Blake situation.

I a
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