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for A Rose over a shallow grave

4/6/2020 c60 Vanestus
The RWBY x Deadrising crossover sounds great!
4/6/2020 c60 Zealot24
well and the story is over...
to keep it simple, yeeees i enjoyed!
now to vote...
"what a bunch of animal cunts!"
4/6/2020 c60 merkur212
RWBY X GOT seams fun
4/6/2020 c60 40TheRealCaesar
The evil within x rwby, That’s my vote right there.
4/6/2020 c60 Imperial Stormtrooper
I will take number 2 and 4 please, oh and the red dead one
4/6/2020 c60 the boltguard
i will vote ahead into the future and vote the rwby x tales from the borderlands that one is the more original piece for me
4/6/2020 c60 AutisticBoi
Kaiserreich X Rwby of course
4/5/2020 c60 Zombiedudecolletti
Hmmm this is a difficult choice I will go with number 2. May the Man-Emperor's hand bless your future story and may he fart Warp storms on your enemies.
4/5/2020 c60 Ohboi
As I said before, I would like a crossover between RWBY and Harscore Henry ... Well, with that said. The story has been the best! I loved every moment of this fanfic and the comic scenes and the battle scenes. I loved everything, you are a good writer, Wombag1786 l:3
4/5/2020 c60 Codex Pendragon
I saw what you said in Chapter 60 and sadly can't vote on any of the stories. I know next to nothing about most of the properties. The only one I can say I'm excited for is the Evil Within story. That's one of my fav games.
4/5/2020 c60 5joeski
I created a playlist of the songs used in this fic on youtube. Just type Rose Over A Shallow Grave into the search bar and it should be at the top of the results.
4/5/2020 c58 r4d6
Also you seem to accidentally closed the poll
4/5/2020 c60 r4d6
RWBY React to SAO Abridged.

The only thing that I would ask for that story is that you don't swap character if possible.
4/5/2020 c60 coduss
personally I'm most interested in the RWBY/RDR2 story mode one
4/5/2020 c60 10Helljumper206
Between RWBY x Game of thrones and RWBY x Evil Dead on this one so I'm going to cast my vote for both. Good luck in your next story what ever you chose!
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