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for A Rose over a shallow grave

3/23/2019 c16 22Luckenhaft
Now back to Elijah getting exactly what he deserves.

Clearly Six's knowledge of the Vault's specific layout comes from him having gone through this multiple times in past playthroughs. Or he looked it up online.

Weiss and Six get a bit greedy upon reaching the Vault. Until Ruby sets them straight. With the help of a shotgun.

Weiss lures Elijah down to the Vault and the old bastard gets what he wanted so much: To be alone in a quiet world.

Granted this way doesn't require Elijah having to off everyone else on the planet till it's just him left in the world.

But I don't think he'll be complaining much soon enough.

Six gets Veronica her dress. There's something else good that came from all this.

And so Six, Ruby, Weiss turn their backs on the Sierra Madre and return to the Mojave and all the craziness going on there.

Speaking of which, I wonder what Veronica, Ren, Jaune, and Boone are doing right now?

Veronica, Boone, Jaune, and Boone are all sitting around a table outside Caesar's tent at Fortification Hill playing a card game.

Ren: (Stares intently at the cards in his hand.) Got any 3s?

Boone: (Shakes his head.) Go fish.

Jaune: (Grins.) I summon Blue Eyes White Dragon!

In response to that Ren and Boone shoot Jaune a glare before both declare: I fold.

Veronica: (Stares confused at the other 3 members of their party whilst continuing to ignore the many incapacitated Legion soldiers strewn about all over the area.) I though we were playing Magic: The Gathering?

Boone: (Crosses his arm and scowls.) This game doesn't make any sense.

Ren: (Shrugs with an apathetic look on his face whilst ignoring a crucified but still somewhat alive Benny who is in the background begging for someone to cut him down or at least put him out of his misery.) Probably because we are using various different cards from different card games.

Veronica: We also got some baseball cards in here. And a few from that ridiculous Remnant: Board Game from your world.

SPLACK! Went Legate Lanius's body as it finally hit the ground whom Pyrrha and Nora had been using for the past hour in lieu of a tennis ball. Pyrrha's Semblance and a Super Sledge, Nora found were their tennis racquets.

Pyrrha: (Grins victoriously as Nora glares down at the 'tennis ball'.) I win!

Nora: (Pouts before kicking the 'tennis ball' in the side.) Do over! Best 2 out of 3!

In response to that Pyrrha blows a raspberry before stepping up to the nonsene card game the rest of the party is playing and taking Boone's place who skulks off for some target practice with a few Legionaries as the targets.

Veronica: What exactly are we going to tell Six, Ruby, and ED-E when they get back from the Sierra Madre?

Jaune: (Shrugs not really caring as he gets back into the Children's Card Game that they are playing.) That we found Pyrrha and Nora. Also I summon two more Blue Eyes White Dragons!

Ren: (Gets up and hands his cards to Nora who tags in to take his place.) I'm not sure if that explanation will work considering Six doesn't know Pyrrha and Nora are WMDs. (AKA Waifus of Mass Destruction.)

Veronica: (Blinks staring at the 2 dragons Jaune summoned without sacrificing his Pikachu or Babe Rith like he previously did.) Isn't that against the rules? I can't really tell with this game.

Jaune: (Develops a smug grin.) To quote my online card game buddy (JacquesSchneesFavoriteKid.) back on Remnant: Screw the rules, I have money!

Meanwhile Weiss felt the overwhelming desire to curbstomp Jaune for quoting her brother.

Ruby was still desperately trying to get Weiss and Six to acknowledge the fact that Ghost Vera decided to follow her around now. They knew the Starlet Spectre was there but they were content with her haunting only Ruby and not them.

For some reason Vera took a shine to Ruby, which was making Weiss very jealous.

Six was getting tired of not getting any sleep due to the Reaper assisting her partner in relieving that frustration at night. Perhaps he shouldn't have complained earlier about the two of them dragging out the will they, won't they crap every fictional relationship seems to go through nowadays.

Vera quite enjoyed the show even if it felt like Weiss was cucking her every night she had Ruby attend to her.

Christine contemplated if going along with these weirdos so she can see Veronica again was worth it since listening to Ruby and Weiss make up for the time they've been apart has also been keeping her up at night. Though for different reasons than what was stated for Six.

Christine's late night visits from Rosie Palms just can't seem to do the job for her. On the flip side Veronica probably won't be complaining much about her soon-to-not-be ex-girlfriend keeping her up at night.

ED-E contemplated activating his self-destruct mode to take these annoying disgusting meatbags with him.

The end. Everybody lived happily ever after. Except Benny. I was drawing blanks at this point on how to come up with a good ending for this skit.

In response to your comment about what Weiss was thinking about in regards to Ruby: Weiss is clearly a young woman of class with thoughts such as those crawling around in her head.

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3/23/2019 c16 8RedRat8
It was certainly interesting though I do feel that the fact that Six and Weiss suddenly become obsessed with the goodies came out of nowhere and felt forced just so that Ruby can play good girl. It was weird and not a lot of buildup to it in my opinion. But overall, not a bad chapter. Ah, is it possible to add a list of the gear that the gang currently has? because I kind of forgot what kind of stuff they're wearing and the likes.
3/23/2019 c16 3Mr.Green37
Thank god they finally dealt with that Bastard. I haven't gotten far into the Sierra Madre dlc, but god I hate Father Elijah.
3/23/2019 c16 coduss
"the screen slowly moves up to reveal the ghost wasnt wearing a duster with an old world flag etched into his back" ...did you mean was wearing? cause otherwise it seems odd to mention it

am curious of the overall significance of this ghost, as it SOUNDS like Ulysses but he never wore a stetson as far as i'm aware
3/21/2019 c15 22Luckenhaft
Now back to...

Weiss: The gold never mattered to me anyway.

Thank you Weiss Cream. Now get back to your ice castle so you can wait until Ruby shows up to freeze her heart and murder her.

Weiss: (Glares.) That isn't how the movie went.

My versions better.

Weiss: Edgier does not make something better.

Tell that to Blake and Adam. Together they have more edges than a Rhombicosidodecahedron.

Weiss: So a minimum of 121 edges?

You make that sound like not much.

Weiss: Still less edge than that God awful Teen Titans show.

The stupid one or Fuck Batman?

Weiss: Fuck Batman obviously. The stupid one could use a little bit more edge, and I can't believe I would ever say that about anything.

The old Teen Titans show had edge too but it wasn't to the point that the show was being melodramatic about it.

Weiss: Don't get me started about that atrocious emo song they used for the trailer.

And why's Starfire not an orange alien?

Weiss: And dressed like a woman of ill repute.

She kind of dressed like that in the comics.

Weiss: But the comics sort of get a pass for that since they aren't mainstream enough for people to make too big of a stink about.

Unless your one of those whiny morons who aren't getting any and feels like the only way to accomplish anything in life is to start a flame war on the internet.

Weiss: Still there's a difference from Stripperrific and pretty much being a street walker. A minute difference, but still a difference.

Shouldn't you be helping Ruby and Six murder Elijah?

Weiss: Good point. I'll be doing that.

And that was Weiss the secret comic book nerd. Jaune (and probably Ruby) would approve of this being a hidden aspect of Weiss's character.

And we start the chapter off with a little slice of Whiterose. Nice.

And Six doesn't help at all by assuming something lurid happened.

The trio splits up to save their 'friends' since Elijah idiotically thinks after ordering them to kill half the crew, that they think he won't just kill them after they get him what he wants.

Weiss exercises some ghost with the power of music, Six plays the role of a brain doctor for DoG and GoD, and Ruby learns about why Christina wants to murder Elijah's crankly old ass and about the other big endgame boss of this story who wants to off Six for... reasons.

Also Christina doesn't mention her ex-Waifu by name because that would make things too easy for Six and Ruby.

Next chapter: Six, Weiss, and Ruby murder an old man for reals this time.

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3/18/2019 c15 Guest
I hope Elijah get the trapped ending for him as it in my opinion was way to perfect of an ending for the character.
3/18/2019 c15 Carre
1. Thanks for answers and discusion.
2. a) H.P. Lovecraft/RWBY: Take you time to finish (no burn out). (I want to read it, but not to price of you burn out, is what I try to say.)
b) Goofy: Yeah, that one. In fact, many of the shorts movies by disney (the classicals), the ones Goofy is the star is among the Best ones (in mine oponion, anyway).
Gosh... a part of me wonder how Goofy would been like a Hunter of RWBY-verse or to be more precise how I thinking: "Guide to be a Hunter in Remnant" (cartoon/comedic version like the Classics), consider how many of Goofys shorts are "Guides"-comedys (how to ride, fish, swim etc) (Carre laughs at old fond memories...).
c) Ghosts People: True, but in the game there were "only" a dozen wich showed (like you said).
In you story its a bloody Legion(!). I dont know about you but that image gives me panic (and I am reading this, not "part" of this edvent!).
d) Team RWBY, UK clothing: Weiss and Ruby: Yeah, I can imagne that.
Yang in kilt: ...(Carre imaganes the scenario you described:" Bwahhaaha") True...
Blake: Happy to help (Carre salutes).
3. Weiss dream: Being a WhiteRose supporter... do I want to know what/how she dreamed of...
4. Vera:...Alright, it doesnt matter who/what you writes after this: that "hologram", she IS a REAL GHOST!
5. Dean: ...In mine playthoughs I always ended up killing Dean but suceded sparing the others of the Team.
And I treid not to kill him but must missed something.
Speaking of the partnes, does this mean/will that be a chance that they will be part Six and Co in Mojave after this ...mess?
...That could actually be intressting (if it did happen).
6. Ready to play "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" (in my head), for some reason, in next chapter (like I said, dont know why), Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!)... and be careful the booze you drinking isnt zombie-booze...
3/18/2019 c6 15weasel AKA boundedsumo
how has no corrected you on this yet i will never know but why'll?

it's spelled while

stories good so far other than that
3/18/2019 c15 1buzzsaw935
mhhh, it was boring, anyway how is life?
3/17/2019 c15 8RedRat8
I see, I suppose that does make sense, but does he get anything from the Sierra Madre besides the Holofire and a useless jumpsuit? Because that seems to be kind of limited really and I can't really tell if your're going to ditch whatever gold that's found despite it being needed.
3/14/2019 c14 spartan-140
i am absolutely ecstatic from finding this, are you planning to do ALL the DLC'S? oh man i cant wait for lonesome road and honest hearts.
3/11/2019 c14 Carre
1. Thanks for answres and discusion.
2. H.P. Lovecraft/RWBY: Like I said earlier... (Carre gets a crazy happy look)I AM INTRESSTED!
3. Six Smoking two cigars on the same time: For some reason, I am thinking of a short cartoon disney movie about Goofy smoking (a classical AND a good short movie, in mine oponion anyway). Dont remember the name of it unfurtently, but I think you can find it Youtube, unless youself already seen it.
4. ...I dont know if I should be happy or not that the scenario you written here (about the swarming Ghost People from everyway) didnt happen like that in the game...
5. Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!)(...And I will try remember that when Blake does travel...wich kinda makes me wonders how Team RWBY would look like dressed like scots, or any other UK classical dresses...).
3/12/2019 c1 1shadyxlr
Yes thank you! Courier Six has to have luck... As someone who loves Vegas imagining Courier Six without good luck drives me nuts...
3/11/2019 c14 1dekuton
just about every why'll should be while instead. . otherwise well done
3/11/2019 c14 22Luckenhaft
Now back to Ocean's Six.

Apparantly the Sierra Madre is the perfect place if you need an excuse to smoke. I should probably not tell my Aunt about this place. Or my grandmother.

Unfortunately for Six, Ruby has to be a buzzkill.

If we want to get into the casino, the team is going to have to break up.

Ruby: All right gang! Let's split up and look for clues!

Christina, GoD, and Dean turn to Six and the latter two speak in unison whilst the former grabs him by the arm.

GoD and Dean: Dibs!

Six: (Deadpans.) 'Why does this shit keep happening to me?'

Ruby: (Gets up from off the ground having facefaulted when she learned nobody wanted to go with her.) What the heck guys!? Why not go with me?

The 3 who are now fighting over getting a limb of Six's to hold on to turn to glance at Ruby.

Dean and GoD: (Shrugs.) No thanks, we're good.

Christina shakes her head vehement about not wanting to go with Ruby.

Ruby: (Pouts.) At least Weiss will go with me. (Turns to Weiss who WAS standing next to her, only to see...)

Weiss had decided to hop on Six's back for a impromptu piggyback ride and was now waving around a sign with an arrow pointing down at Six that says: Property of the Schnee Dust Company.

Ruby: (Glares at her partner who has an unapologetic smug grin.) Weiss, you traitor!

Six: (Scowling as GoD and Dean are now playing tug of war with his arms. Interestingly Dean is winning which we can attribute to his Strength stat being 6 whilst GoD's is 5 along with the rest of his stats. [I checked the wiki for this game to confirm this and as it turns out DoG and GoD have separate statistics.] Also of note is that Christina is wrapped around his leg.) Ruby, We're not keeping these three idiots when we get out of here.

Meanwhile, Elijah is watching this all go down.

Elijah: These idiots aren't going to last five minutes working together.. (Sighs.) Looks like I'll have to find some new fools to do my work.

Fallout New Vegas: Dead Money Neutral Ending achieved.

And I take back what I said earlier about Ruby learning to not dash into danger the second she see's someone in need of help.

Next chapter: Ruby, Six, and Weiss 'help' an old man get what he deserves and Elijah does not learn to Let It Go.

I a
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