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for A Rose over a shallow grave

3/11/2019 c14 22Luckenhaft
Now back to Ocean's Six.

Apparantly the Sierra Madre is the perfect place if you need an excuse to smoke. I should probably not tell my Aunt about this place. Or my grandmother.

Unfortunately for Six, Ruby has to be a buzzkill.

If we want to get into the casino, the team is going to have to break up.

Ruby: All right gang! Let's split up and look for clues!

Christina, GoD, and Dean turn to Six and the latter two speak in unison whilst the former grabs him by the arm.

GoD and Dean: Dibs!

Six: (Deadpans.) 'Why does this shit keep happening to me?'

Ruby: (Gets up from off the ground having facefaulted when she learned nobody wanted to go with her.) What the heck guys!? Why not go with me?

The 3 who are now fighting over getting a limb of Six's to hold on to turn to glance at Ruby.

Dean and GoD: (Shrugs.) No thanks, we're good.

Christina shakes her head vehement about not wanting to go with Ruby.

Ruby: (Pouts.) At least Weiss will go with me. (Turns to Weiss who WAS standing next to her, only to see...)

Weiss had decided to hop on Six's back for a impromptu piggyback ride and was now waving around a sign with an arrow pointing down at Six that says: Property of the Schnee Dust Company.

Ruby: (Glares at her partner who has an unapologetic smug grin.) Weiss, you traitor!

Six: (Scowling as GoD and Dean are now playing tug of war with his arms. Interestingly Dean is winning which we can attribute to his Strength stat being 6 whilst GoD's is 5 along with the rest of his stats. [I checked the wiki for this game to confirm this and as it turns out DoG and GoD have separate statistics.] Also of note is that Christina is wrapped around his leg.) Ruby, We're not keeping these three idiots when we get out of here.

Meanwhile, Elijah is watching this all go down.

Elijah: These idiots aren't going to last five minutes working together.. (Sighs.) Looks like I'll have to find some new fools to do my work.

Fallout New Vegas: Dead Money Neutral Ending achieved.

And I take back what I said earlier about Ruby learning to not dash into danger the second she see's someone in need of help.

Next chapter: Ruby, Six, and Weiss 'help' an old man get what he deserves and Elijah does not learn to Let It Go.

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3/11/2019 c14 1buzzsaw935
alright, I'm back from my unwanted mini vacation, good chapter as always.
3/11/2019 c14 8RedRat8
Fun chapter, I wonder if Six would spend some time in the Casino gambling for a bit. Would be interesting to see that. Even more interesting if he could somehow escape with all 37 Gold Bars.
3/11/2019 c1 Sleeping Skeleton
Okay I think I speak for the majority of people who have played Fallout New Vegas and the DLC so I’ll ask the obvious question… can we please have Veronica and Christine see each other again. It was one of the best love stories in the Fallout franchises.

On the note that I should have started with, great story and implementation of the characters into the wasteland.
3/3/2019 c13 Guest
So im curious but will the whole teleportation sandstorm thing ever be explained or is this a don't question it thing? As it looked supernatural or magical in nature and I don't know who could that kind of power, well their is one or more specifically two beings I know that could do it but their floating somewhere in space after having temper tantrums for being called out on being sociopaths. But hopefully later down the line it will be address as not doing so is signs of bad writing.
3/3/2019 c13 Carre
1. Thanks for answers, inventation and discusion.
2. ...Scarlet... is she a real ghost or machine spirit, consider she just pointed out the cards...?
3. The God Emperor of Mankind, from Warhammer 40 000, God of Humanity (ironicly, consider He HATES religion, even had a Crusade about it and wanted bring forth Science, Reason and Logic instead), the most powerful psyker (so powerful He is seen as a God, no matter how He like it or not, even by the other Gods in Milk Way), over 40 000 years old (rougly 48000 years) (included being undead in the last 10 000), the great Uniter after the Age Of Strife (when humanity was in Fallout-situation, but in Galaxitic scale and had it far more worse) etc, etc.
Just some (VERY) basic Facts, for more look on some videos on Youtube (channels like "40k Theoris" or "The Exploring Series" have some good Lore videos about Him).
4. Weiss, being freind with Dean Domino... (Hindsight: Oboy...).
That said, nice to see Weiss...just... shame of the circumstance (the place in question and the missing "parts").
5. ...This (how should I call it, H.P. Lovecraft/RWBY storyies (?), ...Im am hooked/intressted(!) in these Stories.
6. I wanted to wait and comment/ask this with next update on "The Darkest Dungeon of Reamnant", but I am going to mention it now:
I am not playing the Game (Darkest Dungeon) and yet I feel some giddy over... "Darkest Dungeon 2" when the trailer showed up some week ago (despite being only ca 30 seconds long).
How about you?
7. Good Chapter and Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up! for you and Crossed Fingers! for the Team).
3/3/2019 c13 22Luckenhaft
Now back to Ocean's 76.

Six, Ruby, and ED-E grow a distaste for sand. You know who else doesn't like sand?

Anakin Skywalker: It's coarse, it's rough, it's irritating, and it gets everywhe- (Gets his hand cut off, and gets struck by Sith Lightning before getting kicked near some lava where proximity to it causes his body to go ablaze.)

Ruby: Must you mock the prequels?

Yes. Cinder loves them. Especially the third one. Her favorite part is where it's implied Anakin strikes down the younglings. She wishes they didn't transition to another scene.

Ruby: Note to self: Volunteer (READ: kidnap) Cinder to see the shrink at Beacon Academy.

Who exactly is the shrink at Beacon Academy?

Ruby: Jaune's sister in law, Terra.

[Meanwhile at Beacon Academy...]

With a derpy spaced out look on her face, Terra Cotta-Arc was sitting behind her little brother's old lemonade stand that she had converted into her new office. On the bottom portion of the stand are the words: Terrapist is in. One should note the 'in' part is on a sticky note that beens attached to the stand. Presumably 'out' is what the sticky note is covering. (One should also note that if you are a Kingdom Hearts fan and want a laugh, then Google image search: Kingdom Hearts fan art Terrapist is in.)

The upper portion of the stand above Terra's head reads: Psychiatric Help 5 Lien.

Velvet Scarlatina is taking this all in with an uncertain look on her face wondering if the sister-in-law of the guy that a lot of people ship her with is truly qualified to practice here.

Nearby 'hiding' (READ: standing.) in a bush was Coco Adel and those two guys on their team. Kit and Yasuhiro?

Either way they stared intently at the mascot of their Team wondering what she will do.

Eventually Velvet made up her mind and strode up to the 'therapist' of Beacon. Velvet put down some Lien and Terra blinked before returning to reality and pulling out a stool for the Faunas to sit on.

Velvet: I have a bullying problem, but the guy is a first year at the school and I'm a second year. I could kick his ass nine ways to Sunday without breaking a sweat or needing my weapon. But I let him pick on me and pull my ears.

After saying her piece, Velvet waited quietly for Terra to respond. Eventually Terra nodded and spoke.

Terra: Your a masochist who likes being treated like shit.

Velvet: What?

Terra: (Nods to herself uncaring for how uncomfortable her patient is becoming.) It turns you on when this younger guy pulls at your ears. You should stay away from young boys.

Velvet: NO!

Terra: (Raises an eyebrow before countenance turns icy.) You won't stay away from young boys? Then I'll have to speak with Ozpin about thi-

Velvet: (Shoots up from her chair, tears at the corners of her eyes, and very distressed.) I'm not into young boys!

Terra: (Gains an inquisitive look.) Young girls then. Perhaps you should see the leader and partner of my brother-in-law's sister team?

Velvet: (Lowers herself to her knees and puts her hands over her head.) I'm not into children.

Terra: Unfortunately student-teacher relationships are forbidden here. Despite Port and Glynda's objections on the matter. (She muttered that last part.)

Meanwhile Glynda Goodwitch felt the powerful urge to throttle Jaune's sister-in-law.

Glynda: 'She must be back to spreading rumors around that I'm interested in Jaune to get him to think about me in a romantic light.' (Sighs.) 'Why won't she and Saphron give up on trying to bring me into the family and get a nice woman to take care of Jaune? He already has Pyrrha to mother him.'

Now back to Velvet who is now softly banging her head on Terra's lemonade stand. Things have devolved to the point that Terra believes Velvet is a heterosexual in denial with her heterosexuality who wants an incredibly masculine lesbian as a lover.

Terra: All things considered, if you just put my brother in a dress then it really will be like dating a turbo dyke.

Velvet: (Stops banging her head before raising her head to glare at Terra.) Is that what this is all about? Just getting me to hook up with Jaune?

Terra: (Shrugs.) Pretty much.

Velvet: Fine! (Gets up and storms off intent on very aggressively showing how heterosexual she is with Jaune. Preferably with his teammates, partner, and sister team present so there will be witnesses to how straight Velvet is.)

Terra: (Grins whilst pocketing the Lien Velvet should have taken back.) Another satisfied customer.

[Now back to Ruby and me.]

Ruby: (Groans.) Worst. Shrink. Ever.

No shit.

Ruby: Cardin still hasn't left his team's dorm room, or let his teammates back in.

What's he doing in there?

Ruby: (Crinkles her nose as a disgusted look appears on her face.) Watching porn to reaffirm his heterosexuality and masculinity. He's been in there ever since he came back from Forever Falls. We thought things would be normal now, but he went straight back in there after getting his butt handed to him by Pyrrha. He apparently doesn't want 'to be made a bitch by a girl again.'

Yay! Air quotes! But what did Terra say to him?

Ruby: That he's a girl trapped in a man's body and is secretly very happy about bunking with three other guys, and that he picks on Jaune to get Jaune to stand up to him and start doing a different kind of 'bullying'.

So Terra is a whackjob who has to find some way to make people go after Jaune to fix their problems.

Ruby: She even thinks I want to do things with Crescent Rose, and should choose between it and Penny!

So not completely off her rocker.

Ruby: (Glares murderously at me.) ...


Ruby: Just get back to reading the actual chapter.



Unfortunately for Six, Ruby runs before she thinks when she hears someone yelling for help. Six won't be letting her make that mistake twice.

Holy shit! Was that a motherfucking Jurassic Park reference?

Of course I had to respond with a Motherfucking Jojo reference.

Ruby and Six have found GoD. They should introduce bring him to New Vegas. He might be able to clean that place up.

Or he'll take over.

Ruby and Six meet a mute. Good thing Yang isn't here. She has a bad history with them.

Or at least one of them. So unfortunate since she's Best Ice Cream Girl.

Ruby and Six gather the last member of their crew for the job: A crusty old lounge singer.

They also reunite with a certain heiress who I thought was being experimented on by the Brains. I guess it's a coin flip now on it being Yang or Blake. I'm rooting for Yang since Blake's faunas traits might make the brains want to pop her open to see how simmilar/dissimilar her anatomy is to a humans.

Next time: The Biggest Heist of the 23rd Century.

I a
3/3/2019 c13 5RedShirt1453
Well damn now I wish I read the end note of last chapter and could have thrown out my guess. It would have been Weiss anyways since she is the only one I'd associate with a fancy casino. I'll go ahead and place my guesses for where the others are.

Blake: In Zion Valley with the locals fighting the encroaching Legion.

Yang: Big Mountain because its full of big personalities and Yang sure does have one. On another not Yang and Veronica would be a fisting team on a whole nother level.

Pyrrha: Is pit fighting at the Legions base.

Nora: I'm not so sure where she ended up. My leading guess is Jacobstown.

No one is at the Divide due to it being part of Six's identity questline.
3/3/2019 c13 4Remnant7
This story is the shit. I love everything about it and you. Thanks all the kids you exist Wombat. For a first read this is amazin. The pacing is excellent. It flows good. The plot Is supurb. And i still can't spell
3/3/2019 c13 12patrickregalado
Weirs can easily left if she wants too but she very disadvantages like where she should go or trust.
3/3/2019 c13 8RedRat8
I do wonder if you are going to add in the Assassin Suit or the Automatic Rifle, because I can see that working for Six until he could get his hands on the Sierra Madre Armor Reinforced.
3/3/2019 c13 Zombiedudecolletti
Well I'll be a son of a bitch I was right to a point the God Emperor does provide. Still love this story keep it up. Ps he's from warhammer 40k.
3/3/2019 c13 3Mr.Green37
Yey! We now have Weiss cream!

Also, do you plan on keeping God or Dog? Or fuse their personalities?
2/26/2019 c10 coduss
Minor point, until house gets the platinum chip the securitrons can only use their Gatling lasers and 9mm smg's, they dont have the grenade launchers activated.
2/22/2019 c12 Not Luckenhaft
I accidentally sent my review before I was done.

Yeesh, guys. That reaction to Veronica in a dress is a bit extreme.

I don't know Veronica, sweatpants can probably get you a date if you got something nice for them to accentuate.

Wait, this is the apocalypse. Girls with figures that could look nice in sweatpants don't exist.

Not even in mods. Where all the female followers look like anime blow up dolls.

Why can't modders understand that not everyone is a fan of large mammaries? Some people are of the opinion that Flat is Justice. I'm in the camp of Curviness is next to Godliness.

Poor Jaune, and Ren. Their Luck stat wasn't high enough. Which is odd in Jaune's case considering he managed to get Pyrrha as a partner. Though odds were that the only people Jaune would have to worry being partnered with is Weiss who hated his guts, Cardin or his team mates who will learn to hate his guts if he doesn't become a shithead like them just so they don't make his time at Beacon a nightmare, and Blake who would probably be neutral at worst to Jaune due to them both having less than humble origins that they want to put behind them to do good in the world.

So those 5 who would frankly be terrible partners for Jaune, and Blake could go either way versus him getting Pyrrha, Ruby, Nora, Yang, and Ren.

Actually looking at things that way, Jaune isn't really particularly lucky. His luck in this case would be considered average.

In other news, Ruby learns about the Sierra Madre, and Benny managed to get away. Fortunately next time we see him, he won't be able to get away.

And ED-E gave a really specific example of the sort of person we need to get to Benny. The sort that Ruby made friends with recently.

And I guess we are all going to kill a crazy old guy, whilst robbing a casino haunted by hologram ghosts. Either that or lock him away with his prize. Or use his head to get all the gold out.

Then again Ruby's Semblance might be able to allow her to take all the gold if she makes enough trips in and out fast enough.

Or she can go get Boone with the other kiddies. Hopefully whoever Six finds at the Sierra Madre from Remnant can help with getting the gold.

It would just be criminal to leave that gold to be lost forever.

Though not leaving Elijah to rot for the rest of his very short life in that Vault is equally wrong.

That was the hardest decision to make in that DLC in my opinion.

I a
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