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for A Rose over a shallow grave

2/22/2019 c12 Guest
I like how you are introducing the Dead Money DLC as part of the main story because they need the untapped valuables from the "cursed and haunted" casino badly to even continue on their quest and not from a player point of view of "ooooh new quests, weapons, apparel, and story eeeh!" now how will you introduce the other DLC's I wonder.

Well hopefully they pay heed to the important moral lesson the Sierra Madre will teach them least they become trapped in it's walls forever.
2/22/2019 c12 22Luckenhaft
Now back to What Happens in Vegas.

Full grown men in diapers who are thugs? Reminds me of this one weird side quests from Yakuza Kiwami 2, that sidequests ended up teaching me what age play is. Fortunately it's one of the somewhat more tame kinks.

Or at least what I've learned of it from seeing a Yakuza dressed like he should be going to the disco beating the shit out of other Yakuza who are in diapers.

In other news, I should find some idiots to make friends with so we can annoy people by hiding under giant traffic cones we'd move to where they would best irk people.

In regards to that query ED-E had about Ruby and her friends being part rabbit. (Glances at Velvet Scarlatina.)

That's racist.

Or is it speciest?

Dang it, Veronica! I was going to make a similar joke last chapter involving Blake using Fisto and NYA!-ing a lot, with Weiss waiting outside the room for her to finish so they can find Ruby and Yang whilst regretting roasting Blake's shitty smut.

I didn't do it because I felt the joke would have been too dirty.

But I'd be curious about that child sized Power Fist and hair gel story later on. Perhaps Blake and maybe Yang would be a better audience for those sorts of stories.

Does ED-E have an audio recording of someone clapping sarcastically on file or something. That is somewhat impressive.

When I think of sarcastic clapping I think of that one scene in the Dark Knight where the cops have the Joker and they are celebrating Gordon getting promoted and Joker joins in but he's got this sort of look like he's mocking them.

That wasn't actually part of the original script. Heath Ledger improvised that scene and Nolan liked it so he kept it in the movie. The hospital explosion also had some improv there with Heath maintaining character when the hospital didn't blow up when it was supposed to.

And I think that's enough random rambling about one of my favorite people who played the Joker.

Now back to 6's Wild.

Veronica should not eat at the Ultra-Lux. Been there, gave it a bad Yelp review, murdered a Ponce, never did figure out why the food tasted funny. Not necessarily a bad funny, but not a good funny either.

And looks like Pyrrha has some competition. Well if she wants to even the playing field with Beatrix. I'm certain Cinder wouldn't mind roasting the Champion, Medium-Rare. Maybe with a little pink in the center.

I had steak for lunch today. It was pretty good.
2/22/2019 c12 2buzzsaw935
my guess is blake
2/22/2019 c12 2Paulvulturuk
My guess is on Yang since I could see her hunting down the tresure of Sierra Madre just for the thrill of it.
2/22/2019 c12 Zombiedudecolletti
My guess is Weiss because of the whole singer thing with the autodoc. If I'm right I shall praise the God Emperor if i am wrong i shal still praise. Btw good story I love it so far.
2/21/2019 c12 5RedShirt1453
Love the Monty Python reference. Methinks six has already gone to the Sierra Madre and just no longer remembers it, meaning he has already seen other members of the crew judging what the receptionist lady said about those 'kids' not looking like him.
2/16/2019 c11 5kpmh2001
I actually really like this story and I am sad that I did not read it earlier, I do have a couple of notes to make so I'll make them quick since I'm a bit constrained for time atm.

1. I noticed a couple minor grammar errors, most commonly replacing "while" with "why'll", but it's not a major problem and it's easily looked past, your grammar is perfectly serviceable.

2. I like your iteration of six in that he's a total neutral. I know from you're earlier comments he's either going independent Vegas or NCR or a mix of the two, seeing as it's fanfiction and you aren't really constrained by that. If I had to guess, I'd probably say independent, based solely on his actions so far, he's not overly fond of the NCR's bullshit, something that the NCR has lots of, but who knows, maybe he'll smack some sense into them.

3. I'll be honest, your policy with ships worries me greatly. I don't want to get 250,000 words in only to find you go with a ship I strongly dislike, that's going to leave me feeling not like my expectations have been subverted but that my time has been wasted. I recognize that it's your decision to withhold this information but I maintain that I don't approve, granted my opinion's worth jack squat but hey, whatever, there's the insignificant tiny chance that you take me seriously.

4. I had guessed Ren would be with Joshua Graham since he's rather spiritual, but I can say I love the idea of him being a King way more.

5. Finally, I presume you won't give me the answers but I'll leave my answers here for where I think they ended up.

Yang- Sierra Madre, she's not equipped to handle physiological threats in there, which would create conflict, from a sadistic writer standpoint that's where I'd put her.

Blake- I'd put her up at Jacobstown, which I assume is the Winter wonderland. Her history as a faunus would be interesting mixed with the discrimination against the super mutants there.

Nora- Call me crazy, but I'd put her in Zion. She's a very simple soul, not a dumb one I should clarify (simple isn't necessarily bad) but I feel like there would be interesting conflict for her in the deeply spiritual place that is Zion.

Weiss- You've expressly stated she's not at big mountain, and by process of elimination that puts her at the tribe with the big boom boom sticks, while most people would guess powder gangers, I'm going to guess the Boomers, since their technically tribal. Their isolationist nature also paints an interesting similarity with Atlas.

Pyrrha- I'm sorry, but I'm going with Big MT. Not by process of elimination mind you, but if I was a cruel bastard, I'd put her in big MT knowing full well what her Semblance does. Now we don't know how precise she can control her powers. From my perspective, I'd guess she could probably safely use her semblance still, but it would require intense concentration, and might give her a bit of a migraine.

I don't expect you to tell me if me guesses were correct, as it seems disappointingly few other people made guesses. Just know that while I believe your making some questionable and perhaps unethical decisions, I'm still very happy with how this story is going. You're the only one who's managed to portrayed the whole "RWBYJNPR in the Mojave" thing somewhat realistically while also keeping it interesting and not having it be torture porn. And keep the Elvis quotes, especially for Ren.

That's all I had, good story mate.
2/10/2019 c11 Carre
1. Thanks for answers and discusion.
2. Boston: a) Yeah... I think I get it, what you saying.
b) Heard of "Mutant Year Zero"? Know only some things myself about it, never read into it or played it and only watched story-walkthough of the video game version on Youtube.
Anyway, its a RPG made "by"/in Sweden AND situated in Postapokolyptic-Sweden (and Earth, of course).
Its recently came out as a Video Game as well and... well, despite the English in the Game, if you look and listen closly, you can see/hear the signs.
In the trailer (and some store I think, from a radio) you can hear the band "Vikingarna" playing (a dancemusic-band).
ICA-signs (national foodstore, you can say).
McDonalds (...No suprise there.)(Note: I know McDonalds are american, but still.)
Viking-Line (a shipping line company).
...Names the people have (both living and on gravestones).
So... yeah I get what you saying about the sad part, also understand how the Sole Surviver proboly feels in Fallout 4.
c) Wich makes me wonder, how did the other continents go in Fallout. Does civilazitions spring up outside of America too or is, I think mentioned in Fallout 2, only in America who "survived"?
3. Nora singing "Atomic Baby" or "Sha, Boom, Sha, Boom"... (Carre tries imagnage...)... I cant decide!
4. a) Speaking of Nora, and the rest, their reaction to "King"-Ren. Besides gawping a few seconds that is.
Man, hope he contunies with the King part even when/if they get back to Remnant.
...Wich makes me wonder how the others are going to..."change"/"be"...
b) For some reason I cant explain, blame that for what Veronica said when she joined up, I hope that... Six and Co meets the Remnants and presents himself "and NO, I am not the brats "beep tired beep" daddy, got that?!" or that Veronica (and some extent, ED-E) uses kinda the same line as she she joined up... and those Remnants in question ARE the brats parents.
But seriusly, for some bloody reason... I kinda hope Six and Co somehow gets to Remnant to.
If thats not goona happen, its fine.
5. Speaking of Veronica: Doesnt she asks about you think of the Brotherhood... and tells you she is a member? Did you skip that part for later?
6. Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!).
2/10/2019 c11 22Luckenhaft
Now back to Monk Elvis, Sniper Red Riding Hood and Genderbent Joan of Arc.

Ruby, Ren, and Jaune meet Ganondorf's current incarnation Nerd Gannon, and they learn some Latin.

Unfortunately all I know of the language is what I picked up from playing Virtue's Last Reward. A visual novel where some kook in a hoodie and a gas mask kidnaps 9 people locks them underground and has them play a game of life and death in order to escape the place. I can't explain the context of the Latin phrases since that would be spoiling big mindfucky moments in the game, but I do remember what they at least translate to in english.

Momento Mori translates to Remember Death or remember that you will die.

Tu fui, ego eris translates to What you are, I was; what I am, you will be.

Elapsam semel occasionem non ipse potest Iuppiter reprehendere is Not even Jupiter can find a lost opportunity.

I also know Pax Pacis is supposed to mean safety and peace. I picked it up from a fanfiction on this site a couple years back. Figured it was an interesting way to say goodbye.

I also know the Latin words for the seven deadly sins are Luxuria for Lust, Avaritia for Avarice/Greed, Invidia for Envy, Gula for Gluttony, Acedia for Sloth, Ira for Wrath, and Superbia for Pride. All but the last one I picked up from another videogame.

Anyway, I've rambled on long enough. Back to the story.

Ruby is apparently a really lucky guesser.

Everyone is more intimidating than Cardin and the other 3 stock bully characters, Jaune. Even Roman and his eyeliner.

Honestly Jaune, there is a lot of more terrible things that should be done to Pacer. Good thinking on using toilet paper as a white flag though.

Still can't trust toilet paper. Never again.

Not since that dear sweet kindhearted entomologist strangled a THOT-like inventor to death with toilet paper to save a lying little twink from getting a hammer to his cranium. (This has been a reference to another visual novel I played.)

In unrelated news Team Lost A Rooster can now enter the Strip.

So next chapter Team 6's VERAL (Veral: A village in Western India.) go chat up a TV screen before finally killing Benny. Meanwhile I will need to figure out a good team name for the 6 of them since I don't know when they will be picking up their next party member.

I a
2/9/2019 c11 1a54321
YAY, update! And my name in your notes?! I'm quite flattered :D Looking forward to however things go down with the brains and learning what name you censored.

As always, still enjoying this.
2/7/2019 c10 Carre
1. After youre tips in the "The Darkest Dungeon of Reamnant", it took me a while before relising: "Hang on, havnt I seen this story already writen on his list already...?", and therefore taken a while before begining reading this.
...THUMBS UP! This Story is Good!
2. ED-E: Really liked how you portray him.
One of my fav. companions in the Fallout series (alongside Farkus, Veronica, Cass, Dogmeat, Piper and Nick)
...Wich make me wonder how Divide- ED-E will be. (Some kind of kid version or a copy version of this ED-E).
3. Chapter 4: Ignoring the blood part, the B-party of the Radscorpions sounded really cute.
4. For some reason, I am imagning Six as Clintan (swedish nickname for Clint Eastwood) in "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly", "The Man Without Name"- guy.
Annnd wearing coat (the trencoat armour kind wich NCR-Rangers use) alongside the Cowboy hat.
5. Funny question: You live in Boston? You played Fallout 4?
Is it somewhat similuar (same Landmarks in the game and Reallife?)?
6. The One Thing I really liked with Fallout Games (at least I played: 3, New Vegas, 4):
The Music from the Radios/Pip-Boy. "Big Iron", "I dont want to set on the world on fire", "The Wanderer", "Atom Baby", to mention mine favs.
7. a)... For some reason, wouldnt be suprised if Nora was among the Boomers (...they are all the same kind of crazy in mine opinion).
b) ...If this was some kind of WhiteRose scenario...:
Wiess is on Big Empty, her brain alongside heart and spine been taken, timeskip, Six, Ruby and Co shows up, timeskip, found her brain who in turn scolds her and among other things and complaints mentions Wiess chrush on Ruby...in front of EVERYONE (Ruby inlcuded) etc etc...
c) Note: This two was just speculatoins and Loud Thoughts.
d) ...Was personly imagning ZZ Tops version of "Viva (New/) Las Vegas"...
That said (Carre Laughs) "This is Bloody Briliant with Ren as singing Elvis!"
Makes me wonder if Nora is going sing a Queen song, "We are the Champoins" comes to mind. Even if the 80% chances that that Band never existed in Fallout Lore, the thought comes.
8. Makes me wonder if Six and Co are helping NCR or Six or inpendendt Vegas in the Endgame.
(Personly, always gone with NCR. Chapter 8, with the memorial, is a prime-exemple why I decied to help them.)
9. Good Story and Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!)!
2/1/2019 c10 Guest
Maybe before the inevitable return to Remnant they can bring the knowledge of atomic power back with them cause Grimm getting nuked would help cull their numbers as well as having a way to defeat/kill the Gods if they ever come back to kill everyone again. What can go wrong?
2/1/2019 c10 22Luckenhaft
Now back to Vegas, Baby!

Today Team 6 VERA's arrives in Freesode where they encounter the pay wall that is the gate into New Vegas proper. So it's off to Jaune's boyfriend to get a way in.

Jaune: Your not going to let that go are you?

Nope! Also there 3 angry looking old ladies coming your way.

Jaune: (Turns and sees Maud's Muggers.) Damn it, I thought I killed them! Shit! (Runs away as the mean old ladies draw their weapons.)

Pacer is such an ass. I hope they murder his punk ass.

Holy shit! Go Ren! Nora is going to flip when she hears about this.

Next chapter Team Roasts A Legion meets a bunch of nerds and a guy who shares his name with that big bad evil pig guy from the video game series about a boy in green named Zelda who must save the Princess who moonlights as a Ninja crossdresser when at that Nintendo fighting game. What was that game called?

Uber Bash Sisters?

I a
2/1/2019 c10 3Mr.Green37
Ren should have sung tutti frutti. I'm joking, that was cool.
2/1/2019 c10 GhostScorch
Really good story so far! I hope that you make the Courier Side with Mr. House as he is, In my opinion the Best Choice among both The NCR or Legion.
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