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for A Rose over a shallow grave

2/1/2019 c10 1a54321
Did not expect Ren, and certainly not Ren SINGING! Both surprises were very welcome though :D This story is great.
1/31/2019 c9 5RedShirt1453
Oh hi Ren
1/26/2019 c9 Guest
So is a RubyxJaune paring going to be a thing in the future?
1/28/2019 c9 2buzzsaw935
eh, I'm still here, so all good. Nice chapter, also I want yang to be the next person to join the crew, maybe throw her in at the Atomic Wrangler getting wasted, or at Gomorrah "enjoying the sights".
1/27/2019 c9 22Luckenhaft
Now back to Red Riding Hood, a flying toaster, Joan of Arc, and a Mailman go on an adventure.

Ruby gets curious about what a Streetwalker is. Ruby should ask Yang, she knows a lot about these things given her choice of a regular attire and her histrionic mannerisms.

Meanwhile somewhere in Zion Canyon, Yang suddenly had the powerful urge to beat my ass black and blue but channeled that into fighting off a Giant Yao Guai who got pissed at her for not responding well to a Yao Guai Cub trying to make a meal out of her.

The sad thing is that little bit of Prospector trivia ED-E gave us was probably pretty much factual back before the apocalypse.

Wow, I'm impressed the Legion actually has someone who can draw. But they didn't do the Wanted posters right. You have to make the drawing look weird so it puts psychological pressure on the perp and makes them want to turn themselves in.

That's what the Tales of videogame series taught me about wanted posters, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 seems to believe similarly considering they stole that running joke.

At least whoever drew Jaune got it right.

But here's how I would have done it.

Ruby stares intently at her Wanted poster intently a growing frown on her face before she turns to Jaune, Six, and ED-E.

Ruby: Are my eyes really that big? It's like they take up 70% of my head.

Jaune: (Holds up the poster whilst looking back and forth at it and a picture of himself that he just took with his scroll.) Why is my chin so incredibly detailed and why am I posing really extravagantly like I'm on a Bizarre Adventure?

Six: (Shakes his head before crumpling up his poster and tossing it.) They made my head look like a potato that's been out in the sun too long.

ED-E: (Vaporizes his poster.) Beep beep boop boop beep! [TRANSLATION: They didn't even bother trying to draw me right, they just slapped a cut out picture from a toaster advertisement and drew a balloon attached to it.]

Ruby: (Pouts.) Mine says I'm twelve.

Jaune: Mine says my name is Jojo and I like to punch spaghetti to fix it.

Six: They think I named myself after a convenience store company. How do you get 7-Eleven from Six?

ED-E: Beep beep beep! [TRANSLATION: I don't have a name. I'm just Toaster. Fucking meatbags.]

Meanwhile the Legion sketch artist was busy depicting Veronica as a large chested blonde with really big goofy anime eyes like Ruby and even bigger nerdy looking glasses with thick frames whose name is Betty but also goes by God Damn it, Barb!

Yang yet again felt the need to punch someone very far away before going back to dealing with the pack of Giant Yao Guai who were avenging their fallen comrades.

After months of nobody being able to find Ruby, Jojo, 7-Eleven, Toaster, and Betty; Caesar eventually realized the problem with the Wanted posters and had the Legion sketch artist get the Joshua Graham punishment. Unfortunately he took to the punishment as well as Joshua did and started distributing Legion Wanted posters for Caesar's head soon after recovering.

To Caesar's displeasure, many in the Legion thought it was legit and attempted to collect on Caesar's head so they could give it to him. They didn't understand how that wouldn't work.

And thus the Legion collapsed in on itself as everyone turned on one another to prevent the other from getting Caesar's head.

And everyone else lived happily ever after. The end.

Yay! Veronica has showed up!

' "From the grave." Six answers grimly. ' And now I'm dead from laughter. Go Six.

Oh gosh dang it, Ruby you do not tempt fate by saying those accursed words. Something disproportionately bad always happens soon after saying those words. They are practically cursed to bring suffering on whomever utters those words in jest.

How do you think Pyrrha died in canon? She thought those words to herself before facing off with Cinder.

I don't know about that Ruby, Jaune's Aura is pretty large so his force field thing probably could have tanked it. Maybe, but we shouldn't test that or test to see if the experience will help Jaune learn his Semblance. Yet.

Awww! Time to start singing, We Are Family.

Six: (Glares at me.) No!

Maybe when we finally get Daddy Boone to join up.

Six: (Reaches for That Gun.) The answer is still no.

Then maybe when we get Grandma Lily and Grandu
Uncle Raul to join the party.

Six: (Sighs and shakes his head before walking off.)

I'll just take that as a maybe.

And I see Six is determined to complete the Talk About Owned Challenge.

And you were very thorough about getting rid of Benny's body. I brought a Ripper and a pair of suitcases, and went to town on Benny's body with the Ripper before shoving the chopped up bits in the suitcases. Then I later gave the suitcases to Jason Bright to bring with him to the Far Beyond with instructions to ditch them part way through the journey and let the Great Void of Nothingness take care of making sure no one in this world sees the contents of the suitcases.

He's pretty cool with it and it turns out disposing of things that need to never be found again was a job/hobby of his before he found his higher calling.

And sorry for making this a case for why we may be regressing as a species instead of advancing.

Next chapter: Team 6's VERA continue on their journey to New Vegas. Hopefully without incident is what the foolish and optimistic would say.

I a
1/27/2019 c9 Colossus Bridger
Will Jaune get a NCR Ranger Armor?
1/26/2019 c9 3Mr.Green37
Ohhhhhh I have waited for this meeting oh so long! The meeting of Ruby and Veronica, also known as... Best Girl.
1/21/2019 c8 StormMarine
I like this so far and will read more but that sandstorm that brought them to Earth made me thought up a few theories of what the hell happened. Maybe the Brothers did it cause Earth is secretly a do over for them but of course the genocidal psycho and emotionless sociopath fail to realize is human nature is destructive and idiotic so Earth shoots itself in the dick with nukes but decide for some reason to give aide via random warriors from their first planet Remnant to help them out. The most believable one im sticking to a the moment is the Brains did something crazy with SCIENCE and accidentally brought our heroes to Earth and by the end of this sends them back with the same crazy 50's sci-fi SCIENCE that started all this in the first place.
1/21/2019 c8 Agent48
Give me my robot butler all the way, to cool and useful to pass for me.
Also as Fallout's biggest crossover being RWBY and after reading a good chunk of them I had an idea for a while im surprised no one did yet, Remnant meets Pre War America and the chaos it beings like maybe the country transports to Remnant as a way to escape the nukes (they got teleporting tech I think its possible to do albeit time consuming and expensive) and as a result we see how they effect each other. Maybe America is impressed of all the advance tech Remnant has to offer and a more resources to gain unlike Earth near depleted ones but get paranoid/hateful to a certain species know as the Faunus along with the Kingdom of Mistral (way to Asian like for them to be ok with) cause that 50's mindset does not give them any favors in a more modern thinking world along with not being prepared for the inevitable Grimm attacks which said hate is going to attract more of. The Kingdoms would be dumbfounded on how the tech America has is even possible with how old yet advanced it is (they got sentient robots and laser guns yet have computer way to outdated for their own good) along with wondering how a country can stay the same for decades with zero change to the point were even the music is replayed over and over but may be disgusted once they see the reason being it violently puts down any attempts to change the status Quo even making people "disappear" and sees it as a sign of anti individualism aka the very thing their Great War was largely fought over (50's america was very obsessed with conformity) and be horrified over the atomic missiles they have at their disposal. Such a event would be both a fresh start for the dying nation and a ticking timebomb of destructionm that can go off any time. You may be wondering why don't I write this stuff down in a fanfic and the answer is im not a writer with the reason writing this all down in the first place being to get it out of my system ie steam off also to see how others think of it.
1/22/2019 c8 2buzzsaw935
Nice wholesome chapter, it made my rampant depression less intense!
1/21/2019 c8 22Luckenhaft
Today in Ruby's Wacky Wasteland Wanderings she, Jaune, ED-E, and Six took a break to pop open a Nuka Cola.

Then they and a Legion Hunting Party got to witness the return of Vomit Boy.

Also Best Brotherhood of Steel Girl on the West Coast has shown up for a bit.

Hopefully they'll into Pyrrha at some point with that washing machine.

Then through Ruby's inability to lie, kind nature, and her heroine power of heart she managed to resolve a hostage situation whilst Six got to learn more about the asshat in the checkered suit who don't know how to talk.

Show of hands here people: Who tried to shove Benny's lighter up his ass after killing him?

There definitely should have been a option like that in the game.

'Press P to Shove Lighter Up Benny's Ass' would have been a great meme.

In response to your questioning the biological capabilities of Synths and Penny I have a quote from a video game that comes to mind. Though given how the quote was originally used it wasn't a good way to start a conversation with a robot.

"Hey, do robots have dicks?"

To provide context the person I'm quoting said that because he's an ass who likes riling people up and he specifically enjoys bullying the robot of the group.

Though I spent twenty minutes going over this question before eventually arriving to an answer. Male robots have a detachable piston which they can store in a compartment located in the far lower region of the back. Specifically the area a robot would use to sit on things.

As female bots I imagine they have a socket down there that is used for things to be plugged into the robot girl that she needs. Like maybe the socket is for the cable that goes to the thing recharges her batteries.

Then again this is what I would do if I designed humanoid robots. Give them parts that would confuse people about the purpose of said parts, program the bots to give misleading answers to anyone who asks what the parts are for, then laugh when I see their minds run wild.


I can be just the worst some times.

Anyway next time on Ruby's Wacky Wasteland Wanderings: Ruby, Jaune, ED-E, and Six run into old 'friends' and make a new one. They also encounter a weird kid who might be a psychic.

Then from there it should pretty much be a straight run for New Vegas if they don't take a detour along the way to Chris's Vault to save some people and pick up a weapon I lost leaving at the Lucky 38 around the same time I kept my Companions there.

Find out next time if Ruby befriends an awkward nerdy girl with a weapon reminiscent of her sister and if Six can put up with having another friend to follow him around the Mojave.

I a
1/21/2019 c8 1a54321
These chapters always seem to arrive just when I'm wondering wen th next update will be. Are you reading my mind?

Heheh, still loving this story :D
1/20/2019 c8 3Mr.Green37
I remember doing this side quest. I failed the first time and reloaded my save and got everyone to stand down. I love taking the non-violent routes.

1/14/2019 c7 Guest
Got to love that retro futuristic tech the 50's thought up, sure it would never work in real life but in the world of Fallout it just works.
1/13/2019 c6 Johnny Guitar
Give Jaune Lady Killer
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