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for A Rose over a shallow grave

3/16/2020 c58 Ohboi
I would love a hardcore henry crossover with RWBY. there are not many fanfics of it and apart from Hardcore Henry is my favorite movie.
Good chapter by the way!
I'm gonna wait for the next.
3/4/2020 c58 Carre
1. Thanks for answers.
2. a) Sienna philosiphing: ...Realised later that she (what you meant, in the text/Story) was just... thinking. (At least its popular saying, when I grow up and still is: "Are you philosophing"/Here you are standing and philophsising" (rougly translated). Or, at least, when you are just sitting/standing and staring on nothing...)
Thanks for the info anyway.
b) Khorne: Yeah, in the most Fics (at least, what I had read/found with this theme) there Team RWBY becomes champions of the Chaos Gods, Yang usaly ends up with Khorne (Rage, Bloodshed, Skulls and Murder).
...Consider her temper...
3. Late comment on 57, but also works here though: ...Wierd how no bullets or whatnot doesnt hit people when they make something like that: nameley Kissing each other senseless like Ruby and Weiss did in 57 (cute) and Vomit-Boy and Pyrrha in this chapter.
And like you mentioned (or Six mentioned), reminds me of the "End oft he WW2"-photo with that Kiss (...and that movie-intro in "Watchmen", the movie).
4. I really liked the Ending Texts with more detaled/desribed scenes.
Better then the Game (in mine opinion).
5. Vote a) The Vote itself: RWBY x Games of Thrones. (Dont mind to see how you will take that, if that happens that is.)
b) ...Whats SAO? (Carre makes a quik search) Is it "Sword Art Online"?
6. This have been a Good Story (Thumbs Up!) (so, to answer you question: Yeah! I enjoyed it!)!
Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!)!
2/23/2020 c58 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
2/21/2020 c58 I'm Neopolitan
Helluva way to end. 10/10
2/21/2020 c58 5Crimson Weresloth
Well see you at the epilogue. But I can see the following happening.

Pyrrha's mom what to spill Jaune's blood. Jaune's family loving on the twins. Tai going papa bear on his daughters. Jaqcass tries something only for Weiss to put him in his place. Qrow glad to see his nieces are okay, and questions why the fuck is Ruby drinking. Blake's parents gives Blake a loving hug. Nora and Ren getting in group hugs by their teammates family. And Sennia just waiting in the shadows to kill the fucker before gets the chances.
2/21/2020 c58 5Combine117
[Transmission start]

Hello, Combine here! *He appears on the screen*

"Celeste too~!" *She comes next.*

(And me!) *Ember too.*

[I as well.] *Yeah, also AvIe.*

{And...yeah you get the drill.} *And Uno. Oh my god, is this a crossover episode?*

[Why don't we begin with the reviews first?]

{Yes.} *Uno clears his throat and whistled.* {Damn, that's a lot of bodies to burn, holy shit. I would hate to be one that cleans that up.}

(I'm happy for Ruby, she didn't become the very thing she didn't want to be when she first came in to the wasteland.)

[The title for this chapter is a good pick, especially with the italicized section. Well done Wombag.]

"On to responding~"

Me? A badass? Dude, you're dealing with crazy-exs, people that can punch you to outer space and the great old ones. And you're still ALIVE, I'm pretty that is badass in my book.

{Also, here's the number for the fixers and cleanup.} *He holds up a phone-like device up to the screen. It was a website that had the number: '345-267-1890' and a little GIF of a chibi Uno burning up a monster's corpse.*

"You can also call them for other stuff, it's free of charge."

"Well, this chapter was amazing, almost made me scream out of excitement for the next one. Tell Six that he did his little speech well."

She was squealing though.

[And for the next chapter...I have my suspicions that this would be like Chapter 34. At least, on the responding section.]

(This should be it, for now. But it's not the end of the road now is it?)

Damn right, it's not! Not until Ch60! *He gets off his seat, and yells something about drinking to celebrate.*

"Combine! No! Not yet! Get back here!" *She follows him out the door.*

*Uno and AvIe shrugs, Ember just scratched the side of her head.* [We'll see you soon!]

*Transmission End.*
2/21/2020 c58 TheFrinkyDinkMan
That was a wild ride and I am proud to I have read it
2/21/2020 c58 1DoomKnight-6642
I found your choice of NCR... *Disappointing.*
2/21/2020 c58 6Lord Of Memory
So sad to see this story reach its conclusion. It was a brilliant ride and experience just like the game. I truely enjoyed the way you presented the characters and gave a brilliant voice to our friend the courier.
Big fan of your work hope to see
RWBY X Escape the Night
Good luck in your future endeavors
2/20/2020 c58 Zealot24
truly amazing, but you forgot something...
There's another settlement that needs of your help. here, i'm marking on your map. remember that every effort to help these people will only strengthen our cause.

in the meantime i will check if any other settlement that needs our aid.

naaaaaaaaah what i'm trying to talk is- theres another se- SHUT UP PRESTON! ohhh... yeah would too much saying i wish i could see this crossover animated at least the ending lol anyways im interested to see whats going on the other side of the *unirverse or dimension*, i mean i think you said they would take 1 decade to return home? would be fun if only 10yrs on earth is 1 month on Remnant without some techy munbo jumbo to synchro both time-space-wacky-thing.

anyways i think i should stop before future radiationing posioning afect my judgment (more than already has at moment) anyways good luck! (T)/
2/20/2020 c58 10Helljumper206
Loved it all man. Can not wait for the finial chapter you have going on for this.

I vote for RWBY X Game of Thrones. Just because I want to see if you can take the challenge and pull it off.
2/20/2020 c58 8RedRat8
Such a shame we won't get to see Six meeting Tai Yang or Qrow for a battle of the parents. Ah well you written a pretty fun journey here so hats off to you man.
2/18/2020 c57 1Annie leonhardt mikasa's queen
OMG yes white rose kiss scene btw I spent all day catching up it's is now 3:30 am for me
2/17/2020 c57 Guest
Hurray for the Good NCR ending! Considering the only other three options was Corporate Mafia dictatorship, Enslaved by Roman Cosplayers, or Failed State Dictatorship, I find that despite all the criticisms on the NCR they have the best ending because one, the chance that everyone can live and make peace instead of forcing you to kill them, and two, the Courier can actually fix some of their problems. So how far along was House on the portal project?
2/16/2020 c57 Carre
1. Corpse-filled elvator: Khorne would been proud of Yang...
2. ...What did Raul say?
3. ...Are you both (Wombag and Six) allright?
4. Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!).
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