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2/16/2020 c56 Carre
1. Thanks for answers.
2. a) TMI and "Close to the Sun": ...Sorry.
That said, I do "thinking" (stories, scenarios, reviews, ideas etc) at lot.
Sometimes I write it down, sometimes I dont.
Anyway, "Close to the Sun"-part, I completly forgott that one (and I have watched a complette walktrough). Never gona play it (to ...uncomfortoble/scary for me, altough intressting Story/idea).
...Not sure if Tesla invented Rapture though...
...even if his ship went to shit like Rapture (with all time-shenagin they did, no suprise there...), so you have a point there.
c) Philosphy: Western or Eastern?
We only read western when I went to school, even if one mine teachers (in "Kultur och Idea Historia", Culture and Idea History) happily could done it (alongside "eastern" part the culture, art, architecture, literatures and ideas).
Problem was... its was to large work to cover (and we study this in one year, after that we studied city -building), so we only (could) read about the "western".
3. Battle of the Dam: Ere we Go!
Ere we Go!
4. Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!).
2/16/2020 c57 5Crimson Weresloth
Neat chapter, can't wait to see the battle between the Monster of the East vs the Crimson Reaper...

As for Six's question, one of my daughters may have hit him with a war hammer through a wall. Sorry about that, but he knows what he done.
2/16/2020 c57 5Combine117
[Trans *static* mis *static* sion Start]


"I'm back~, Combine's dealing with some loose ends. So you'll probably seeing him next chapter."

"I hope he'll be there, it is the end of the story."

"Um, this message is not for you Mr. Wombag, but...Grim, your daughter is a little bit too...um, 'trigger happy' with her powers. Mind asking her for some restraint?"

"T-then again though, I'm married to someone who's managing a galactic empire and Ember is a little too...volatile with her powers."

"*mutters* Maybe, I should ask his daughter to teach her."

"Uh, review time!"

"Whoo! Epic battle! And another one is coming!"

"I can see what you mean by Ruby becoming the Monster of the West, Six. That's going to be a lot to handle, especially with the title 'Monster'. But what you said to the other reviewers makes me wonder what exactly is in store next chapter."

"If you're wondering why the kitchen was blacklisted, it's because I found Combine's secret alcohol stash. I swear, he needs to stop, there are better ways to not be depressed."

*silence, then Celeste presses a button.*

"Cleanup and medical, are you free?"

{Yes, we are.}

"Good, can you rendezvous at Wombag's studio? Something happened."

{What is 'something'?}

"Hole in the roof. And probably some broken bones."

{Alright, we're coming.}


[Transmission end]
2/16/2020 c57 8RedRat8
Bring out the Legate, let's see who would win this battle.
2/16/2020 c57 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
Final dual west vs east.
2/11/2020 c56 Guest
The second Battle has begun for Six, Ruby and her friends the question is who will be victorious Courier Six, Team RWBY and The NCR alongside whoever else will show up maybe the Reds and Blues who are lead by Washington along with some of the other RvB characters as NCR Rangers or The Legion lead by Legate Lanius this battle will be the turning point in Team RWBY’s part in the Mojave wasteland but who ever wins it will control The Hoover Dam till then Wombag i will keep watch for the next chapter and see you around.
2/10/2020 c56 Overlad
That moment where Ruby stole Six's spot as the Mohave's legendary badass. Now instead of a Courier the Red Reaper will be a tale told by caravans, bandits, scavengers, and other wasteland inhabitants for years to come. If this was Ruby during her time before coming to Earth she would have been over the moon to be this legend that rivals the Grimm Reaper, now I doubt she gives any shit about it. Experience sure can change a person huh.
2/9/2020 c56 5Crimson Weresloth
So they split in two groups. Defending and Backup. My guess is.

Defending: WBY, Boone, Rex, Veronica

Backup: JNPR, Cass, Arcade, Lily, Raul

Than there the factions, Boomers, Enclave Remnants, (Not sure) Mojave BOS... Anyways, see you at the battle.
2/9/2020 c56 5Combine117
*Transmission Start*

"Hello~ It's Celeste, long time no see?" *She laughs*

"Anyway, I'm here because Combine needs his rest."

*In the distance, Combine let out an indignant whine in another room*

"So...yeah. Damn, I forgot how this works."

"U-um, right! Reviews!"

"Holee shiet. This is going to be bloody. It reminds me of another battle...except less guns."

"Time for an epic battle! The monster of the east versus the red reaper. Now of course, since it's in the name, the red reaper will win."

"But just like what Cinder said! 'Just because you know how the story ends, doesn't make it any less exciting.' Or something along those lines."

"Alright, I'm going to wrap this u-" *the door to the room slides open, revealing Ember*

(Celeste! Where did you put the peanut butter?)

"It...It must be in the top shelf, Ember."

(It's not there!)

"Try the bottom shelf."

(I checked there too!)

"AvIe! Where is the peanut butter?"

*AvIe appears* [The kitchen is blacklisted, so I cannot scan it. You'll be better off going there yourself.]

"*muttering* damn."

"Well, I'll be cutting this short, hope you'll have an amazing journey through your writing life and I'll see you soon~"
2/9/2020 c56 8RedRat8
Well now, it seems about time for everything to end, shame that we didn't get time in between the Divide and the Second Batle of Hoover Dam to hear how others might react to Six's story.
2/9/2020 c56 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
2/7/2020 c55 Wonderment
Still kinda don't understand how the Courier brought the kids to the Mojave
2/4/2020 c55 5Combine117
*Transmission start*

Okay, it's on. *places hand on forehead*

*sigh* I'm kind of ill today and probably the day after so I'll keep this brief.

Well, a Big Bang started the universe, so was that an unintentional reference?

Man, I miss ED-E already, his death scene really poked me hard. *cough* Oop, it seems *more coughing* I-I keep coughing, I should probably hurry up.

His death scene was well done, people accepted it and it wasn't one where everyone just tries to find a non-existent way to save him without destroying a civilization.

*coughing, again* Goddamnit.

It may be me, but this feels like a finale chapter. I know it's not, but damn it feels so concluding. It's probably because of Ulysses.

I...kind of figured out that *oof, coughed again* S-Six would be the cause, due to past experiences, figuring out through your Author's notes and the heavy emphasis on Sixxie.

*coughing, holy fuck I need to get cough drops or something* I-I, I now wonder what the rest of the group would think of *coughing again* what Six did.

*I'm still coughing* I need cough drops *mutters*

I would probably forgive Six of bringing me to Mojave, though that depends if I'm not dead when I get there. I still very much prefer the bliss of ignorance.

*coughs* Oh, I think this is enough.

Well, I'll see you again next week.

*coughing, also fun fact: I'm actually coughing IRL and using an excuse which is the 'review character' I'm using now is basically self-insert so I thought 'why not?'*

That felt longer than usual, it is probably getting worse *it probably will*

*Transmission end*
2/4/2020 c55 Carre
1. Thanks for answers.
2. a) Atomic Hearts: ...Fun "Fact".
I had just come home from work, yesterday (3/2 2020), made myself ready to wash myself. Sitting and ...well, peeing and shitting, I sat there and thought.
Thought trough the last review-answers, about the "russian alt timeline game" you mentioned...
... Remembered (just randomly) some trailer and some demo I watched on Youtube a while ago...
...And thought "...Wait a bloody minute here...?!"
...In short, yeah I just remembered what game you were talking about...
Not gonna play it I think, but it sounded intressting.
b) The Reveal: ...Yeah, it did suprise me, but at the same time...:
...Huh? (I dont get how it worked exactly.)
3. Ruby points her guns at everyone: ...Getting "Pirates of Caribien 3"- vibes here...
4. Ruby forgives Six, if I had been in her shoes: ...depending if he did know about it before this happend or after. If he didnt know beforehand, yeah i would forgive him.
If he did know before (or even after)...how did he even found out?
...Felling little confused here, to be honest...
5. Sierra is not tagging along?
6. Keep Up the Good Work (plays "Amazing Grace" in the background for Ralphie/Kid-ED-E, while holding the Thumbs Up! and the hat off.).
2/4/2020 c55 Imperial Stormtrooper
A few chapter till Hoover Dam, GREAT!
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