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10/3 c1 Drumboy100
Interesting author's note, about the fact that no Drew/Hardy stories are set during the second World War even though a book was published in 1942...I guess World Wars apply to every place except River Heights? The utopian settings, perfect characters, and superteens attracted readers because we want to join Nancy in her fabulous life and adventures, but I think it also propelled many of us to fanfiction. There needs to be some kind of realism and real-life problems in order for us to feel like the characters are three dimensional.

The mist certainly sets the mood appropriately: the haziness of the future of Nedcy's relationship, the unclearness of what will happen next in the world. Ned is a gentleman, trying to make Nancy feel better even though he's the one facing death, dismemberment, POW etc. I feel like Hannah's frantically baking because she feels so helpless, it's the only way to contribute while the world around them crumbles. Ooo, Ned wants to talk to Carson, is he going to ask for permission to marry Nancy even before he asks Nancy herself? Okay, no, good. More evidence toward Ned's class, he's courting Nancy's entire family, not just trying to get her alone.

I love it, a bridge that gives River Heights its name! I've always wondered about it, and never heard an explanation before this. Nancy hits the nail on the head: the uncertainty of the future is what scares us. If she knew that Ned would return in a wheelchair, for example, she could relax and adjust to that fact by the time he returned. Ned seems surprised that Nancy is more concerned with his safety than she's ever been about her own...doesn't surprise me! Whoa: that was the most effective argument (while also reassuring Nancy about the value of the cause) that Ned could have used for why he must do his duty, because they are both doing their part to make the world a better place.

The war definitely changes Ned's priorities, even about finishing college right away, as he realizes how valuable and short time is. The mist is there as Ned arrives, as they're on their date, and then clears as they reaffirm the reasons behind Ned's actions: effective technique there. Nancy is so fiercely strong and independent that it shakes her to the core, knowing how thoroughly everything is out of her control. Fortunately she can always trust Ned with her vulnerability. ooo Ned struck me in my pet peeve: don't promise things that are out of your control, Ned, you have very little control over whether you will come back or not. I'm jealous of the North Star, what an honor to take the role of lifting Nedcy's spirits while they take a quick side excursion to save the world from a dictator. And I'm tempted to delete my opening paragraph about the necessity of realism...what a sad moment, Nancy alone at the train station. Knowing why Ned must go, and all the many good reasons for it, are still not quite enough.

Does Nancy not know Frank yet in this series, Ned will meet Frank first, in the trenches? Wow! Glad I read this. Now I'm feeling wistful, which is exactly what you were going for.
6/22/2019 c1 153ulstergirl
Lovely story! :)
12/22/2018 c1 6drogorath
This story is beautiful, SPAG's spot on and the writing is exquisite. In fact ,I think you oight to write professionally. I'd take your stuff anyday over moat of the Hardy Boys books .
12/22/2018 c1 drogorath
This story is beautiful, SPAG's spot on and the writing is exquisite. In fact ,I think you oight to write professionally. I'd take your stuff anyday over moat of the Hardy Boys books .
12/3/2018 c1 missmwood
Lovely story! Sad and uncertain but also sweet and warm. I would definitely read a continuation of this story! Please write more :)
11/27/2018 c1 15angelicalkiss
this was such a beautiful story! I wouldnt mind seeing their reunion in a later one.
11/26/2018 c1 14Cherylann Rivers
What an amazing sense of detail you have. I felt as if I was watching a very classic movie scene unfold right in front of my eyes. Some of the elements that you include: the cold weather, the mist, the fog on the bridge, the sense of gray juxtaposed against the warmth in the conversation with Nancy and Ned, are all so lovely. It was nice to see the homage to the times gone by with little nods to the rationing and military uniforms. I loved the line "they remained lie that for a moment or an eternity, neither could be quite sure, for it felt like both at the same time." How beautiful! The fact that it leaves off almost as mysteriously as it started, with that air of mystery, is poignant. Lovely job as usual!

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