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for Fire: Take A Breath

9/18 c7 1TotallyNotASerialKiller
I really love this series and I appreciated how you didn’t have Dakota just mindlessly pining after Zuko during their separation. She deserves her own character development separate from Zuko and you, as always, deliver. I don’t know why people would be upset about her hookup being a woman, but it’s not like you lied. You never once hinted that Dakota was strictly heterosexual and it’s their fault for assuming.
9/13 c7 2Bluegirlassasin6444
LMAO. The "Oh, damn. I think I'm a bit gay" is such a mood. Like, honestly that's what happened with me too! I don't think there was anything 'shocking' about Dakota liking girls and boys. Thanks for taking the time to explain your thought process and I am so sorry if people are being Jenks about it. At the end of the day, it's your story. I'm sure you are getting thousands of views - who cares if some people stop reading this just cause their homophobic. Keep on writing Author! I luv you! 3
9/11 c8 LondonxKnight
I can’t find the words to express how much the first two books of this trilogy have captivated me. Water: Twist of Fate and Earth: Bring It Down will definitely always have a special place in my heart. You are a lovely writer. The whole time it was like having a movie playing in my head because I could picture it so well. I could tell you poured your heart, soul, and so much of your time trying to deliver those two masterpieces and I wanted to thank you for sharing them with us. I’m honestly so very grateful.

Dakota is such a realistic character to me. I honestly love her. I really, truly do. I’m attached now. Her and Zuko belong together (omg I’ve experienced so many emotions while reading these works of art, it felt so real for me) and that’s a ship I’m willing to go down with. Because of this, it’s been killing me to read about Zuko and Mai being together and Dakota’s little fling with Wiat, mostly because they’re basically cheating on each other which is hurtful and disrespectful to everyone involved (though I’m on the fence with whether or not Mai deserves it). I also feel like Dakota’s relationship with Wiat had no build up, it really just popped out of nowhere for me.

It’s whatever, though. I can look past that, it won’t be what ruins the book for me.

The major issue pertaining to the third installment is the lack of insight with the gaang. It feels like it’s necessary for you to include the scenes where the characters discuss important things, but there’s no communication happening. I feel at a loss. You’ve worked so hard to build us up with the first two books but the third one leaves a lot to be desired.

I hope you’re well and you aren’t discouraged by my review. If you’re still having writer’s block, my advice to you would be to snag a beta or bounce ideas off of a friend or family member. I followed and favorited each book of this trilogy and I’ll be patiently waiting for a new chapter.

-LK 3
9/7 c1 lonely0milk
i came upon this story two years ago i think. when the second book was near it's end. My ass didn't review or even favorite your works because god forbid i know the password to a fanfiction account i made when i was twelve. but that's beside the point!
i have come again after the long two year to read this masterpiece again after my biannual watching of atla as one does. and goshhhh i can't express how much i love the way you've written these books! Youve created such an unforgettable character through Dakota i really freaking love her so much! and they way you elaborate on the atla universe and even the bending! UGHHH i love everything you've written!
i feel sad to see you go through such a tough timei really do hope things start to look up, you deserve the best!
8/21 c8 Vici-Cecilia
Hallo _
I found this story just 3 days ago and it cost me 2 sleepless nights.
I just could not stop reading, it was that good.
Please take all the time you need and thank you for cheering me up during my exam phase. This story is a true gem.
(Sorry for any errors, English is not my first language)
8/16 c1 Guest
Hope you update soon!
8/11 c8 tenchi
Please know it so wonderful that you wish to see this story to the end. I feel it to great give up on. I happy to know you care about others who love your story all these years. I feel that if you put mind to it there is nothing you can get done. I love to see where you go with this. I sure others love brain storm you with ideas for the story. I for one looking forward to Dakota meeting up with team avatar again. I love for her to tell her close friends truth before goes off with team avatar if that what you plan go with story. I love Zuko and Dakota romance in story. I like to see them married in future. I love see what changes be made in Korra timeline because of her. All I think give you is my support and know that many others looking forward to more. Thank you! Please have next chapter out soon you can.
8/4 c1 Guest
Hope you update soon!
7/30 c7 ughobi
what the heck i loved the intensity and the new ride we're in with the more mature themes why people aren't liking this in-depth characterization that are very much real i mean–
7/30 c8 ughobi
oh honey, im just so happy you're improving and getting to a better place! lots of love and support, stay strong, my love, you're amazing! i felt kind of inspired because i related a lot with all of that, but my case it's cherry-topped with an eighteen-year-old mentality and yeeeaaah– however im super happy and proud and just wish the best for you! hope the best for your relationships (the romantically oriented one and your decisions concerning friends, both) and just know we all here are cheering for you! whenever you feel down or stressed, just take a breath and remind yourself how strong and amazing you are! lots of people are here in your corner, beautiful, so keep going!
7/30 c8 ughobi
first of all, i want to say a big fat THANK YOU for this beautiful work. i'm not familiar with atla's fandom and such, but i am inclined to bet whatever on this being one of the best fanfics out there. i very much admire your talent as much as i admire your efforts and hardwork on keeping up with this as best as you can with life in the way and never giving it up despite the years and struggles, so let me stress this: you are amazing and strong-willed and you rock.

i'm currently having a bit of an existential crisis at deciding which part or character is my favorite (though just from what i have of book 3, i'm sure it will shake the ground off my feet, i ca it), but i mean– obi? luka? hadyn? the gypsies's culture and the spirit world fleshing? iroh? zukota's love language aka fire mingling? now that's just mean for other authors, my love. i am completely in love with your writing style –for readers checking out comment section (i don't know whatcha doing here though go read the prequels!) this trilogy has one of the smoother narrations i've come across, lovely points of view and characterizations and their consequential developments as well as beautiful picture-paintings (y'know what i mean) and sequence of events and stuff. it's well paced in the 'imma-keep-you-out-of-your-seat-but-boom-comic-relief' way, which is nice, even though sometimes (but this is just me being delicate) it felt a bit jumpy when skipping past things i would have wanted to read– and continuing with that line of thought, i really want to smack confidence into you. you deserve it: you have the talent, the skills, so own it up and raise that chin higher my queen.

i also wanted to mention real quick (cuz look at this monster of a comment) that dakota's character is very well fleshed outactions speak louder than words" is how i would define her because subtlety? skillful narration?– that she feels honestly real with both her good and bad things –which are for once depicted and not told. i feel a lot for her because it was easy to connect with her –beautiful narration? huh? where?– and just want to crush her with a massive hug and also push her chin high and back straight. i'm super ready to see our baby overcome the hardships that are sure to come her way while also heal from those that already hit her. foundations were settled, water and sun nurtured the seed even through unfitting environments, the weeds and bad roots will be picked off– we completely ready for kickass, confident, kind and wise-beyond-her-years Dakota!

i hope you have a nice day! looking forward to the completion of sweet dakota's adventure!
7/22 c1 Guest
I hope to see an update soon!
7/3 c8 Guest
Thank you so much for your transparency and vulnerability. So glad you’re doing better now! I love this story to bits, but self care is more important. Take your time, we’ll be here. 3
6/28 c1 Guest
Yay! Also I would love to see a YouTube channel
6/27 c8 Spartan b322
She lives
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