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for Fire: Take A Breath

2/1 c7 Laveticus
Damn, that was one wild ride [read all three in 2 days]

Can't wait to see what you do next!
1/25 c7 peanut0210
I don’t often comment however, I almost felt that I needed to. This story has been beautifully written from the start and I hope to see this story updated in the future cause I’m a bit too invested now to not see how it ends.
1/1 c7 pottersparky
Hey this New year and like it get started right way so you think you have new chapter out soon been over seven months after last chapter. The waiting is just so hard. I like see how you plan have this story turn out. There great new song that was made for Zuko and Iroh which by divide music. You might like hearing it if you find on youtube. I like see Dakota and Zuko back together with romance more hot than before. I think kind of you make author's note for those that need it. Please come back to this for hate it been long after last chapter. I can only hope you see that new chapters very much need in it. Thank you for taking time read my review. Happy new year!
12/29/2020 c1 15SuzyQBeats
Please update really soon! Your story is so good!
12/18/2020 c7 Guest
I can’t wait until you update again, I miss Dakota! Hope all is well and you can put a new chapter up soon :)
12/13/2020 c7 Guest
Hey, I’m just a guest for this site, but please for all the good in this world update soon. I personally enjoy how you have inserted a character like Dakota into the ATLA world with seamless ease, when it’s the most difficult thing to do in such fanfics, and can only dream on how you plan on ending the story ( or continuing into korra).
12/3/2020 c7 2Sawtooth72
Love the story! Can't wait for more!
11/28/2020 c7 ThatOneFrenchGirl
Hi ! First of all, i hope you’re doing well. Second of all, here is the actual review. (Disclaimer, English is my second language so forgive me for any mistake or weird sentence i could come up with, know that I TRY okay ?! Anyway)

I bingewatched ATLA during this summer and just last week i decided to do what i had not done in years by opening this website and looking for fanfictions of it. I have to say, your work is by far the best fanfic i’ve read on Atla. I’m not trying to be praising you, this is just my honest, and genuine opinion.

Most fics (not just ATLA) that have an OC have a static character and the plot follows exactly the path it was given in the original series. How DELIGHTED i was to find out that for once, this wasn’t the case here. I’ve always believed that great authors (and great fanfiction writers) were the one who are able to add more layers to the story than necessary. Sis, your writing style is AMAZING. Your characters (not just your OCs, but also those of the show) have depth, you make them express thoughts with an ease and a fluency that makes them not only credible, but accurate.

Your words convey emotions, your descriptions are just long enough and short enough to be efficient without being boring ever. You brilliantly put raw emotions and reasoning into words, and they explode in our (or at least mine) mind as they were a part of us. Hell, i found myself shiver and gasp at the angsty moments, found tears rushing to my eyes in the sad, heatbreaking ones, and smiling tenderly in the happy and soft one (THE FLUFF OMG). This kind of skill and effort put into writing is rare, sis, like, that’s a treasure to be cherished for readers who have read a lot of fanfiction. It’s no wonder that you have so many follow, favourites and comments on each book. You truly deserve it.
I LOVE how you adjusted the plot of the original serie as to include Dakota with more accuracy, i long for the character development that is just SO GOOD. Your OCs are all unique and loveable in their own ways, and their diversity is a gift (i think i’m not the only one tired of all OCs being blank copies of all the other OCs with the same past, motivations and morals). Every single one of your character is a three dimensional being that has enough depth to blend into the actual characters of the show.

You could have been writing the scenario with the actual authors of the show, in all honesty.
Now every one addition you made to the story is coherent, it’s perfectly intrinqued with the original plot. The gypsies ? Introduced from the beginning, they’ve always been present ever since, with little hints over here and there, and their characteristics (with the colorful clothes, the casual freedom induced by the fact that they’re nomads), but also the way they organize (with the different clans and new characters introduced) is just brilliant. The way Dakota and Zuko share something as intimate as their own fire, their own living essence ? absolutely dazzling. How come no one came up with this idea before ? It’s GENIUS ! And it just makes so much sense ! I’m honestly frustrated that it’s not something that exists in the show ! That’s just to quote two of them, but really there are so many more. It's also something so intimate that i've been wondering if that would count as a turn on in a way different context but *cough* i'm loosing my way here lol. (Also the part with Ursa, OH MY GOD i gasped when i realised Azumi’s true identity, just a few words before seeing it written explicitely)

I feel like i HAVE to talk about Dakota. I love her. She’s a baby and i’ll protect her at all cost. She’s gone through so much into just a less than a year being into the Avatar world. She learnt and grew so much, and she ached so much too. Her character development is brilliantly put into places. In fact, the shift in her personnality and attitude went so gradually, so instinctly, that it was hard for me to really notice when the change occured. This is an extremely good thing. Just like actual humans evolve during their own lives and don’t notice explicitly the way they’ve changed without looking behind at their past self, her grow felt natural, relatable. She changed for the better in my opinion, but we can’t really judge someone’s personnality entirely. You didn’t make her perfect and overpowered like amateur writers often do (no offense to them though), you made her human, relatable. She’s a spark of joy just existing as herself, no need to see her through Zuko’s eyes to figure this out.

However there are so many things LEFT oh my god i can’t wait for everything to happen, no matter how sad, painful or happy it’ll be. I sincerely hope that the story won't end abruptely after the final fight between Aang and Ozai (if that’s even how things will occur because i don’t know maybe you’ll change that as well) with a sort of « nice dakota you accomplished your destiny and now you’re going to be yeeted back to your world, the end ». Honestly. I know that you started this story YEARS ago and probably will want to end it at some point, but this is seriously not a story that i want to see ending (selfish of me I know). You, you just opened so many possibilities with your additions, with your way to conceive this slightly different world, that honestly i wish you could explore all possibilities, after the war and all. I know that in some way, Dakota want to go back home, and Zuko want to send her home, and Katara swore to help her go back home, yada yada, but she has so much to experiment yet in this world, after the war, with (or without) team avatar. Also, wasn’t she supposed to « rule » on something (cf the otter), probably the Lelino clan (or the fire nation lol idk) ? It just feels like it can’t end.

This veil of mystery that you put on many aspects of the story is almost a bit frightening. Like, Hadyn’s first words ? « too bad you’re gonna die » lmao ! And she didn’t ? Or she will ? Hadyn seemed to backtrack in the last few chapters with her « you know human’s fate change so fast » thing, in the end WE DON’T KNOW. GAAAH. Also, why is NOONE freaked out by the fact that Dakota is able to produce WHITE FUCKING FIRE ? I think it happened once before the fight with Wiat, maybe in another if it’s because she uses Hadyn’s fire (and according to your world building it’s not even something special, she’s just her fire spirit guide), white fire isn’t *normal*. Why no one asked her why she had white fire ? What is it about this fire ? Also, the fact that Hadyn is freaking Sozin’s comet ! Why is Sozin's Comet itself Dakota's spirit guide ? (?) Why Dakota never raised this topic ? But most importantly, what is going to happen when Sozin’s comet is back by the end of summer ?
Also, now that Zuko can bend lightning, will the last agni kai still take place ? With his position as a spy (and not some lost boy who succombed to the idea of getting back what he had wanted for years), will he even leave the fire nation to teach Aang firebending ? Dakota couldn’t finish her sentence in their last interaction in ba sing se, will he even follow the plot of the series ? How different will it all be ?

Side note, but i’ve never really liked Mai, and with what she’s done (the lie) i even like her LESS. Will she someday confess ? Will Zuko be deceived and broken if this happens ? Because Azula and Mai left Dakota to die you know. So many questions and yet so little answers yet. Pieces of plot that you’ve hinted from book one still don’t have any answer.

Also can we talk about Dakota’s encounter with the Ocean Spirit as she was DYING and he just told her something about true sacrifice being made out of love ? What MORE do they want dakota to sacrifice than her world ? Her life ? Or maybe it doesn’t refer to Dakota and it’s even scarier. I’m so confused.

(The fact that you added Aang's interaction with Yue in the spirit world broke my heart a bit. She deserves better, and she seems to know a lot. Again, one cursed by the weight of knowledge, while us readers are *helpless*. *sob*)

Regarding the last author note about Dakota letting go of her countless problems in the embrace of Wiat, damn, i relate. Her discovering her same-sex attraction with it ? Well i relate less but i still relate. It must be confusing as hell, poor thing. I honestly hope that Wiat won’t just be a plot device (the whole « this is the last time we meet » thing) because DAMN there is something to be explored here. When you share something as intimate as a kiss (and more) with someone, i don’t feel like we can let go of it so easily and quickly. I really hope that we’ll get to see a bit more of her reasoning and relationship with Wiat. Just please DON’T kill Wiat as a way to be dramatic, no, that’s not something to do. Anyway i just wanted to say that even without reading your note, it felt natural. A bit odd, because the whole situation IS a bit odd, we can’t deny that (the whole enemy to lover thing in about a few weeks, a bit rushed maybe), but it didn’t feel like it was too much. Even if it were, your writing skills would have made it just as natural as the rest of the plotlines.
The idea that Obi and Dakota are bisexuals is really something that i appreciate, probably because i’m bi myself lol.


When i first started reading book 1 a few days ago, i assumed that you had finished writing the whole thing. Sis, i don’t know if you realise it, but you’ve started writing it 10 YEARS AGO ! Imagine how distressed i was to notice that book three was not finished when i reached its third chapter ! I was reading through your author notes at the beginning of your chapters, wondering how you followers could be still sane after waiting so much time to read your story, and now i feel the whole irony of the situation. I’ve only discovered your story a few days ago, and i can’t wait to read all of it. This is going to be SO painful oh my god.
Just so that you understand, I even created an account in order to FOLLOW this story ! I want to see how it will go, what will happen to all the characters, how much the plot will change (for the better i’m sure). If i have to wait a few years to find it out, i will. Not like i have the choice anyway.

I have no idea if the website will allow me to publish this all at once ; I wrote it in a word doc before uploading it and i’ve apparently just worded 1900 words. Damn.

Anyway, i sincerely hope that you’re doing well ! We’re still through the covid19 crisis and i’ve heard from american friends that the usa are not any less severely affected than the other countries. I genuinely hope you and your family are safe. If you’re still in Colorado, i hope you’re doing well, that you caring friends and that you’re happy (and not too exhausted). Your readers will wait for you, and that’s just about how much talent, how much drive dare i say, you have.

I’m so excited to read your next chapters. I really hope you’ll come back before 2021 with a new, astonishingly good chapter. I can only imagine that it will be about the gaang uniting with Dakota or something, but i really hope we’ll have a big step forward in term of the plot. I can only hope ;-;
Anyway, have a good day, a good week, a good month, and know that your work is amazing !
- Alyson, that one french girl
10/31/2020 c7 3MehScrewIt
Hey, like many other people in the comments, I've just binge read a lot of your ATLA fanfics and I can't wait for more!

I love how you've explored the world they're in, adding in more characters, and just making it richer.

You've made me invested in Dakota and Zuko's relationship now! Poor Mai though.
10/2/2020 c7 6bluebarnowl
Okay, so I just binged ALL your Avatar fanfics (up to this one's 7th chapter) and I'm just so in love with your writing right now! I doubt that you'll see this comment, but if you do I just want you to know that I'm instantly hooked.

I find it very interesting that your OC would have limited knowledge of the show, not many people would take that route, opting to have a more "mysterious, foreign fortune-teller" kind of OC in their Avatar stories. I actually thought of having my own OC be a sort of fox-spirit who had watched over Aang since he was little and kept him alive during his time in the iceberg.

I really love your characterization of Zuko and how he develops throughout the show.
9/30/2020 c6 Girlinthebox
OMG! I love your books and I had just read all of them within the span of just two weeks. I hope everything is going well for you! This is an amazing story and I can’t wait to read more.
9/25/2020 c7 QHyperHuman
Thank you for this explanation. The randomness of the last chapter love scene caught me off guard completely and I was like, huh? Does make me think of all the Anime slice-of-life shows and the middle/high school girls (and guys) that struggle to figure out where they stand.
9/20/2020 c1 Guest
Hey I hope you and everyone stays safe during these difficult times
9/12/2020 c1 estar12
Can I just say I’m so excited for a possibly Dakota/ Zuko reunion in the Western Air Temple or something after the Invasion? That would be so freakin’ cool and emotional and andksnshfklj
9/12/2020 c1 estar12
This is such an amazing story! Thank you so much for writing! This is my second time reading the trilogy and I loved it. A few days ago I was thinking about this story and forgot a lot about it but wanted to remember and read it again. I spent 30 minutes trying to find it on different apps before I finally found it here. I really love the character development and the fact that Dakota is trying her hardest to help despite not knowing. I’m very curious as to what she does after the war ends. I also really appreciate how you’ve started to diversify the people in your story. Having Obi be bisexual was great, and then having Dakota reach out and explore her sexuality was really nice to see (even if it’s probably not the best coping methodbut it is a coping method. Tbh I was waiting for Dakota to throw Azula off guard by saying that she was pretty or hot or something in the earlier chapters. I’m also super excited to see how Azumi fits in the ending. I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us. Thank you so much for dedicating so much time and effort to this story. Hope you are save and well admits COVID. Thank you for writing!
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