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4/13 c19 t4yl0rp1
At this point I'm basically skipping chapters to get back to Izuku's POV, so I'm out. It's too jarring.
4/2 c21 Takamura Rules
Bite my shiny metal ass

Love that reference lol and the sums up your USJ arc too
3/31 c6 1Odnoglazyy Rytsar
She does know most girls that tried to hook up with Peter end up either dead, dead, dead, and more importantly dead. Also can she even compare to those like Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy, and even Black Cat?
3/22 c32 mjrwatkins
Ah, now Mitsuki's double life is catching up with her. I wonder where this will go?
3/20 c16 lilbigstoryteller
I get the message you were trying to send by having all those heroes die, that heroes don't always win, but I still disagree with the magnitude of which you did it. There are tons of other stories that do the same thing, and in my opinion, they all go murder crazy trying to prove a point. Don't get me wrong though, I'll still read this story, since I'm curious where you'll take it, I just felt like voicing my displeasure for this specific chapter.
3/20 c11 lilbigstoryteller
I can't believe that all that dialog took only 2 minutes of the battle test. No way.
3/13 c10 1PureSalty101
I'm taking the SATs and I thought it's B. I'm so screwed.
3/12 c2 Shadowkanji
great chapter. when Peter started explaining how he got here all I heard was "okay lets do this one last time"
3/7 c13 The Jolley Pirate
Arrgh, I can't keep reading this, while I'm sure bakugo will stop eventually, I can't put up with him being a psychopathic arsehole with no consequences. Good story but not for me
3/6 c15 tobatkns
ohhh that prowler reveal. good stuff
3/6 c11 Jared51
You are over selling deku being a crybaby. I hope it gets better but I feel like I need skip chapter 1 to chapter 12 to get to story good part. I stubborn my way through because there not a lot of deku spiderman that more 2 chapters. I'm sure you have lots of fans so keep writing this is just the way I feel and needed to rant.
3/2 c32 10RWBY Lover 25
Wow bro to have Bakugou wise up and know how important being on a team is this early is suprsing but a nice change compared to the main timeline especically since he not focusing on Izuku. Good to know that he needs to focus on beating everybody and not just Izuku.

Also its cool to see Gentle and La Brava telling Peter that even though their identities are publici to the goverment. The hero's would protect even the others hero's from villian that will attack them off duty or while they are at home. But for Peter he knows that's not going to stop Mysterio so he still can't help but be worried for Izuku and the dangers he going to face.

Nice to see Mitsuki protecting Inko and Izuku as best as she can. Lets hope she can protect them for awhile before Mysterio finds out about Inko anyway great chapter man.
3/1 c16 1Ariastella
Was Nighteye's vision a reference to the web of life & destiny?
2/26 c32 33NiteOwl18
Yikes, even Misuki now knows the identity of Spider-Man from the Sport Festival! But it's nice to see she's protecting her family and her friend's family from Mysterio and his gang. Great chapter!
2/26 c32 83erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
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