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7/25 c4 Guest
When the pervert saves the world
7/19 c30 5D3wman
Just read this story for the second time - it’s amazing.

Really love seeing those hints of what is to come in the earlier chapters.
7/15 c30 83erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
7/15 c30 13ahsoei
Welp, now this is what I called Crossover.
7/11 c3 Guest
i hate that this prowler chick, this OC is strong. overpowering spiderman even. tsk
7/9 c30 Alexis
Je suis extrêmement impatiente de voir le festival
Je suis extrêmement fan de cette histoire et je suis très impatiente pour la suite
PS selon toga va être soit un anti méchant ou un anti héros comme kain le clone de peter je suis très impatiente de son développement
7/9 c3 Guest
You know... Canon Izuku was kinda lame in the early parts of the anime, but somehow you managed to make him even more lame. I hope he gets development soon cause he really isn't appealing as a protagonist right now.
6/22 c30 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
And himiko’s sanity slips further into oblivion. You definitely know how to make crazy characters.
6/22 c21 Planar-Walking-Entertainment
*sees himiko’s words* uh-oh. She’s gone bonkers. She honestly believes she’s half of peter parker. She is a diseased spider. Sorry morphling girl, you are cute and quirky, but you must die now.
6/22 c10 Planar-Walking-Entertainment
And another james carlson (the cigar guy at the daily planet place peter used to work at for the newspaper) is born. Will they ever learn?
6/19 c30 11RWBY Lover 25
Huh i think it was cool to show how Peter joined the avenger that was pretty interesting as we got to see where he was actually a part of a team instead of going solo during hero missions.

Also it seems that Toga's origins and memories are mixing's with Peters that was a bit disturbing and not good at all its going to be a problem when she meets Izuku and Peter especially since she has not only her quirk but her version of Peters abilities and along with his memories and intelligence.

Mineta it was smart if him to stick on to Izuku but it was funny how Izuku got him off his back in order to keep up with his classmates anyway man the chapter was great man I can't wait for the next one.
6/19 c26 mckertis
Still skipping the boring Morales crap.
6/17 c30 Taxima
At least Mineta was able to think strategically over who to latch onto for this stunt. Too bad Izuku wasn't as kind-hearted as he hoped. I look forward to seeing what you hit them with.
6/18 c30 1Ultimatrix bearer
World bloat? Huh so this is how a man dying of thirst feels watching another man drown. Seriously though toga is only second to the one below all as far as nightmare fuel in this story. Insanity

6/17 c1 cassnova5424
having spider man comics exist is a first for me
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