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5/23 c29 Guest
Great chapter. Cant wait for the next one
5/22 c2 voidwalker294381672
good story, but can't seem to get immersed. 7/10
5/7 c29 9OmniGawker
Damn, next chapter can't come soon enough
5/5 c14 Trigo1337
Giving Himiko organic webshooters and a hidden stinger, but making Izuku not be able to walk on walls through shoes and giving him a single use none lethal shocker, and phasing, wich is lame as hell, invisibility would be at least more interesting, with phasing he is invincible, but you forget about that power when usefull, just like the spider-sense.
5/5 c29 83erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating.:)
5/2 c13 Trigo1337
How is Yaoyorozu able to hit him? He has spider-sense, he can dodge bullets, and he can certainly dodge a metal pole
4/19 c29 1tsun
Okay story.
4/19 c7 tsun
A different story altogether? I didn't finish it and just skipped it.
4/14 c5 Jorge Steven
bruh its stan lee
4/8 c29 11RWBY Lover 25
Nice to see this story be updated its cool to see Peter and Izuku reunite like this and talk about things that happen lately. Also speaking of Izuku it seems like he getting a lot of better in developing his Venom shot if he can use it at will then he going to be even more stronger and dangerous especially since he can use it at a distance now. As for toga she is back and as creepy as ever especially since devouring Peter blood she seems to be gaining more of his memories even recent this keeps up she going to be even more dangerous not to mention she getting better at using her own version if the spider powers but besides that I can't wait to see the sports festival man so yeah great chapter and I can't wait to see how the sports festival starts.
4/2 c7 1Darklight5656
Everytime I see Izuku and Katsuki interact. The only thing going through my mind is that Mitsuki is the Prowler. We either Izuku and or the public find out I wonder how it'll effect Katsuki.
4/1 c2 2ProjectIceman
Oh dear. So MHA has some of the Spiderverse villains in their Universe.
4/1 c1 ProjectIceman
That's alot of mind-blown instances for Izuku there LOL
3/31 c29 1Ultimatrix bearer
Dang it toga stop being an effective villain. Seriously though I’m curious as to to whether the sports festival will play out normally or mysterio will attempt to preemptively end the threat posed by deku.

3/30 c29 EMSNaruto
Don't stop writing, this shit is deadass heat bro
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