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3/26 c29 Random65
YES SPORTS FESTIVAL & HIMIKO/KAINE IS BACK! HYPE! Man this took forever, can't wait for more!
3/15 c28 Arato15
Absolutely loving this story. How you include Mayday and Miles too makes this infinitely more interesting! Now I wanna see Mayday and Izuku meet too! Would LOVE to read more of this.
3/3 c28 1rjkeith
It took me a week to read up to this point and I got to say that I love this story. Heck I love the side story about Melissa Shields as Spider Girl (Did you make a side story for that one if so I want to check it out.) I also decided to look up that Superman crossover you mention which I'm slowly but surely getting hooked on. I actually glad I decided to read this one since it's one a older Spider-Man and not Tom Holland Spider-Man heck you even have one of my favorite Spider-Girls in the form of Mayday Parker. I wish their were mover Marvel/DC crossovers with My Hero Academia...Well more that actually catch and keep my interested Only ones that do that so far are "A Mutant's Hero Academia" by Tebocchi, "HERO" by oneaboveall364, and My Hero Academia: Lightning Bolt Strikes Twice by Shadow-DJ and there is one story that might count as a crossover where our favorite green bean gets Gambits powers called "My Heroic Gambit" by ShadowF1VES. There are a few more good ones but not like real true crossovers like the ones above. I'm more than a little sadden that there aren't more good X-Men crossovers with My Hero or any Champions/Teen Titans/Young Justice ones that are more that 5,000 words -_-. If you know any more good crossovers let me know and I hope you keep it up. Also wonder who Mayday and Miles will end up meeting. Kinda hoping they end up meeting Nadia Pym or Valaria Richards since those two girls might be able to figure things out. Nadia via her smarts and the G.I.R.L program she started up and Valaria via the fact that she can rival her dad and Victor Von Doom. I also hope you end up having May go to Krakoa since well she is a mutant :D. As for Peter well the heroes might end up thinking he might be telling a bit more of the truth if the doctors actually did blood work on him and find out that he doesn't have a Quirk gene and his blood is irradiated.
3/1 c4 TheCrowMaster
the one time im grateful purple trash grape exists
2/18 c28 13KuriMaster13
Liking this so far. :)
2/14 c28 83erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
2/10 c1 173Fox McCloude
Just to let ya know, I found a Spanish translation of this story (clearly made with the Google Translator by the way) in Youtube and Wattpad. They're crediting you at least, but did you authorize it?
2/6 c17 24ChuckTheElf
Yes, I think you went too dark in the last chapter. Is it a bad thing? In my *opinion*, too dark for a crossover like this, yeah. The basis is not Stephen King, it's a happier (somewhat naive) world.

That said, it's your story. Tell it the way you want, and if folks don't like it, they don't have to read it.
2/6 c16 ChuckTheElf
Yeah, that went dark.
2/6 c15 ChuckTheElf
So I'm not very impressed with the Prowler's work choices. Risking her family life by working for the Big Bad, or risking the family life by *not* working for the Big Bad. Given the choices I can see why she decided the way she did, but again there's not really a lot of integrity in her character.

In other words, wonderfully pathetic. Very well written. Keep up the good work!
1/24 c28 9OmniGawker
Alright! Let's see how Spider-Deku will handle this rendition of the Sports Festival
1/21 c15 10Uraharaisgod
Sadly that reveal was pretty obvious when Mitsuki was the only character except Toga that you went out of your way to describe their personal situation with. Easy deduction she would be the hidden villain, especially when you said Bakugou learnt all of his combat skills from his mother who he still didn't bet he could win against.
1/17 c28 3RonaldM40196867
Never stop writing.
1/17 c27 RonaldM40196867
That’s cool.
1/17 c26 RonaldM40196867
Spiders come and go.

Oh yeah!
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