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2/27 c18 BlackLordPotter
Super Story! Well written!
2/24 c18 Guest
2/24 c3 Guest
Are Henri and Marie the Flamels?
2/25 c18 40Concolor44
That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Adding this one to Favorites.
2/25 c3 Concolor44
HAHAHAHA! That "yank from the MACUSA" was a Southern Boy. They can't make proper sweet tea anywhere but the Deep South. At least I've never found it anywhere else, and I've been to many parts of the country.

Hmmmmmm ...
I wonder if that old couple is the Flamels?
2/12 c6 BBryant
The old couple are the Flamels
2/11 c18 10stevem1
This was a sad, then sweet story. I’m glad Harry/Fleur are on the way to a large and happy family.
2/1 c18 9sd74
Dude, I may not be part of the Harry Potter Fandom as a fan but would read here and there. Especially 18 chapters of it over 52k words.
1/28 c18 BRICKDUST
Great story thanks
1/25 c18 Ariadne Venegas
I love your fic!

Advice is always good.
I’m from another country so no college, you go to Uni directly, so mine is Please try to finish with all the things for your degree before be a mom... I never finished, because I forget one pill (one!) I love my two kids a lot, but for a lot of years I was so sad and angry because I couldn’t finish my my degree.
My first son was always sick so I could not continue (I just need an exam which included three years of the carrier to finish I had the practice and the big paper, which took me two years, done) then they told me I had to let go to my work also or he could lose his hearing and finally he has autism and that’s why he didn’t talk...it took me 7 years to have a real diagnostic. He has Asperger in the middle of the spectrum. So as you see I never finished.

I know now that it could have been imposible to work full time lawyer, but having my degree could have help multiple times.

So girls out there please finish first!

My kid is 19 now and at last he did the exam for Uni! The 11 of February we will know if he entered Design as he wants, he is an artist!

There my advice.

Also been a full time Mom have a lot of perks like be there when your baby needs you and see how he gets better an better and learn a lot and laugh and cry and everything so there

After my advice I could tell you that I had great time this 20 years of been a Mom instead of a Lawyer, but I know a lot of you would prefer both and that is awesome too!
1/20 c18 13Manatheron

Hopefully you find more te to write than I did, 2 kids later and my last story still isn't finished. ;-)
1/15 c18 HoneyBear84
Loved it
1/15 c18 1Mystical-Lesbian
This was brilliant thank you so much for writing it. I love Harry/Fleur fics
1/14 c18 siobhan.22
Good story
1/11 c18 Cleddyf
I finally got around to finishing reading this story and I have to say it's stellar. I adored it.

I normally am not fond of infidelity type plots, but this was sweet, acknowledged issues but didn't wallow, and I adore Fleur.

I've always thought the best thing for Harry would be to leave Britain, be it to France, Italy, the US, or wherever so this works well, too.

I look forward to reading more, be it finishing an older story or starting a new one. :)
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