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3/2 c18 40Concolor44
This story was one of your best. And that's a high bar.

Adding to Favorites.
3/2 c14 Concolor44
The witty banter here is amazing. "I wonder what it's like to have normal friends. I bet it's nice."
3/2 c11 Concolor44
OMG, the FEELS! Getting me all misty over here.
3/2 c10 Concolor44
Oh, I like Pandora a LOT.
3/2 c4 Concolor44
Ah, yes. Accidents. Accidents do happen. Nice when they happen to the appropriate people.
3/2 c1 Concolor44
Good on you, Padma! Keep that knucklehead in line.
2/28 c18 AnimeA55Kicker
I hope James doesn't just end up as a rebound boyfriend.
2/28 c18 1Nauro Redcliff
Great story. I enjoyed the humor and characterizations. The James/Tonks thing put me off a little bit but to each their ownI still favorites your story. Thanks again!
2/20 c18 tasha
more please
2/16 c18 bkerrmom1
Brilliant story !
2/11 c12 Ariadne Venegas
That is how originally was infested by the mayas and Aztecas with hot pepper. They used it as a energetic beverage. In the 90’s it started to get out the hot pepper chocolates in some places as a homage.
2/11 c18 Ariadne Venegas
And then what Andy will do with Remus he needs stabbing at minimum!
I really like it! It is sad that they didn’t had another kid.

Also poor Tonks Harry and married is too much older or too young!, but seven year in a wizard is mot too much time in the long run. They live up to 100 years after all.
2/11 c18 10stevem1
I love the Harry/Padma dynamic. This is a fun, well written story.

The last chapter has the text centered, which makes it a bit difficult to read.
2/11 c18 Cateagle
*Laughs* Now that's an interesting set of scenes that definitely demonstrates the differences made in the new timeline.
2/11 c18 mizzrazz72
I wouldn't want sloppy seconds.
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