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11h c15 Wandering Scion
Awesome that you guys have posted another chapter. Finally the Emissaries of Middle Earth meet the Jedi Masters Windy and Yoda, which would go a long way to the union.

Again Sauron relies on a Ring of Power, and now Palpatine conspires to have it for himself. Both are playing a dangerous Gambit with each other for eventual superiority. Will they join forces at a critical moment or will their internal intentions against one another backfire?

A further interest is Anakin. With his children born, he more likely to stay in the light, but also more likely to have darker and deeper fall should Palpatine's plans hold eventual sway.

Also, I do wonder of the potential coup over King Elessar from the "purists" of Gondor.

Hoping you update soon
9/23 c15 Greer123
I hope that Yoda gets along with Gandalf.
9/22 c15 Huan of Valinor
Well I for one haven't gone anywhere, I thought I posted a review for the last update. I can't find it so I only thought I did, and looking through the reviews I actually realized that I have been quiet since chapter 11, and a whole lot has happened since then in the story.

I'll go back and re-read the past few chapters and post reviews with whatever thoughts I have. Until then!
9/22 c15 Insky47000
Hi! I really enjoyed reading this chapter. I love the interactions between worlds and the original elements like the bird things.
9/22 c15 9Thomas Drovin
Hey there welcome back to this lovely story at long last! Thanks for the compliment by the way, this story and the previous one are a work of art! I just wish I had THOUGHT about it, but we can't ALL be geniuses can we?

Now for my review...it seems that Palpatine is DELIBERATLY causing trouble for the Jedi to cover his tracks, what with COMPOR protesting on the imprisoned Count Dooku ALSO his appointment of Anakin as his 'official reprehensive' on the Jedi Council. He's STILL trying to implement his plans for Anakin I see...as for Dooku being unconscious is that due to his injuries? Or did Palpatine implement a way to keep the Count out of the way until he can do something with him?

Meanwhile I see Palpatine has STILL been keeping an eye on Sauron as he makes his new ring...a TERRIBLE thought occurred to me...would Sauron use his ring for him to do to Palpatine what he's been doing with Vica? I can picture it...Palpatine as himself the terrible Sith Lord Darth Sidious...and he would be the eyes, ears and VOICE of Sauron...of course with a NEW Ring Sauron COULD recreate himself too. Speaking of Vica she IS being real quiet of late...must be sulking...a prisoner in her own body can't do anything until whenever Sauron is ready for her.

Meanwhile I see the Dark Lord has still be brushing up on all things in the Galaxy Sith and Jedi related and on all things warfare. NOW he's made his OWN spy network using Hawk-Bats...it makes sense. Palpatine has MORDEN ways of spying Sauron uses ways HE'S familiar with...no doubt he wants to know the movements of his enemies he KNOWS are on the same planet.

Despite all this I'm happy to see Anakin spending time with his family and actually getting to KNOW his son and daughter. He may not know what he's doing but I think he's doing a good job so far...his playing and talking to baby Luke was spot on. Like Anakin I was happy that he got a glimpse in his mind of what Luke will look like when he gets to his age...but he STILL has nightmares...MORE talking to Gandalf and the others is in order I think.

Speaking of Gandalf he and the Fellowship have FINALLY made it to the Jedi Temple and to meet Yoda, Mace and the Council. I think he and the Elves made quite an impression on them, I know the Hobbits and even Gimil were real impressed. I'm SO looking forward if they get a chance to see how things WORK in the Temple. I get the feeling that IF and WHEN Order 66 is given...the Fellowship might JUST be able to help a few Jedi.

Meanwhile Sauron's little 'test subject' Serra Keto ESCAPED...but was she allowed to escape of her own free will? Or was it Sauron's? Most likely the Dark Lord's will as it WAS a part of his 'network' just what will happen now? See you next update whenever you can manage it so I can find out what happens next! Good Health, Clear Body, Strong Mind!
9/21 c15 103ZabuzasGirl
We need more of our guys and less of the villains. We need more of our favorites and not the villains to read.
Update immediately, please!
9/18 c14 9Thomas Drovin
Ah! So at LAST Obi-Wan FIANLLY got to catch up with his friends from Adra and with Anakin's help they'll FINALLY get to see a bit of Coruscant and the Jedi Temple? About time, I'm SO looking forward to that and their meeting with Palpatine. It was good that Kenobi was able to talk to his friends on how the Jedi and Republic actually work. Speaking of which I see Anakin went and TOLD Obi-Wan about what Palpatine was asking of him BEFORE he announced it to the Council, a VERY wise move indeed.

Meanwhile Sauron has forged himself a new ring and brought fourth some 'servants' already I see...I DREAD to think what he did to his Jedi 'test subject' I wonder if he's aware that Palpatine has him under observation? If he does, does he CARE? What will the Dark Lord do with him, Vica and everything else? Time will tell I guess...

As for Anakin and Padme I'm happy with their time together with their children...they hit the nail right on the head when they say Luke and Leia will INDEED be troublemakers of the sort. It all depends on what the winds of change have in store for them...I loved how Padme called Anakin 'Laser Brains' although 'Lightsaber Brains' would have been good too. *Chuckles*

Keep up the GREAT work on this story and see you next update whenever you can manage it! Good Health, Clear Body, Strong Mind!
9/18 c13 Thomas Drovin
Well...I shouldn't be surprised at ALL that there are some on Adra who aren't TOTALLY satisfied with how things turned out on their planet. Just as I shouldn't be surprised that Palpatine was keeping tabs on Sauron in regards to his request to make a new ring. I see that he was also STILL trying to enact his plan to get Anakin under his control like in Revenge of the Sith...HOWEVER its DOUBTFUL that he can actually DO that. Mind you...I see Palpatine was asking Anakin on what he knew about Gandalf, the Fellowship AND Sauron as information IS indeed important on friends and enemies alike.

Meanwhile the Jedi continue with their investigation while Padme and her fellow Senators are worried about HOW the Clone Wars are turning out...how will the winds of change affect all this? Onwards to the next chapter to find out!
9/17 c12 Thomas Drovin
I see that DESPITE the changes Sidious is STILL confident he can get Anakin to be his new apprentice with him telling Grievous to move the leaders to Separatist Leaders to Mustafar where they will (he HOPES) meet their fate. HOWEVER he DID point out to the General that PERHAPS they MAY need to retrieve him and not YET kill him, this goes to show the Sith Lord is indeed REVISING his plans JUST in case.

Given what he learnt about what Anakin went through in the year he spent on Arda, even I can see this might NOT go the way Sidious thinks, especially with Gandalf and the Fellowship around. I wonder what Sidious will SO when he gets around to meeting Gandalf? Sauron did warn him...so he'll be prepared but WILL they sense the other's power early on...or not? Also how much of a threat will Sidious see Gandalf as? Quite a bit I'll bet.

Meanwhile like Anakin's visions are returning to him again, but THIS time in a different way. There's no points for guessing WHO two of those dark figures are but not the other one...Vica? Or I COULD be wrong altogether as the winds of change are STILL blowing. I was happy to see that Anakin sought out Gandalf for advice FIRST and THEN Yoda's. It was HIS advice that made Anakin come clean to Obi-Wan about being married to Padme, a real weight off his shoulders, as well as Padme's, that his master KNEW and WILL back them! Anakin does indeed need to pay attention to his surroundings, because even Gandalf KNEW that he and Padme WERE indeed married. *Chuckles*

I'm SO looking forward to Gandalf and his friends meeting Yoda and the rest of the Jedi Council it will definitely be interesting, perhaps Merry and Pippin might make the first Hobbit Jedi! That is...IF things work out

The Jedi's little oversight/shadow investigation is definitely going to be a wrinkle in the case of both Anakin and Obi-Wan given their respective positions. While Obi-Wan hasn't had much of a chance to talk to Anakin about what the latter revealed during that confrontation with Sauron...and I hope they're able to soon...Kenobi is going to be stuck between wanting to adhere to whom they've entrusted this oversight thing to.

If Anakin and Padme's marriage is revealed, as well as their kids, and that Obi-Wan knew BEFOREHAND that not only could get Anakin expelled, but Obi-Wan as well. Plus the Jedi could still try to take the twins, which could get nasty given that they would not only have to deal with Anakin and Padme, but Obi-Wan, Gandalf and his Fellowship. Hopefully we don't get that kind of confrontation, but...as I mentioned before the winds of change are still blowing...I think with the wisdom of the Fellowship around to back up our troubled friends things CAN be worked out. If Gandalf can help a troubled person like Anakin...he can surely help a troubled Jedi council. *Chuckles*

Meanwhile I see that Sauron...with Palpatine's assistance has been given the tools and materials to start making his new Ring at last. No doubt the Dark Lord found the new materials real interesting and helpful...I feel that Sauron will no doubt WANT to be in charge of the Galaxy...but he DOES reward those who aid and assist his cause/s...just as he PUNISHES and destroys those who anger, annoy or disappoint him. I got a feeling that once he has his new Ring...the Dark Lord will start making NEW ones for Palpatine, Vica and anyone else he thinks are worthy of it. I mean he did it on Adra for his servants...only THIS time I feel they'll STILL be themselves...he can always give new rings to the Dark Sith Spirits...I wouldn't put it past him!

Onwards to the next chapter to see what happens next!
9/16 c11 Thomas Drovin
*Chuckles* I have to say the Reunion between Anakin and his friends from Adra was VERY well done! Anakin's reaction to Gandalf, and the others was brilliant I could SEE it in my minds eye. I could also see Padme's face at how her husband reacted to his friends he had been telling her about too, the most happy she'd seen her husband in ages! I think you hit the nail right on the head as to why Merry and Pippin went, to see the worlds BEYOND their own. Gimil the same but to also see Anakin as the boy had grown on him. *Chuckles* What REALLY pleased me in this chapter was that Anakin actually got to MEET his children as a PROPER father should. At least in THIS reality...he has a PROPER family...for now.

I like how you've managed to maintain all of the characters personalities with your own personal twist. There are SO many possibilities for adventures with the Fellowship in the wider galaxy, I can't even begin to wonder where they'd go. Tauriel and the Hobbits would love Naboo that's for sure, but the others who knows?

As for Sauron and Palpatine's meeting...that was like a chess match. Both of them are SLOWLY making moves in what is going to happen in the Galaxy. Sauron is rapidly learning quite a bit about the Galaxy, its people, the Force both light and dark versions of it. NOW Sauron wants to make a NEW Ring, which is hardly surprising. BUT he's learnt SOME of the Fellowship have arrived and that's the LAST thing he needs!

As for Palpatine he's getting ready to eliminate the Jedi...BUT...due to the unexpected changes (Dooku NOT being killed by Anakin) he's having to REVISE his plans. No doubt trying to work Sauron INTO said plans as well, being a diplomatic Chancellor AND a cunning Sith Lord at the same time. Also with someone like Gandalf and the Fellowship now thrown into the mix THAT might complicate matters even more. It's probably WHY Palpatine told Sauron about them, that old saying rings in my head "The Enemy of MY Enemy is my FRIEND."

An exchange of information for POSSIBLE future favors DOES seem to be a benefit to them both, Sauron should be grateful. No doubt with his new ring Sauron will Rule the Stars and maybe he might make NEW ones for guys like Palpatine and Sith to be his followers DEAD or ALIVE but they can remain THEMSELVES. Despite what Vica says I feel that Sauron would want to REWARD anyone who helps his cause even if they are not to be trusted. Maybe Dooku and Grievous may get a NEW employer! *Chuckles*

Anyway onwards to the next chapter to see the results!
9/14 c10 Thomas Drovin
Well! It seems that despite his 'outer' appearance at being 'rescued' Paplatine is internally FUMING over the fact Anakin DIDN'T kill Count Dooku like he expected. Now he'll have to revise his plans...will he save Dooku? Kill him? Or let Sauron enlist his help? He's right when he realizes that what happened on Arda has indeed changed Anakin, perhaps weakened his influenced on him. Looks like he'll have to have a little chat with the Dark Lord.

Meanwhile Anakin is having one of the BEST days of his life...he rescued the Chancellor, CAPTURED Count Dooku, got back to Padme, discovered he's a father of TWINS and now his friends from Arda have turned up with Gandalf of all people meeting him! Funny how Anakin was just TALKING about what happened on Arda to Padme, and she was really enjoying his retelling, then they turn up! NOW things should get REAL interesting I think! Onwards to the next chapter to see what happens next!
9/12 c9 Thomas Drovin
I see that while Anakin and Obi-Wan 'rescued' the Chancellor from Grievous AND brought back Dooku, Sauron is busy with Vicra studying up all things Jedi and Sith to find out what REALLY makes the Force 'Tick.' I guess if Anakin can become 'one' with the 'living force' like he did on Arda then the Dark Lord wants to try and do the same with his own Dark Powers. But there is still MUCH to do for everyone I see...the winds of change are STILL blowing. I wonder how long before the Force sorts itself out on what's going to happen? Onwards to the next chapter to see what happens next!
9/12 c8 Thomas Drovin
Oh wow! What a chapter! I quite liked the part with Gandalf talking to that Clone Trooper who he christened 'Esk' to ask about the Republic he and his friends were heading to. The history lesson he gave in regards to Arda and Sauron's former master was very interesting too...it explained a lot. Too bad they all arrived JUST as Grievous was attacking the planet to make off with the Chancellor...now they've experiencing a space battle up close and PERSONAL! At least they managed to make it to Corosaunt alive! I like what Gandalf said about their being their...a journey of discovery seems MOST appropriate!

Meanwhile the winds of change are STILL blowing I see that Anakin and Obi-Wan DID rescue the Chancellor but Anakin DIDN'T kill Dooku! He let him LIVE! There is hope for the Chosen One yet if he did that! I'll bet Palpatine is internally RAGING at this unexpected event...he'll have to adjust his plans. I wonder what will Dooku's fate be? Maybe Sauron can use him as a replacement follower...I got a feeling that if the Count Survived then perhaps Grievous might avoid his fate too.

I feel that Palpatine will need to talk to Sauron about Gandalf and the fellowship when he meets again, so onwards to the next chapter to see what happens next!
9/8 c7 Thomas Drovin
AH! I see that the new Fellowship have at LAST departed to the stars to find their friends!

It was great to watch all their interactions and as the audience, to KNOW how little the Republic's vultures actually are prepared to deal with such people.

That idiot Koll fails to understand that these people might SEEM simplistic but they are more perceptive than he gives them credit for. There is more to Gimli, Gandalf and their friends than meets the eye...goes to show who the SIMPETON is huh?

I really am loving how you have used some of Tolkien's characters to demolish that shade of grey/no moral absolutes nonsense. Aragorn is right when he say's that some truths simply ARE the truth, no matter how many points of view one tries to take. Gandalf is also right to say that some things are simply WRONG. It just goes to show that while shades of grey exist and make life more complex at the end of the spectrum there is STILL black and white.

As for Sauron he's becoming more and more dangerous in each chapter. He's got a Jedi test subject ( and who knows how many more), and a hidden place to experiment on Corosaunt. I have a NASTY feeling once he returns to Korriban to learn more...he's going to start work on making NEW followers using everything he learns. This is bad not only because of his continual gaining of power, but the kind of terrors he could bring forth. Not JUST undead monsters...but Orcs capabale of using modern weapons, fighters, blasters and such. Heck the spirits of ancient Sith could be used to his ends as well as LIVING like Palpatine, they CAN come to an 'understanding' as they BOTH possess things they need to defeat their enemies.

We are now approaching the battle with Count Dooku...WILL he die as Palpatine expects to due to his manipulation of Anakin? Or not? Onwards to the next chapter to find out!
9/8 c6 Thomas Drovin
My mistake from the last chapter I see that the delegation from Arda hasn't set off YET but they're a very interesting mixture of individuals. Gandalf was to be expected (I'm SO looking forward to him meeting not just his Jedi friends but Yoda and the rest of the council too) some of the characters I could understand as a few of the other main ones are busy rebuilding their world. The two Hobbits no doubt want to explore the stars their two Jedi friends came from and want to see, hear and BE among all the things Anakin told them about. I feel that Gimil is going to see Anakin as they both got rather fond of each other.

I see the Star Wars stuff has the consistency ALTERED already, as Padme has ALREADY given birth to Leia and Luke. So PERAHPS...things MAY turn out differently after all. Meanwhile...I see Sauron is being very busy...going through the Republic's Library and "collecting" Jedi for experiments huh?
All while Sidious is off playing his 'little game'...BUT...with things being altered they might have to have a little 'çhat' soon with Gandalf and his friends on their way. Once Sauron learns this I feel he and Palpatine may have to come to a little 'understanding' to defeat their enemies and a 'pooling' of things MAY be needed.

Of course this is speculation I'll find out as I read on so ONWARDS!
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