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for Partners and Trust

8/31/2021 c12 Pam11
To be your first story it was really good. I hope you decide to write more. Thank you
8/22/2020 c12 Vadercat
Well done! It was original, kept with the character's personalities and it had a believable plot of your own making. Just one spelling error: tread (as to walk on something) vs. trade (which is to exchange goods). Keep up the good work!
12/17/2019 c12 Maria
Good story , you should do some more...
9/10/2019 c3 68E. J. Morgan
Poor Callen. :(
8/16/2019 c12 Maria
Really really good story...
2/14/2019 c12 lin s
callen needs to trust sam and team mates and hetty
2/13/2019 c12 Maria
Very good story...
1/18/2019 c12 wotumba1
good story
1/17/2019 c12 ILust4Gage
It was awesome! Hope u dabble some more!
1/17/2019 c12 Yena167
Wonderful.I am realy happy they are ok and trust each other again.
Now looking forward next new story :)
1/17/2019 c12 11countrygirluk56
I like the way Sam was so honest about how he felt which finally got through to our boy. A fitting ending to a wonderful story.
1/17/2019 c12 Guest
French fan
Fantastic job for a first story
1/17/2019 c11 countrygirluk56
Nice one. Sam finally figuring out where Callen was (even if he didn't think he'd be there) and finding in such distress, not all from his injuries. I hope Sam's plan to get through to Callen doesn't backfire with him getting more ill but taking him to hospital wouldn't go down well either. Can't wait for more.
1/16/2019 c11 ILust4Gage
Loving it! Sam should be ashamed for treating my boo so badly! Keep it coming. I am in deep!
1/16/2019 c11 Pittiplatsch
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