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8/17/2019 c2 16Julieann Dreamer
I love Rick's reaction to figuring out who Jason and Mark are. So hilarious! I would be horrified, too, to realize two of the 5 most famous people on the world had been right under his nose all that time. Also loved the description of Mark as the ranking senior field commander, and yet he'd been helping to put flying pigs into a flight sim. I about snorted my tea.

As for the last line: I wonder how many times he regretted saying it. Probably not when using his new wings. :D
12/2/2018 c2 42Tikatu
Oh dear. Rick's the butt of all the jokes? Is it because he's so serious and they want him to lighten up? Is it because of the way he reacts to them? And since he's the butt of those jokes, he figures it's another joke when Jason turns up.

He asks good questions of Mark and the answers he gets are surprising. Trained for over a decade? Wow! Hopefully, Rick won't take as long as that!

I like the way you're fleshing him out and giving him personality.
12/2/2018 c2 Guest
Brilliant as always. This backstory for Rick is great character development on an already solid character.
Interactions amongst the other characters is wonderful, too. (I still want to punch Grant in the jaw every time he shows up, though...)
Rick's sudden realisation of who Jason is was hilarious, in a the-bottom-just-fell-out-of-his-world kind of way.
Always a treat to get a notification that you've posted a story. And I'm never disappointed.
11/30/2018 c1 Tikatu
Ooh, nice start to the story! Looking forward to more!
11/30/2018 c1 Guest
Whoooohooo! Another story! What a treat. Hearing Grant's opinion of Rick raises my already high regard for the kid. Hehe.

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