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5/20/2020 c11 danieltruong1917
Still waiting
4/29/2020 c11 Guest
Goddamn dude, what an epic start! You have no idea how hyped I've been for this story these last few days. Even though this chapter is short, it sets everything up perfectly! We get s glimpse at the Clock Tower as well as our first master, the Master of Saber, not a bad start, not s bad start at all. But now I am curious to see what's going on in Paris... this Grail War is going to be an interesting event. I can't wait to see the next chapter dude! Keep it up!
3/28/2020 c11 Europa22
wow what a fucking cheap cop out
worthless piece of trash
12/4/2019 c10 Trust Me the Spider
"...the really creepy ones with the pink hair and the axe."

Oh. Oh, I see how it is. Are you trying to pick a mother flippin' fight with me, young man? I find it unlikely that you accidentally typed 'creepy' instead of the far more accurate 'cute', so you must be picking a fight with me. *Angry face* Weekly reminder that Kasuka needs to perish immediately. That goddamn doll molester.

Also, it's a very minor detail, but I liked the way you described Helen's character tic of tapping her feet when eager. Those are the little things that really bring out the characterization.

I can't believe that Shirahime, my precious daughter, turned out to be a degenerate... I thought I raised her better than this. I've failed her, and I've failed you all...

Oh geez, some serious death flags are being raised this chapter, but then again, that's about par for the course. Jacen, Aiger, heck, even Luna. Although Aiger kind of strikes me as one of those characters who always feels like they have a thwomp over those heads and it just never drops, so he might be fine. Jacen, tho; the guy's toast.
12/3/2019 c10 LckiKoin
I really like that scene with Rin and Kasuka tbh. :3
Also, I never noticed that Matt wears gloves. Granted, the info regarding said gloves were (possibly unintentionally) omitted from the bio and the 2nd prologue descriptions, but yeh.
Love the hidden reference to best doll (According to Trust at least), and f-in' Kasuka grabbing said doll casually.
Anyways, great chapter, my dude. Can't wait for the next un~
12/2/2019 c10 11gamergirl101
I think the bracelet will play a huge major role in the future. Does it make the wearer feel crazy or in despair or something like that?
12/2/2019 c10 Sparten2121
Very interesting chapter, lots of different character development, different relationships starting to form, whether positive or negative, best of luck, good sir.
8/14/2019 c9 logal

Logal: Welcome everyone we got a great show planned, but even moar great is our guest tonight! The mind behind best boi Aiger and also the writer behind the upcoming LoD spin-off 'Heartless New World' JCW!?
JCW: Hey Logal! Thanks for letting me on your award-winning show. I turned down an interview with Jimmy Fallon for this, the thrill of being interviewed by you was too great pass up!
Logal: That's great to hear you're excited, while Jimmy Fallon's numbers go down, RSOT goes up...now I will begin asking the questions, anything goes here No John's...
Logal cont'd: With this current chapter out, do you think there is any significant changes to any of the "Premier's" placement on the current PR? Who do you believe will rise/fall the most?
JCW: The biggest and most obvious one, I think, is Kasuka. He’s very interesting, and definitely a wild card, especially since we know he survives Chateau. I really wanna see more of him. As for others who may rise/fall, I do think its a bit too early to say.
Logal: Yes of course Kasuka, he is an interesting one... especially how he's always out to steal my girls... Alright next question. Is there any interactions/FTE's you are looking forward to? Not all characters really shown interacting with one another is there a pairing you look forward to the most?
JCW: Hmmm... well, my bias aside, I do genuinely wanna see Aiger and Chloe, they are just so different. Another would be a one on one Matt and Nikui FTE, the prospect of Nikui trying to crack open the normally stoic Matt amuses me.
Logal: Aiger and Chloe I do believe would make a diverse pair...Matt will break eventually let's see if Nikui is up to the challenge. All righty, Who do you believe will be the next killer and victim for the next chapter? Any hints you believe may be leading to a characters demise?
JCW: Again, its too early to say, but for whatever reason Caroline seems like a good candidate for the next victim/killer, though I am leaning more to the latter. A 500 IQ prediction could be that Nikui dies, but I’m not sure Mudkip will kill him off.
Logal: I see, I do like Caroline, it would be a shame to see her go, but most of them will die anyway...well If Nikui were to bite the dust in the 500 IQ play like you mentioned, who do you think can lead this group? And maybe some Premier's you think would be unfit for the role?
JCW: Most obvious one is Abe, easy. Thing is though, I see him dying. (Another thing is, now that I think about it, Nikui really isn’t leading the group as is, Abe is pretty much doing it already lol). There’s definitely gonna be a power vacuum, and I’m guessing someone unexpected will have to step up to fill that void. Many of the Premiers are unqualified as it stands right now.
Logal: I do agree, Abe is basically the leader but has been shown to give in to someone else taking lead, I guess we'll wait and see who evolves and steps up to the plate. Alright final question...With your own SYOC killing game Heartless New World starting up in the future, what is the most intriguing part of a killing game you are looking forward to writing the most? And maybe why it intrigues you.
JCW: Ohhh, good question! Most intriguing part, let’s see... probably coming up with good cases that are tough for people to figure out, but give just enough clues for people to solve if they look hard enough. I’m excited to strike a good balance. I also plan to have some great FTEs, and most importantly, story twists. I want your jaws to drop at some of what I have planned.
Logal: I look forward to reading your killing game in the future, it should be a blast! Thanks for coming onto the show it has been a pleasure... anything you'd like to say to the plebs in the stands, the floor is yours!
JCW: Well, first off, I wanna give a big pat on the back to Mudkip for keeping with CC despite his setbacks. That’s true dedication right there. Second, thanks for having me. I hope you win an Oscar for this show.

Thank you all for w̶a̶t̶c̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ reading!
Big fan...k bye
8/14/2019 c9 1Little max
Oh thank God this is back! I missed it! We have a new area and tension... Plus they acknowledged that some people have weapons on them and that they can use it properly. We have water that taste suspicious and that scares me a little. A shooting range with guns and bullets. No one is that stupid to kill someone with a gun right? Also dead bodies in a cold room that's frightening in itself. Plus I see tension in the air is rising with Matt and Jecen. Which one is mightier the pen or the sword? Also I did see A little Jacen x Shirahime? Anyway great chapter can't wait till the next!
8/14/2019 c9 danieltruong1917
This story is back on the menu
8/14/2019 c9 Sparten2121
Seems Jacen,Matt and Kasuka might be causing termoils to rise,but will it lead to further division?,find out next time on CC
5/5/2019 c8 2bellatrixshine
Goodness, that was gruesome! At least it wasn't Helen, though.
5/2/2019 c8 logal
MC Logal: It's great to see so many fans to join us on this very special night. Question is what kind of show would it be without some heavy hitting guests?
Random in the crowd: A SHITTY one!
MC Logal: Who ****ING said it... anyways let's give a round of applause for GREMMMBBLLLOOOOOO!
MC Logal: Take a seat my friend and welcome.
Gremblo: Thanks for having me on such critically-acclaimed show, Logal. Never thought I'd reach these highs so early in my life.
MC Logal: Well thank you for coming out tonight on short notice. Now that we have you here I would like to give you a couple of questions. So lets start this out. First question for you do you like what you've seen so far with your OC(Abe)? If not or if so what are some things you possibly see him doing in the future?
Gremblo: I love what I've seen from Abe so far, Mod's done him very well. I see him serving as more of a sidekick to Nikui in the future, and maybe hanging out with Morgan a bit more for the time being since he (Abe) seems to be the leader of the group and may need a second pair of hands to help him out.
MC Logal: Yes I do believe Abe could help out Nikui in the future and with a butler like...oops I mean barber like Morgan many great things could be done. Second question are you happy with the top ship being AbexRin? I do believe the creator of Rin would be happy. Abe is a very handsome man not only that but Rin is currently the thiccest girl out there...
Gremblo: Oh, of course. I willed it into existence before the fic even started.
MC Logal: Well not being bias here but I think you made the best choice possible. Third question and I want your honest opinion who do you believe is the Mastermind/mole of the game and maybe a reason why? I know it's early but we want to here from the creator of such a noble and kindhearted leader...
Gremblo: It's hard for me to say, really. I get 99% of my predictions wrong, but I like your line of thinking with Helen being the Mastermind. Why? Couldn't give an actual reason, but it sounds good
MC Logal: And this is why I brought you on to the show 500 IQ plays everywhere. Forth question what do you expect from the next motive do you think it might drive the students to kill even more so this time around?
Gremblo: I don't expect a higher body count than the previous motive, and I think it'll take them a little longer to snap than before.
MC Logal: I do agree with that letting despair slowly flow through them could make for some grusome kills. I want your opinion on me not liking the idea of Power ranking the students? Is there a reason I should or shouldn't?
Gremblo: Everyone's entitled to an opinion, but your stance of "all characters are equal" is silly to me. If you don't want to do it, that's a different beast entirely. It's hard to appropriately gauge where certain characters stand at certain points, but I'd still suggest doing them. You don't have to submit any, it's just fun to see how your opinions on each character change from Chapter-to-Chapter.
MC Logal: Well I will think about it. Finally any thoughts on what might come up in the next couple of chapters?
Gremblo: Aiger making Matt a sword, hot springs, and moarrr Little Max!
MC Logal: *Kek* I agree with all of those! Well thank you very much for coming out Gremblo it's been a blast. The Beta the myth the legend GREMMMMBBBBLLLLLLOO!
Stay tuned for next Review with which will feature JCW the creator of Aiger. Is Aiger a meme I think not! We will uncover more next time...
McLogal and Gremblo laughing at the end with no audio
(Every stupid talkshow does this)
Big fan k bye
5/1/2019 c8 3JCW18
RIP Aiger x Adriana

Aiger x Chloe is back on top
4/30/2019 c8 54The Celestial Sky Dragon
Excellent chapter my friend, I wasn't expecting Adriana to bite the dust this early but Shit. Someone had to go first. I must admit, I didn't know who it was with just the evidence, and the only way to find out was with her slip up. That's quite the interesting way to give us the answer. One trial down, several more to go, who will bite it next time? The world may never know.
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