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for Harry Potter and the Last Wizard of the Century

4/17/2019 c1 15SolarSolstice
I would recommend getting a beta. Like the other review said, it's repetitive, clunky, and there's spelling errors and punctuation mistakes. Grammarly will help you fix spelling mistakes. The first chapter is important, it hooks the reader. Therefore, you should get it done well.
12/1/2018 c1 Radio Free Death
[My name is Harry James Potter and I'm the last wizard of the century since thousands of wizard and witches have peg out and I'm lone survivor after the second war of wizards and witches of the age.]

This is a really clunky start. It's like Harry has to repeat the summary of the story, telling this to you as opposed to seeing the loss of other witches and wizards for ourselves in the text. I mean, this is really crucial to the plot. Harry mentions he's the last survivor, which means that every single person with magical ability, even the ones who have muggle families, have died or been killed. I can't imagine how such a thing would be possible.

Then of course Harry is seen as a prince to muggles, and rather than Harry using his magical abilities to help or whatever he decides to teach? This is a big deal. Now that there's no need to hide that there are people with magical abilities, now that people are aware that Harry can do things that break the laws of physics as we know it, he's not taken into British custody to be exploited or reveled or worshipped or anything...all the interesting parts that should happen in a story like this seem to be pushed aside, and the really bad grammar makes it difficult for me to find out if it gets better.

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