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3/3 c262 Shane Falco
Slytherin is scary! Great story, I get so excited every time I see a new chapter.
3/3 c262 enchy1204
i love seeing more of Set!
3/2 c262 3Jaco2553alpha
Loved the chapter! Can’t wait to see how Hermiones plan turns out, and I love how smug she seemed! Was really surprised to see the Princes make an appearance two chapters back, will they play a larger role?
Excited to see Set again, I am curious if she will tell Dumbledor who he led her to the book. It would be a good time. I can’t remember though, has he told her about Horcruxes?
3/1 c262 2maximusrexmundi
As cool as it may be to bring the children into the cool secret hideout, she HAS to know how risky that would be...?
3/1 c262 3grovepjp
2/27 c15 KodyMikage
is it me or did this chaoter get cut short half way through the DADA class?
2/26 c261 Rietty
Slytherin absolutely fucking terrifies me. He's creepy and strong and clever and his threats are effective. I love him and despise him in equal measure.
2/25 c261 Blitzstrahl
Slytherin finally showing he isn't some sort of Gaunt cuck. Gaunts been walking all over him until now.
2/24 c261 grovepjp
2/24 c261 2maximusrexmundi
Harriet is too good a person for that world :(
2/24 c261 Schloop
I always look forward to your uploads!
2/19 c260 1Tewifying
2/18 c260 3grovepjp
2/18 c260 enchy1204
your updates always make my day!
2/13 c259 enchy1204
Why do i feel like Hermione's plan is going to go awry?
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