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10/2 c196 2Spriggan
Ooh exciting! Learning wandless magic.
10/2 c196 1Fir3gamer
These A/N's at the end of every chapter are such a great touch! Sometimes I almost look forward to them more than the chapters themselves.
9/24 c38 CrazyLemon
Rereading, and it just struck me that Dumbledore realized at this point that Harriet has the Elder Wand. :O
9/20 c195 2maximusrexmundi
So love seeing Sirius go all protective dad!
9/20 c195 LiterallyAnyone
loved this chapter, sirius at his best!
9/20 c12 CrazyLemon
Whoa! I don't know if I realized the first time around that Harriet can see the thestrals in this chapter because she has _literally_ seen death. Very cool!
9/18 c8 CrazyLemon
Okay did Set turn her wand into one with elder wood, or did he somehow summon the Elder Wand and replace Harriet's? I'm on a reread and I don't think it's addressed later on (yet).
9/15 c194 Jane
Just wanted to let you know I read this so quickly and am looking forward to reading more of this story. I think your writing is great and I love your level of detail
9/13 c155 bookivore
And as far as the Death Eaters pretending to be Blacks, why not take their gold and use it to fund what the Order supports? Because Sirius belongs in West Side Story advocating the destruction of anything belonging to the other gang, period.
9/13 c188 LilRedTilly
What I absolutely love about fanfiction is when you find an author that is so original that it's like reading novel not based on the actual fandom. I read this entire story in two days - that's how addicted I got!

Can't wait to read more and I'll definitely check out your other stories!
9/12 c188 Flaum
I feel bad for Draco but... nope!
9/12 c183 Flaum
Like father, like daughter. both cut sleeves
9/12 c179 Flaum
oh gosh, i got a bit nervous there. i thought Harriet was going to get picked!
9/12 c177 Flaum
Oh my fcking gollywick, what do you mean by "you belong to me" HQHSGHSJSHD OH GOD FUJOSHI SIDE SHUT UP!
9/12 c176 Flaum
oh god, does that moody has pseudo Neji eyes? that's disgusting! in a school full of students!
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