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1/26 c217 9Crazy Girl Writer
More more more more um did I say I wanted more yet lol can't wait for an update
1/21 c217 enchy1204
can't wait for the fallout!
1/20 c217 2maximusrexmundi
So is the Krum by the field the real one now?
1/20 c217 3grovepjp
1/20 c217 3Jaco2553alpha
Good chapter... You're still leaving us on the cliffhanger though :C. Will we be back to the cemetary next time?

Also, I just like this story so much! One of the most unique Harry Potter Stories I have every read, right up there with The Odds Were Never in my Favor.
1/20 c215 RickyRosada
Did we already confirm the polyjuice potion works the same as in canon? In the books the subject of the potion needed to be alive for it to work. Hence why moody was kept close by in a chest all year. I’m curious if we will find Krum in a similar state.
1/18 c216 bob
Super awesome chapter! I wonder if there'll be an explanation for how Harriet summoned the wand that she dunked into the embolizing potion thing.
1/19 c216 83467
Great chapter, so exciting!
1/17 c100 Shadowstorm-Vash
Oh shite, is that Greyback?
1/17 c94 Shadowstorm-Vash
What good ending to a chapter
1/17 c92 Shadowstorm-Vash
Severus is such a dad, if a dad tried to fight all his dad instincts and fail miserably.
1/13 c185 11Taytay123456
I have left several detailed reviews late last year simply because this story deserves all the praise it can get. I'm just here to catch up with the current chapters and to say I am AMAZED by this story, by your plotlines, action sequences, background and history, emotional connections and relationship building, etc. I truly hope this story makes it all the way to its end, to part nine, as you intend. Thank you for sharing Certain Dark Things with us.
1/12 c216 2maximusrexmundi
Boy howdy would it have been nice if that bombarda was aimed at Voldy instead lol
1/12 c216 3grovepjp
1/12 c216 Nina05
I love your Harriet and I love you for creating this story too. Amazing end of chapter, looking forward for the next one
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