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5/29 c182 cause I'm awesome like that
harriet asking hagrid why krum winked at him. priceless. just priceless.
i really like how you've incorporated teenage angst and drama to these characters. it's impeccable.
5/29 c182 Blitzstrahl
So with Hermione occupied by Terry, and Elara being gay. Krum turns his attention to Harriet for her not being a fangirl.

I want a description of Petunia Squabs reaction when people see them together.
5/28 c181 Digital hell 12
Great chapter
5/27 c181 6JLawrence Kenny
I know this probably isn't a Luna/Harriet story, but I always love well-written scenes about Luna. Her character always comes across as so genuine, loving, and caring, even in the face of adversity, it's hard not to want to hug her forever
5/22 c154 Icnewat
I enjoy your little Omake treats at the end just as much as the content.
5/20 c93 RickyRosada
I’ve reread the scene a couple times and my best guess for the reason that Snape can use the portals has to be something to do with his blood. My first time reading I assumed his desire to protect students had something to do with him being granted access to the mirrors. But you really hammer home how much he is bleeding and where the blood is covering for it to be a coincidence. I love the mystery though!
5/16 c18 Terracotta Tortilla
She's an actual doormat. He mouths off and she won't even get him in trouble.
5/6 c180 2maximusrexmundi
Awwwww that's cute
5/6 c180 2mercurya2000
Well Terry's either gonna have to get used to crazy or he's gonna get heartbroken. Let's pray for our bookworms boys!
5/5 c180 Ninelotus
I was kinna hoping the MCs would branch off and be their own people with unique skills and interests. Quite disappointed u had all of them go for being Riddle's apprentice.
5/1 c179 Spencer
Another amazing chapter it makes my day when I see an update, I love how you make things so different!
5/2 c179 Juliandog5
That's one way to sweep me off my feet. I'm very intrigued on what happens next.
5/2 c179 Sonnenschein2407
PS: Serves Neville right for beeing such an arrogant git!
5/2 c179 Sonnenschein2407
Yeah, Neville is the fourth champion! I really hoped it would not be Harriet... Good for her! Slytherin would have skinned her alive! Thanks for the great chapter!
5/2 c179 2maximusrexmundi
Was holding my breath all chapter worrying about Harriets name coming out lol!
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