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for Certain Dark Things

7/24/2022 c190 CrazyLemon
Cute chapter!
7/18/2022 c189 Lord Anubis Judge of the dead
Good story. I like the concept on the horrorcruxes and the nuances of all them in competition. It is really well done how your following along the books while making it different enough that it isn't a simple reread with a few minor changes. Very good work.
7/18/2022 c189 Teral101
Even though I absolutely knew it was not going to happen, I still wanted Harriet to bring up victor in Dumbledore's office, just for the hilariousness of it...then I saw your an- absolutely made my day!
Every update brings me joy! Thanks!
7/14/2022 c189 2maximusrexmundi
Very VERY excited to see where the Harrium... Krumriet? pairing goes!
7/11/2022 c188 maximusrexmundi
Sounds like they just invented magical recursion lol
7/4/2022 c187 Guest
It is magnificent, most detailed and thougtful work one has ever done on this fandom, I think.
Thank you so much for it, for outstanding quality, deep insites into the characters - they are very much alive!
I dearly hope that you will be able to complete it.
It's amasing!
Best wishes :)
7/5/2022 c188 8Ryo Oh Ki7
love love love
7/5/2022 c188 pheonix2397
i just imagined the look on Draco's face after Hermione agreed , hilarious
7/4/2022 c188 Blitzstrahl
Eh Arthimancy is just Calculus circa 1690s.

Now, the real, real, real question. Who is Elara going with?
6/29/2022 c187 Nina05
another excellent chapter. I dream with the day harriet calls flamel her father... just a silly dream
6/28/2022 c187 2mercurya2000
Gotta love Nicholas coming down here to yell at dumbles. Cause he deserves it. Fear the furry of the gentleman Albus. He'll break his neutrality just to knock both you and Tommy boy on your butts for hurting his kid.
6/27/2022 c187 3Ravenclaw Nyoka
I dont think I can handle him passing hope he makes it through to her 5th year
6/27/2022 c187 17BlueWater5
Perfect name for the chapter.
6/25/2022 c186 8Ryo Oh Ki7
love love love
6/24/2022 c186 Nina05
i just love your author notes, so hilarious
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