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for Certain Dark Things

11/7 c203 psychosae
I love your writing so much. It just "muah"! *Chefs Kiss*
11/7 c128 11Hankton
voldemort rose in the 70s.
11/7 c203 17BlueWater5
I liked how you had Neville act as his upbringing in this story would cause him to act rather than making him a canon Harry.
I also like seeing Snape's lesson and getting Harriet's view of him.
11/7 c203 kris10oflegend
Currently living for these updates and couldn’t love this story more! Thank you for sharing!
11/7 c202 5saxcuL. the all-knowing
damn, three updates in such a short amount of time? we are truly blessed, congrats on 200 chapters.
11/5 c202 RickyRosada
I was really curious what Elara’s reaction to the trial would be and I think you absolutely did it justice. Her relationship and experience with Dark magic is a really interesting element to this story that I have been loving more and more. And it’s always great to see different characters perspectives of Harriet in chapters like these. I’m curious if you’ll give us more insights into Neville’s year before too long. Either from his perspective or a conversation at some point
11/4 c1 Rice with Chest-Nuts
11/2 c105 smeleanor
Elara doesn't like talking about herself so it makes sense she would fight you in her chapters!
11/2 c201 17BlueWater5
Interesting idea on how to be able to identify spells before they are cast.
11/2 c104 smeleanor
Love the magic theory! Keep it coming!
11/2 c200 OoohACat
Wow 200 chapters and this is still absolutely amazing! Thank you for all your hard work in this story and can’t wait for more
11/2 c200 30SkyeMoor
Don't say "no one could possibly guess." That's nonsensical.
None of the children guessed the answer...
But... it's quite possible to guess, in a world with magical potions and scents, that holding your breath is a good idea - at least until you can assess your surroundings.

This is like spelling your mail to find harmful substances. It's so stupidly Obvious. And yet people don't do it, always.
11/2 c199 Juliandog5
I've been busy with college classes, stressed out of my mind for mid-term. Now that it's over, I've been welcomed back by multiple chapters to read. I just caught back up, and am at this very moment without power. Someone ran into a power line pole and knocked it over. I was wondering what to kill my time with, and refreshed out of chance and boredom just to be rewarded with a new chapter. I'm blessed.
11/1 c94 smeleanor
Classic that Dumbledore would turn down an heirloom of the school for sentimental reasons - you really really nail the characterisation :)
10/30 c198 Jane
Ooh exciting! I wonder what you've got planned next!
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