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for Certain Dark Things

3/12 c264 2maximusrexmundi
You make it sound like the future is bleak! Frankly can't get much worse lol (unless you start killing off characters like flies...)
3/12 c264 3grovepjp
3/10 c257 Guest
Ahhhhhh it's so amazingly beautiful, so artfully carved, so enchantingly emotional!
Thank you so much for not only continuing the story, but taking it to unbelievably higher levels with each chapter.
And still, best Snape ever written (sorry, JKR)
3/6 c263 2maximusrexmundi
Bold of Umbridge and Lestrange to discuss potentially secret plans in a castle filled with independent semi sentient ears plastered over every wall lol
3/6 c206 Ri5En1
Not the waterboy sounds! hahahahahah
3/6 c263 3grovepjp
3/3 c262 Shane Falco
Slytherin is scary! Great story, I get so excited every time I see a new chapter.
3/3 c262 enchy1204
i love seeing more of Set!
3/2 c262 3Jaco2553alpha
Loved the chapter! Can’t wait to see how Hermiones plan turns out, and I love how smug she seemed! Was really surprised to see the Princes make an appearance two chapters back, will they play a larger role?
Excited to see Set again, I am curious if she will tell Dumbledor who he led her to the book. It would be a good time. I can’t remember though, has he told her about Horcruxes?
3/1 c262 2maximusrexmundi
As cool as it may be to bring the children into the cool secret hideout, she HAS to know how risky that would be...?
3/1 c262 3grovepjp
2/27 c15 KodyMikage
is it me or did this chaoter get cut short half way through the DADA class?
2/26 c261 Rietty
Slytherin absolutely fucking terrifies me. He's creepy and strong and clever and his threats are effective. I love him and despise him in equal measure.
2/25 c261 Blitzstrahl
Slytherin finally showing he isn't some sort of Gaunt cuck. Gaunts been walking all over him until now.
2/24 c261 grovepjp
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