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10/31 c81 smeleanor
And so fun to read.
10/29 c40 smeleanor
Completely love and agree with your characterisation of Dumbledore. Just because JK is a cruel person who thinks well of themselves doesn't mean Dumbledore has to be too.
10/29 c199 PinkFriday28
Thank you for the update, I was stressing for Harriet as it was quite graphic, and lmaoo Slytherin chooses now for the 2nd trial, it’s so him.. I’m confused about crouch and why he was in the store room, can’t wait for the next post - esp as it will be the 200th chapter! I’ve followed this story for agesss and I adore your writing style and how you bring each character to life, they all seem so natural and each have their own quirks - I esp like Snape in this fic, he has so much depth and your fic’s Snape makes so much more sense than HP original. Maybe also because Harry is a girl. Once again TY so much for the update! X
10/29 c199 alexc123
Unhappy Snape is not a Snape you want to be around
10/28 c26 smeleanor
fantastic chapter. gosh i actually appreciate Dumbles in this fic. he's actually needed with all these horcruxes running around
10/28 c199 2maximusrexmundi
Oooooo! The plot thickens!
10/28 c6 smeleanor
This is so good! I worried it would be a rehash but I'm hooked. The ship is one I find a bit distasteful (I am a 33 year old teacher so I think dating a former student is jarring to say the least) but I'll trust you on this one. You do say it is not romance focused at school. You are a wonderful writer.
10/26 c198 maximusrexmundi
Never before felt so teased by the classic animagus cliffhanger lol
10/26 c198 OoohACat
Ooh great cliffhanger. Can’t wait for more!
10/26 c198 Wyrd42
I've seen Voldie's soul fragment influence the animagus transformation in many ways, but I get the feeling you may be doing something I haven't seen. I look forward to seeing what you have in store )
10/26 c198 PinkFriday28
Omg! She didn’t finish her transformation? I want to see Snape and Slytherins reactions to this, esp snape tbh…Okay so I think this voice and her dreams are about the horcrux inside her O_O
10/25 c198 Kurochach
Aw f*ck... don't tell me the 'Harriet", "Harriet" is the Horcrux awakening, distracting Harriet, thus causing a backlash in the animagus transformation that, we all know is dangerous for the wizard ?
Aaaah can't Harriet never catch a break, with all these bullshit happening to her ?!
10/25 c198 ThirteenFlags
Well, I'm confused. Did she try to draw the Horcrux oit instead of her Animagus form?
10/18 c53 eastmeetsfist
honestly confused about Narcissa of all people teaching etiquette, if Draco and Lucius are anything to go by lesson one will be "How to properly pronounce Mudblood and Blood-traitor whilst giving your best sneer" and lesson two "How to take advantage of a fresh orphan seconds after the funeral"
10/11 c197 kris10oflegend
I look forward to your updates so much, I loooove this story! Thank you for sharing!
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