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3/4/2021 c10 Guest
This is a-Dora-ble, pun INTENDED.
3/4/2021 c9 Guest
I love the emotion in this and it fits into canon perfectly!
3/4/2021 c8 Guest
These are all very impressive and I love them
3/4/2021 c7 Guest
I love these secrets - they're very fitting!
This is definitely worth delaying homework for.
3/4/2021 c6 Guest
The death stuff was depressing but very realistic, and I love Regulus's motivation.
3/4/2021 c5 Guest
This is so cool and I love seeing Narcissa's take on this!
3/4/2021 c4 Guest
This is awesome, and I especially love Teddy and Vic's friendship!
3/4/2021 c3 Guest
This is adorable
3/4/2021 c2 Guest
Bellatrix is so evil but I love how you write her!
3/4/2021 c1 Guest
this is really good and I love the comparison of what once was to what it is now!
3/13/2020 c13 1DJArla
I really loved this. It was so well thought through and gave so many interesting insights into characters I hadn’t even really thought about. Great writing!
5/19/2019 c4 Guest
I especially liked the Harry & Teddy section.
5/19/2019 c1 Guest
Family is still family, even when they don’t live up to your expectations.
4/28/2019 c12 7DRWPJT
Great, now I'm feeling sympathy for walburga, never thought that would ever happen! :)

Fantasricly written as always.
4/9/2019 c10 1amanda.ramirez.92372446
These stories are pretty well written and go into the background of the black sisters which isn’t much to begin with.. I applaud your skills in writing each one and giving life into the black family that isn’t just evil and pure blooded ness
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