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9/28/2020 c16 SunshineMLB
Thank you for this story! It's beautifully written and tons of fun:).
7/5/2020 c16 29Spartan10007
Fun story. I hope to read more. Until next time
5/10/2020 c8 Ashley white
I love it so much. I love how Chat Noir helps Marinette with dating things. It is really funny i loved is so much
5/10/2020 c16 21mayuralover
You're right, that akuma perspective was really cool! And even Alya's perspective too! Thanks for the chapter!
5/7/2020 c16 tharrinne
That was good! I loved the point of view of the akuma!
5/7/2020 c2 Ashley white
well done i love it so much i want more of Marinette and Adrien
2/16/2020 c15 KeraAtchley1989
Wonderful chapter! Can't wait to see what will happen next!
2/16/2020 c14 KeraAtchley1989
Great chapter!
2/16/2020 c13 KeraAtchley1989
Awesome chapter
2/16/2020 c12 KeraAtchley1989
2/16/2020 c11 KeraAtchley1989
2/16/2020 c10 KeraAtchley1989
Poor Adrien and Marinette!
2/16/2020 c8 KeraAtchley1989
2/16/2020 c15 mayuralover
Bwahaha that's one way to tell him. Leave him so shocked so she can leave and transform. Thanks for the chapter! Good luck with everything!
2/16/2020 c15 22CaptainMalcolmReynolds
And now we are getting somewhere!
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