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for Return of the Dragons

4/8 c2 Sifo-Dyas
Steven? Really? That's the name you use?
11/30/2020 c7 Tsukoblue
When will this story be updated?
10/22/2020 c7 Guest
Great story
8/5/2020 c7 AnimeGoji91
Please continue this story please because I what to see more chapters of this story and also what going to happened our heroes and what the wizards are planning on Harry and what about Devils and Angels are planning about and What Harry and his new family are take on Wizards and what about Voldemort what his plan!? And Please continue this story please!?
3/31/2020 c7 saraloche98
You to continue
2/9/2020 c4 PurpleArrowhead
I thought it was ketchup you were good with
12/9/2019 c1 30DalkonCledwin
That was a bit confusing due to the fact that you had multiple dialogues going on in the same paragraph. But overall the first chapter was good.
11/25/2019 c7 4BROMBROS
I'm enjoying this mix of D&D has a player and a Dungeon Master, within this crossover of Highschool DxD and Harry Potter. I truly hope this story continues, for I enjoy a good journey within stories.
10/22/2019 c7 61Perseus12
Marvelous story and I love it! *Thumbs UP!* Please continue the story, the excitement thrills me!
9/29/2019 c7 Razorbeast
Nice chapter :)
9/15/2019 c7 60VizeerLord
more please
8/10/2019 c7 AnimeGoji91
Good job but what going to happened it the Wizards will force Harry to live a Wizard World and also put Harry, Asia, Raynare, Stephen, Kuroka, Morgan and all Dragon Riders to take down the Wizards to never the FUCK with the Dragons in this story and please continues this story!?
8/9/2019 c7 starboy454
excellent updates
8/9/2019 c7 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
7/23/2019 c6 AnimeGoji91
Ahhh! Please more Story and continue this I what to see Harry and Raynare in this story and Harry's Family will fight the wizards will dare to take Harry to put him in the dangerous school and Harry and Raynare will take down Wizards no matter what!?
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