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for Don't Wake the Baby

10/15 c1 1DoublePea
Excellent! That was a perfect tale of when Voldemort attacks the Potter family.
I loved it. Thank you. I'll remember this one.
9/9 c1 mumphie
Loved it! Makes me wonder how he'll be once in the dorms and his roomy's snore! ;)
7/12 c1 Love2read23
Oh man, this is brilliant and hilarious! Stuffed animals! Voldemort was defeated by stuffed animals! Thank you for this!
6/22 c1 Guest
That is one of the best, and most interesting versions I have ever read... Keep up the good work
6/19 c1 Dzerx
Rofl. Awesome read, thanks!
6/11 c1 Del
LOL. I love it.
I like how in one chapter you negate a whole series.
Now what would Rowling have to write about.
6/8 c1 17RoPete
never wake the baby!
6/1 c1 Enforcer209
Well that was fun
4/23 c1 30XxFanFicObsessedxX
4/9 c1 A
4/7 c1 Charlie0925
Loved this!
4/3 c1 Eliazar Chandra
What about Dumbledore the manipulative old goat would want to kidnapped Harry and put him with Lily's sister to become his weapon...
3/28 c1 BMS
Voldemort obviously never made money babysitting because 'Don't wake the baby' is the first thing any babysitter learns.
Cute story.
3/20 c1 arsula
Really enjoyed this needed the laugh. thank you arsula
3/13 c1 21Duchess67
I loved this!
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