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3h c26 TacticalBoop
It's been a while since I've last been so thoroughly engrossed in a story like this. I found it at about 5am and here it is just past 9pm having consumed this story. I had plans for this day, but none of them were met in lieu of reading. To those of you reading comments before starting this story, I cannot recommend it enough.
9/29 c15 yesandnocause
this gets so bad and boring when he and Percy are running around Holding hands all the time. so much better the first half when he was doing stuff solo.. so much potential lost.. puke.
9/25 c26 Panda
Kinda disappointed, I greatly enjoyed the first 20 or so chapters but I'm going to have to drop the story, it's not bad as a matter of fact it's incredibly good and one of my favorite PJO fanfics out there but I don't like Alex anymore, I dunno what it is but I don't care about his journey, I can't accept Zeus being treated as any form of good, maybe I'll be back when I'm feeling less depressed but for now I'm going to have to leave, have a good day
9/26 c23 SonOfTheStorm
one of if not the best successful cases of merging 2 similar franchises mythology wise in an entertaining manner. Really hope you keep continuing this masterpiece!
9/22 c26 Black
9/22 c26 Zaecifer Otsutsuki
Yo let’s go shits gettin hyped up here crossover go brrr
9/22 c26 Queen Selene Rose
The Greco-Roman armed forces? The GRAF? i love the Giraffe Army
9/21 c26 Windgeboren
Damn your story is on fire. Binged it in a day. I had a very nice time reading it. Thanks for writing it.
9/18 c12 Guest
It is a bit disgusting that the mc even with the gamer system after 12 chapters is a rather pathetic weakling. That the fact of instant or natural dungeon from the first chapters were forgotten by the simple fact that firstly mc was to weak to venture there, while simultanously not giving ny sort of crap that he was level ten after imps and had the light infused blade, even more s when there is nothing stating that the first pathetic mobs of the dungeon would be any sort of op character. Yet the mc has wasted a year and not even tried to go to the airport ruin where the dungeon was placed. The mc has a system ad yet is pathetically weaker than beings with no system while also being a demigod. I would say that this is clearly bs, why would he be weaker when for one he is a demigod and two has a system. If he should be weaker than he should have no such cheat and boost like the gamer system. If he has it than he should be clearly above his pears from any pantheon, and yet he is a weakling.
9/20 c26 Alyx Courtman
Great chapter and I can't wait for the next chapter
9/20 c26 The Last Kenpachi
So Alexander is essentially Greek Captain America now?
9/19 c26 Charlesincharge3
9/18 c26 aey-vee
Damn... goosebumps! Hell of a chapter!
9/16 c26 Guest
Alex should be getting lots of level ups from all this politiking and “diplomacy” hes doing

Maybe some more charisma level ups and wisdom so he can read people better, be a Sherlock homes lite at annalizing people

Or be like tattletale from the wormverse

Maybe that could be the reward for succeeding at his plans having a like tattletale/Sherlock homes level detective vision and analitical skills

With his eyes and reflexes he could probably predict or copy moves like an actual sharingan if he was given a Sherlock homes skill in combination lol
9/16 c26 Guest
He would proooobably like to maybe cut Octavia down to size when he fear mongers the Romans to sabutage the alliance

Would be freakin hilarious if he Flexes his powers and floods the room with his Power like the Shinigami does in bleach, How the gods of shinobi does in naruto or How the kings in one piece flexes their conqueror haki (on the verge of making them faint)

Really make them struggle to breath or stand

maybe tweak and play with the air so his voice would Boom out the whole of new Rome

Maybe get Annabeth to start on blue prints of a Greek city too lol

For after the war

Maybe alex could brainwash to make transactions faster and buy the whole of long island andaybe some more of the City next to it

and have the hephestus, Athena and hecate kids build some magical and enchanted protections

Maybe make some more automata Dragons for patrol

Maybe they could mask the City by having it be an amusment Park for Disney land but more of the Greek Movies tho and maybe some jurassic Park and star wars via dragon automatons and star wars themed demigods so they can make them patrol like normal and people wont bat an eye lol

Then they can charge a lot cuz the effects are actual magic lol
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