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for Harry Potter and the Mystic Squadron

7/27 c30 4Nighthawk6595
Now the Rangers have to sneak into the Ministry and steal the locket from the most vile and most prominent member of Ministry.

I guess Operation: Locket Toad is a go.
7/27 c30 24Boris Yeltsin
Love it. Nice take on Kat here.
5/9 c29 Boris Yeltsin
Loving it.
5/9 c28 1stankyledeansam
Brilliant more please
5/1 c1 coolgirl111
I’m so excited for chapter 29!
3/14 c28 9Aquaman9401
I figured Ginny would be white Ranger
3/14 c9 Aquaman9401
Dairanger! Lol
3/12 c28 Archdruid89
I think in the next chapter, you should write that Fleur has heard of the Power Rangers from her own school days at Beauxbatons from some of her schoolmates, whether they're muggle-born or half-blood that were muggle raised and followed the hero community from hearing the news about them. And maybe even Gabrielle would be a little excited to hear about the Power Rangers, too.
3/12 c28 24Boris Yeltsin
I love it!.
2/4 c27 6Hallwings
Nice to see this back, but I noticed a big goof at the beginning of the chapter. You misspelled Kiera's name and that you accidentally referred to her as "his".
2/4 c27 24Boris Yeltsin
Keep it up when you can.
9/23/2019 c26 Boris Yeltsin
Love it. Nice season 1 call back with Lokar.
8/25/2019 c25 Mprimrus
Here's what I want to see when it's time for the new tiger zord the old tiger zord is used to make it. This allows the mystic squadron to use mighty morphin weapons, powers, and zords.
8/23/2019 c25 N
Great chapter..
Is Saba the same from MMPR ?
8/23/2019 c25 Archdruid89
I like the way how you wrote Kimberly smacked Ginny upside the head while she was wearing her helmet, assuming it was Tommy.
I have an idea for you in the next chapter where Ginny makes a little joke to Kimberly. Ginny would say that she now understands the meaning of "every rose has its thorn" after listening to the '80s muggle hit song by Poison from one of the veteran rangers on the muggle radio, much to Hermione and Trini's amusement.
Ron may not understand the meaning, but Hermione would give him a little explanation that even girls like Kimberly can be strong and that appearances can be deceiving.
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