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for There Will Be No Foolish Wand Waving

8/3 c4 2Ducky1776
I love the prank wars! So Petunia has violated the Statute of Secrecy by telling Vernon about magic. That's not that good. I kept thinking that Vernon was sounding more mature than his age and then remembered he's 14/15. How many at that age think about interest rates and investments?
5/11 c23 4BigtallNerd914
This is a great story!
4/30 c11 3Steve-Arkarian
What ever happened to Petunia and Lily's parents in this story?
4/24 c8 Jack
man! this is such a great story except for one thing. the character bashing of dumbledore. i get it. its fun to shit on the characters that you dont like. though to me character bashing is the literary version of jacking off. this was such a good story until you started jacking off right in the middle of it. i didnt come here to watch you do that cringey horseshit. such a good idea ruined by such a childish action.
4/10 c1 2dragoon109
petunia can create a wand
3/1 c12 Veronica McClure
I am certain that you got the behavior of little kids down
2/5 c9 1SixFtWookie
LMAO, the prophecy still happening is hilarious, and fits in nicely with canon with barely any tweaking needed. I was wondering how the second two thirds of the story were going to maintain momentum without opposition.
1/8 c23 Larenars
Excellent, I really love the ideas here.
1/6 c23 1the-cari-moose
this fic wasn't bad, though it was honestly more interesting at the start. loved the hot take on petunia and how that affected her life with her family. agree with the whole dumbledore being a dark lord thing but that whole plot point felt... hollow? it just wasn't fleshed out and then in the midst of the evil that was Dumbledore you had the whole family randomly take off to disney world? the ending of this fic feels like a completely different one to the start of it. clunky.
1/5 c19 the-cari-moose
your ages are kinda all over the place here. you said harry just turned 7 and now Hermione is turning 9. she should be turning 8. she's 10 months older than him, not 22. otherwise they'd be in different years.
1/2 c3 dramione princess 0531
Vernon dursley athletic. now that's a laugh!
11/28/2021 c23 Aratherfluffyfatcat
Enjoying the story thanks
11/4/2021 c23 iChaos
That was an interesting take on an alternate Petunia, but honestly I lost interest somewhere around chapter 20 and just kind of skimmed the rest. Decent writing quality though.
10/27/2021 c8 nictheman123
Okay, I love this chapter ending. That Voldy should come to such an undignified end compared to what he was. Vast magical power, but enough people working together severed his immortality, and after that he was just a man like any other. Beautiful.

Kinda curious where the story has left to go now
9/21/2021 c8 Guest
That’s a shitty way to go for someone who hates Muggles and everything they do. Killed my a Muggle with a Muggle invention. Lol! Get rekt noob
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