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1/21 c9 Earthly Entity
I choked on my food, that last part was hilarious
1/19 c1 Nikkless
i really hoped that Archer would have his own body
1/17 c27 Seraphy64
Yup skipped to last chapter to check, she was railroaded and forced into the wards it looks like. I'm out. Seems to be another shit on Taylor fic.
1/17 c2 Seraphy64
Just these two chapters have frustrated and pissed me off so much for what's happening to her and her own idiocy. If she'd only listened to archer and not said anything it would be a lot easier. Now they're railroading her and won't stop till she's totally screwed.
1/14 c27 Spellflame
... how has she not snapped yet?
1/14 c27 jon reeve
/I liked the reaction to Miss Militia. I'm not sure if Miss Militia would act that way without acknowledging what Tay has gone through, bu lt it's not a big deal.
1/14 c18 jon reeve
/Good stuuf, good stuff. You were showing more than telling in a good way. It's rare for Tay to not participate actively against Leviathan.

/I like the name. Avoids the culture vulture issue. Could also be a homage to Legend, or an insult, or both.

/Sidenot: will she know Japanese after she absorbs Shiro? It seems like they really hit it off with the Japanese chef. It would kinda suck if they met later and she couldn't speak to him like before.

/This is probably the most reasonable and patient Taylors I have ever seen.
1/13 c10 jon reeve
/Hm, well, she is obviously going to copy the costume they make for her into her archive of materials. Plus, the fact that Glenn gave her generic names to choose from means that she has the freedom to choose a better one if(when) she leaves. Especially since she can modify her costume at will.

/I think he made it easy for her to have her cake and eat it too. Along with having his department protected from the fallout when it happens.

/Glenn in the Worm canon was actually on Tay's side and he was very sneaky/cunning with accomplishing multiple goals with each decision.

/It amuses to imagine ways that Glenn could go about helping Tay secretly whenever I see him in a fic. It's remarkably easy most of the time. I'm not sure if the writers intend for the to be case as often as it is.

/Great; now I'm thinking of a concept starring a genius!Glenn that works behind the scenes to affect changes in Contessa's PtV so that it actually improves peoples lives as they get closer to Scion's destruction.
1/13 c1 jon reeve
/I just finished reading chapter 5 and thought that I'd leave a review. This is a different approach that is jot normally seen. I like it.

/Taylor and Shirou seem decently fleshed out so far. This fic does seem to require that you know both origonal works moderately well in order to enjoy it. Considering how popular both works are, I don't think that it's too far of a reach for most people.

/I think the pacing is good so far. I don't feel very impatient for the loose ends of her trigger event. Nor do I feel rushed past her imprisonment and training.

/I'm enjoying it so far.

Thanks for writing.
12/19/2020 c27 James-Kit
I want to know about your update schedule and request more chapters please.
12/17/2020 c25 demzerff1
Ya know he joked about it but I believe there is a legendary sword and several items that purify water.
I would need to study up but it wouldn't be that odd for there to be some.
12/12/2020 c6 BlackStarMage
I confess to not really being the good at creative swearing, so I have to admit, what you wrote for Taylor's dialogue really impressed me.
12/7/2020 c27 9God of Vampires aka Alucard
I don't know if it's a mistake or if was written in on purpose but you mention Kid Win here but in Chapter 21 he isn't mentioned as one of the surviving Wards. So is he dead or is he alive?
12/5/2020 c27 Gabe2000
Very interesting story. Looking forward to more even if I don't know anything about the fate series other than most mythical creatures and characters are waifu pokemon things.
12/1/2020 c27 12Angry Santo
Well, I must say this was a nice surprise. I'll admit to not expecting much when I clicked on this story.

I proceeded to binge it. So it more than exceeded my expectations.

I could nitpick canon with the best of them, but who gives a crap about that? The story is entertaining, the characters are fleshed out and very nice, and you've kept the main character in character. That's more than can be said for the majority of fanfiction.

The way you've handled Archer is one of the highlights of this story. Very well done.

Thank you very much for the read and I look forward to more when you have the chance to write it.
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