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12/3/2018 c4 32SeerKing
Nice. Definetely something different.
12/3/2018 c1 frisbeeg70
There's Zelretch and the Kaleidoscope. Why would they just send Archer when they could send an army?
12/3/2018 c4 1BraveWolf13
Wow, I’m not surprised that this is now a full fic, but I am surprised how much of this is planned out. I can’t wait for the WARRIOR to face the UBW. This is going to be more epic than the early Fate/ franchise as a whole.
12/3/2018 c4 AyameKitsune
Epic! I can’t wait to see what happens next!
12/3/2018 c3 sandmanwake
"Oh hey, we're going to transfer you to an asylum so we can cover up the absolute fucked up situation our incompetence allowed to happen where one of our Wards tortured you for nearly two years into triggering in the most dehumanizing way possible.

While you're there, we're going to see if we can find any way to force you to work for us as a child soldier, slave, and whatever else we want. Hope you don't find any of this out and kill us all in retaliation."
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