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11/23 c13 2The Imaginationeers
Oi, it's me from the Discord. I am LOVING the story. Can't wait to see more.
10/31/2019 c4 3LovelyLuly
Uh... Noah has the same haircolor as me and my hair is dark brown. It's almost black but no quite
9/9/2019 c1 3ewisko
Interesting start! I was curious to what you were referring to in your review, and this certain grabbed me. It looks like this Noah diverges quite significantly from his canon Total Drama counterpart, but in a good way.

The first scene with him dropping off his twin sister makes this apparent, principally due to the large amounts of exposition. A slight criticism is it seems all the exposition was front loaded at the chapter and their were many paragraphs that could have been separated into chunks. I'm only saying this cuz I know I have a big problem with this too in my writing sometimes, lol.

Man, Noah has had the depressing life, ain't he? Parents getting killed as a teenager and him stifling himself on his art talents, ouch. With those things it makes perfect sense why he would want to develop a hardened persona like he did on Total Drama due to his past. I also liked the nice detail of Chris taking pity on him. I'm honestly liked Chris a lot more in TDI-TDA when he was a jerk but not a sociopath, and pretty likable to boot.

Ridonculous Race being a scripted show is also an interesting change of events. Now Noah has to lie (though 'has to' isn't quite right; more or less by choice he does) about his relationship with Emma and the like. Though I'm wondering; was the entire show scripted or just his relationship with Emma?

In the next scene we're back at the house, which is a good time for me to praise what I think is the strongest part in the chapter: your original characters. I usually don't care for original characters in fanfiction (TKN's in Total Drama Battlegrounds being a notable exception) but I really like the three you introduced here, especially the latter two in Joshua and Nicole. I picture Joshua as a sort of a Jude from 6teen type of guy and Bethany seems interesting as well (I found it morbidly funny how Joshua left their one year old in the car while going to the store, despite being married to a social worker.)

Now we have Noah's thoughts on Cody. Him having a crush on him is... well it's certainty different from canon. I do hope that future chapters elaborate on how Noah developed a crush on him in the first place, if it stemmed from their accidental kiss in the Big Sleep challenge or otherwise.

Another small criticism is where Noah describes in his mind of his "singing" voice with Cody. I feel like that should have been expanded on a bit more. Like why was Noah singing on the island randomly, lol.

And that seems to be it for this chapter! Overall I feel like this is a pretty coolio start, and I agree with how tricky it is to write Noah centered stories (the first chapter of Noah's Gambit took me all of summer to write, lol.)

Hopefully I'll be able to review some of your other chapters soon, I'm really interested to see where this goes!

12/5/2018 c1 Felix Fiori
Un fanfic con Noah de prota, increíble, solo espero qué no sea yaoi, no estoy en contra de eso pero leerlo no me agrada (me contradigo) creo que es que trabajes con el Gwoah (GwenxNoah) mi barco favorito de drama total.
Saludos de el Argentino Felix Fiori.
12/5/2018 c1 2TheProtecterOfHim
great chapter
12/4/2018 c1 congratsvictoriayoufoundit
I’m a lowkey Noco shipper so I’m excited for this

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