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4/17/2020 c3 1Vetla12
THIS WAS SO BEAUTIFUL I LOVE IT! I’ll be waiting for more chapter, if that is possible
2/2/2019 c2 TheDancingMarionette
What a plot twist! me love it! pls update soon
12/22/2018 c2 Kedrane
This is a really good story
12/17/2018 c1 3Reihime
Fairy-san! You are here!? Oh..I missed you...so much. I hope you are okay and doing fine. We should write to each other more. :p
12/6/2018 c1 Kedrane
This is set interesting! I’m really loving the set up and caint wait to see what happens.
12/5/2018 c1 4sahi.sony.1
Lol it's hilarious and interesting.
"It was was an 'i won you lose kind of smile' ". I like this line.
12/4/2018 c1 2ScrappyAsFrick
A very interesting start. I really like the idea. Since Kakashi was mentioned already, and he is a favorite of mine, I’d love to see him. Also, there can never be enough GaaSaku in the world.
12/4/2018 c1 Valli1312
This looks interesting! I am curious who all will Sakura meet. Would love to see Sasori there too

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