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2/15 c36 Clark959
Very entertaining. Such a different perspective and I loved Harry’s lack of understanding on how wizards think or don’t think. Quite a few humorous moments. It would be nice to have an epilogue on what happens with the Fudge, Sirius and others.
1/22 c35 TBearTech
Wonderful story, with a strong Hero, willing to make alowances for others not understanding him.
Fun Read
Thank you for spending the time wrinting
12/18/2023 c36 Silverdragonstar
Absolutely fantastic! You fill in a whole culture in this story. Well, more then one, full glimpses of others. I stayed up reading this. I loved Harry's portrayal in this. His friends, and his confusion that turned to understanding. All of it played out so well. Thank you for sharing.
11/30/2023 c36 thanks a lot
for this ! and for finishing !
11/25/2023 c36 Sleepyhawk502
Great story. thanks for sharing
11/15/2023 c36 Ariadne Venegas
Yay! I really wanted they end up together she can talk to animals and he to objects.
Also he will need to work in the human world part time, maybe in in class of goblin dueling? Or as liaison? The goblins need someone who can work with both human and goblins, and other races and both Harry and Luna would be perfect for that job. And he could continue to be smith in his other time.

I think the cloak will want to go with some kids of his or grandkid. That why it stay. Also it had stayed with his family from the beginning and can tell him stories of his father.
11/3/2023 c36 Bl4ckRabbit
I wanted to say this is probably one of my favorites stories on this site. Harry describing the Realm of Song to Dumbledore give me chills every time I re-read this gem.

I have an idea for a prompt, if I may. Harry is found by (or find) a familiar of your choice whom he magically bond with. His loyalty-to-the-death to them cause the Hat to put him in Hufflepuff, where he thrive until the tournament. Harry/Neville pairing, cause I've yet to find one of those and I think they compliment each-other. They're really close to Ginny and Luna, who are an item too, cause those two are such cutie pies, especially together, and I love seeing more of them in stories.

I hope you're doing well, and I'm waiting with delight for your next chapters on your currents stories !
10/29/2023 c2 Nicthalon
I was in tears from "you never insult a stone's flakes of mica, it just isn't done." Haven't laughed that hard in too long.
10/9/2023 c36 2griffinhawk
Loved the story. Thank you for writing it.
10/9/2023 c36 kushka
Great story
10/8/2023 c36 Piletorn
Good read, thanks for sharing!
9/18/2023 c12 Axolotl263
I love how they genuinely believe karkaroff has merfolk heritage
9/5/2023 c36 Difdi
Just watch - Luna is going to encounter a Deep One with a squashed, one might even say crumpled, horn.
9/5/2023 c34 Difdi
Perhaps Harry’s warrior name should be changed to Floorfoe?

The Imperious Curse is Unforgivable because it can be used to order the victim to do absolutely ANYTHING. If the Forbidding Charm can be used with an order to “never disobey me” then it would be Unforgivable too - and would be MORE Unforgivable than the Imperious, since the Imperious can wear off, and requires the caster to keep focusing on what they want, while Forbidding is clearly both permanent and fire & forget, otherwise nothing would stop Harry from reapplying the curse next time he sees Fudge.
9/4/2023 c25 Difdi
Does this Harry have brain damage? If Dumbledore has James Potter’s cloak and didn’t return it to the family that owns it, then Dumbledore is a THIEF. Any goblin with a functioning brain can connect those dots, so why is it that Harry CAN’T?!
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