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9/9 c3 12excessivelyperky
I'm sad to see that Snape is a bad guy in this one. But oh well, can't have everything.

I was happy to see how Harry took out Face-Mort, though Quirrell should definitely answer some questions under Veritaserum.
9/8 c22 TailFeather247
I love this story. I really wish there were more stories about Harry Potter being raised by other creatures. Please update soon. A big Fan.
9/6 c22 SSSra
uh didnt the goblins destroy azkaban?
9/4 c22 Kat
I love this story hope you finish it
9/4 c22 Wolvie26
Love it! Can't wait to see what happens next! Hope you update soon!
9/2 c22 Dumbar
I don't usually post review, but i wanted to show some love for this story after reading the awful comment from jchpanga. Can't wait for the next chapter :)
9/2 c2 jchangpa
I do not even finish reading this, what ever you call it thing. An story is not, an essay is not so what is left nothing of value. The interaction with gobbling only you knows it, no explanation about it. The rest is only male interactions, also bad interactions that show how bad this is and is clearly is based on homo stupidity and base on your profile is clear normal humans will not read any of this.
8/17 c22 Tray85
I love this story
8/13 c17 Pyro880
truly wonderful story I am enjoying this a lot thank you
8/9 c22 Jensindenial3516
Thanks for the update
8/7 c22 HoneyBear84
Love it and seriously can’t wait for the next update
8/4 c22 MrsSlythindor
That was awesome! Can't wait to see what Harry is going to do next.
8/3 c22 yardchicken2
I’m thoroughly enjoying this fic immensely. Thank you for sharing your talents !
I look forward to seeing more.
8/1 c22 fraewyn
Looove it!
7/30 c22 GetSmart714
Didn't expect to binge read this ff, but you got me hooked! I love it. Harry's way of life and his code of conduct. I still think it's weird that he wants to lay with a goblin, but what do I know. I really enjoyed reading your ff!
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