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for Music Beneath the Mountains

9/30 c36 bgreenfl
This is the most differentest story I have read on FFN ... and I have read a LOT!

It was confusing, complex, convoluted, at times hilarious ... and always entertaining! Well done.
9/27 c36 Angelslayer894
Absolutely loved this story.. thank you
9/25 c36 21Duchess67
This was quite the adventure and I enjoyed your portrayal of the Goblins. :)
9/24 c36 4Snarry4life
This was a most excellent read!
Really worth sticking with :) I honestly enjoyed reading this :)
9/22 c36 28Kairan1979
Excellent ending of the story.
9/22 c34 Kairan1979
It's a damn shame that Nagini got that kind of advantage.
Pleased to see that Harry is closer to mastering Fyendfire.
I'm relieved Fudge's spell didn't work on Luna.
9/20 c26 Guest
The mead surprised me, but that's a nice tie-in from the original book 6! Looks like it made it to Dumbledore after all!
9/19 c36 M
*Happy Sigh*
I was wrong about who Harry eventually gets together with, but the fact that your version of Luna is one of my all time favorite characters sure assauges my feelings.
I adore the world that you have built, I am so hopeful that you will have other gen or at least non-slash stories as that just isn't my jam.
Your writing style is simply fantastic and I look forward to exploring more more of what you have so graciously shared of your time and talent.
9/18 c22 M
Fantastic writing and storytelling. I'll be unable to review again for a while, so I wanted to give my thanks for your sharing your time and talent.
9/18 c1 llamaRae
Absolutely loved it!
9/18 c14 M
Your words are making me feel, intensely. Well done.
9/18 c13 M
Harry admires the sheen of the leaves and the complications of the loops. He didn't tell them to do that.
I absotively love these details!
9/18 c12 M
First, I would love to claim some prescience with Ginny's devotion to the warrior's art (and my assumptive motivation).
The idea of Harry making a treaty with another race is a bit boggling, if not downright unrealistic.
9/18 c11 M
Note that I'm one of those wacko's who takes the 'Ginny (and/or Molly and/or dumbles) potioned Harry into a relationship with Ginny. I'm also pretty much happy with Harmony, Huna, or Harry/most girls his age.
That silliness aside, I'd love to see Ginny dedicate herself (without informing Harry) to becoming an accepted Goblin Friend, such that Harry could then see her as the person who could understand her that she has worked so very hard to be. That kind of purposeful 'courting' on her part would be simply fantastic.
9/17 c11 Guest
I LOVE Dumbledore getting increasingly unhinged, and Blackeyes being Harry's date literally made my jaw drop. Fan-flipping-tastic move right there!
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