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4/22 c52 30MBAV fan66
Life is pretty awesome, isn't it?! Lol!

Everyone is living their best life possible. Even after such a scary and hair-raising adventure, everyone managed to come out of it pretty darn well, in my opinion. And hey! We now know that Sarah's dad at least approves of Ethan as boyfriend material for his little girl! Lol! So, that's a win for Ethan! And Sarah, too! Lol!

Such a wonderful and happy ending for Team Sabre and friends.

It's like Ethan's secret little memoir of that horrific adventure! Huh?! Lol! Only to never be read by anyone, any time soon, though. At least, not for many years to come, that is. Lol!

You're very much welcome, too! For all my chapter-by-chapter reviews to you all your MBAV stories. And thank you for writing all those stories, too! I hope you feel happy and proud of yourself for being able to write an entire fanfiction series and completing it, too. You're such an awesome writer and don't ever forget that! :D
4/21 c51 MBAV fan66
A little PTSD for Ethan (I laughed at the part where he freaked out and dumped the mashed potatoes on his dad's head during dinner! Lol!) but other than he seems to be managing it well. With the help of his friends, that is. Lol! But no long lasting effects from their recent scary adventure, though. Except for Erica giving up her dream to become a vampire again, only to now gain a new one. Being a famous movie star celebrity! Lol!

When I seen that Ethan's song to Sarah was the show's theme song, I couldn't help but to sing it out loud. Well...at least, tried to sing it, anyway. Lol! But I'm glad that after this latest adventure that not only did Erica change her mind about what she want's her future to be like, but also it changed her perception of Ethan, too. Now, Erica has a bit more respect for him than she did before and probably sees him as a good friend, now. He's probably her favorite geek out of the three of them. Lol! With Benny probably being the runner up and Rory being her least favorite (but also slightly tolerable) geek. Lol!

And Sarah's more sure than ever that Ethan is the guy for her. To date in the long run, that is. Lol! He's her perfect idea of a boyfriend.

I can't wait for the when the final chapter comes! But at the same time, it'll be kinda sad because it's the end. Like with any ending to a good story. Lol! That's just how it goes, I guess! Lol! Anyway, great chapter and I look forward to the next and final one!
4/7 c50 MBAV fan66
Now Erica's got a new goal in life! To a famous actress! Just pretending to be a vampire is a lot more better than actually BEING one in real life! Lol!

Everybody has finally made it back home, again. Though, they still got a lot of work to do that's been building up one them since being gone. But at least, it's just your average normal kind of work. As in, homework and becoming a killer band before the school dance arrives, too. Lol!

Poor Ethan. He wound up getting a mild case of PTSD after that "hellish" adventure. Am I right?! Lol! But the good news is that it's only temporary for him and that I'm sure after a few weeks or maybe months, he'll be completely over it with the help of his girlfriend and two best friends. And probably some help from Benny's grandma, too. Lol! Hang in there, Ethan! You got this buddy!
4/2 c49 MBAV fan66
Well, they managed to make it out alright and alive. Plus, they got to see what an actual mushroom cloud of smoke, looks like in person as a bonus, too! Lol! And I bet everybody really enjoyed being able to ride in he car on their way back to the real world again, without her either complaining about something or being her bossy self. Lol! Although, that was only temporary until the got out of Stephanie's evil little pocket dimension. But I'm sure they enjoyed the peace and quiet from her while it lasted, though! Lol! They even got across the border without too many unnecessary questions (as Rory pointed out earlier, why they were dressed the way they were) asked! I'd say today must be their lucky day! Lol! Now it's time to hit the road again and get back home to Whitechapel!
3/27 c48 MBAV fan66
I guess, they couldn't save Stephanie after all. In the end, it was her fate to wind up in Hell after their battle. That's why you never mess with black magic. It only leads you to your own demise in the end. And perhaps maybe one more soul to Mr. Scratch's "collection", too. Lol!

At least, Ethan and Erica are safe, though! Thanks to Ethan's guardian angel swooping in to save them from the demons and sending them back to Hell where they belong, while also closing the portals leading there, as well. Lol! And look! It turns out that his guardian angel just so happens to be great great grandfather that Jesse had mentioned and insulted in the movie, too! Lol! The demons thought they could just do whatever they wanted, pretty much. Meaning breaking the rules of the natural order of good and evil. By trying to create loopholes in it to take Erica's soul next and then his (even though he never did anything evil, though, or was turned into something evil by choice, as well). But even Mr. Scratch himself can't go against the code of good and evil. There must be balance! Lol!

Now, they got to get out of town before midnight or else...well I'm not sure what will happen to them if they don't. Lol! But I'm sure whatever will happen that it's not good, though. Lol!

Is that where you got Benny's middle name from? From that comedian Jack Benny? Lol! I'm sure you probably already told me, though. I'm just forgetful with some stuff/details, is all! Lol! Anyway, great chapter! Can't wait to see how their escape from the disappearing ghost town will go! :D
3/22 c47 MBAV fan66
Oo! Boss level, indeed! Lol! Right when you think you've finally defeated the main boss, it only then comes back a second time! Only this time, more stronger and a bit more difficult to beat, too! Lol! Though, I have played some games though where right before taking on the final boss, you first have to defeat another powerful enemy to get to him. Sorta like a...pre-boss or something. Lol! I guess, this situation fits that finale boss level scenario more better, huh? Lol! Let the second act of the final boss level, begin! Lol! I guess, that's why Mrs. Weir also packed the Cublie Animus in their stuff for, huh? She had a funny feeling that they'd be facing demons, again. Only this time, not of the animal variety. Lol!

Now, Stephanie is forced to be a counterfeit werewolf for remainder of her life. I guess, on the bright the side, at least she doesn't have to go through the painful transformation part as many times as Ethan would've had to. Since she's much older than he is. But would her old body even be able to handle the transformation part very well the first time around or even first few transformations after that, even? A young person like Ethan could (because over time he would've gotten used to the pain by now and his young body can handle the pain much better than a senior citizen's body could), but someone with a much older body that hasn't went through the painful process yet many times before, would surely have trouble, though? As in the transformation just being too hard on her old body to handle. Right? Unless...the recorded reversal spell that they casted with the phone that cured Ethan and Benny of their counterfeit cursed, also cured Stephanie from hers, also? But still leaving her powerless, though. Just...as a regular human (who isn't cursed to be a counterfeited monster of some sort), though. Since technically, her magic didn't really belong to her anymore and she was pretty much just borrowing it from Mr. Scratch. And being turned into a counterfeit werewolf caused that borrowed power to return back to which it came from. Mr. Scratch, himself. But then they cured her too, thus now leaving her human with no powers, whatsoever. Not even the counterfeit ones that comes with being counterfeitly cursed. Lol! But I'm probably just thinking too much into it, is all. Again. As usual. Lol! You can just ignore me and my dumb sometimes logical/over thinking mind, if you want to. Lol!

I bet Ethan really hated having to play the "Jesse card" on Stephanie. Lol! Even he was stuck with a terrible curse like vampirism or werewolfism, he'd still never want to inflict the same curse on someone willingly on purpose, like Jesse did to Sarah and tried to do him at the dance. Stephanie better be glad that when he bit her that it was with his somewhat human teeth and not with his full-on, razor sharp werewolf teeth, instead! Or else that would've REALLY of hurt then! Lol!

I can't wait to see how they'll get out of this one! Facing now, 5 powered up demon bellboy corpses! Who now has gotten a more serious makeover to fit the part of being called demons!
3/8 c46 MBAV fan66
Yay! Now, Sarah and Rory are saved and back to their normal selves again! That just leaves Erica to save, now!

Poor Ethan. It was taking every last ounce of self-restraint that he had to keep from revealing his position in the theatre and wanting to brutally maim Jesse for not only putting the moves on Sarah but also for trying to replace him in Sarah's memories of him, as well. Sorry, Jesse. But you can't erase strong and deep rooted emotions like the love you feel for someone from them. It's like...practically a part of their DNA! It'll always be there. Lol! Thankfully, all it took for Ethan to break the spell over Sarah was by recreating the incident (in the school's cafeteria, when he accidently bumped into her and spilled his food on her) of when they first met. Now, she remembers EVERYTHING, again! Lol!

Next up! Taking down Stephanie and rescuing Erica's soul from being sacrificed to Mrs. Scratch! Go Team Sabre! :D
2/25 c45 MBAV fan66
Now, they have a plan in place on how to restore Rory to his regular/living self again, rescue the girls, and stop Stephanie and Jesse from getting away with their crimes. Oh! And also, too, they now have Rory back, as well! So, yay for that! Lol! Granted, he's still an action figure though, but at least they now know that he's safe for the time being and not thrown into the trash or something.

I wonder what it is that Ethan is willing to risk doing, after remembering something Jesse said to him back in the woods that night during the full moon? Whatever it is, he clearly isn't going to like it very much, but knows that he has no choice in the matter if he hopes to stop Stephanie and Jesse with their evil plans.

It's a good thing that Benny's bellboy hat has a chin strap on it to help keep it in place, huh?! Makes it a lot more easier to conceal things under it without having to worry about it falling off his head and revealing whatever it is he's hiding under it. Lol!

Pretty soon, they'll reach the last domino and make it fall, too. Meaning, the bad guys will be defeated and all will be right again, as they'll no longer be cursed anymore. Then it's back home they go, to continue on with their lives, like before. :D
2/17 c44 MBAV fan66
At least, Ethan was able to keep it together when Benny/Jack told him about Sarah's fate to be Jesse's obedient girlfriend. Ethan's probably jumping for joy on the inside, though, knowing that instinctively Sarah still hates him and lashes out against Jesse every time he tries to make a move on her. Lol! And since it's technically winter outside of Stephanie's little bubble of a ghost town, his plans for making a love potion to get her to fall for him completely are put on the back burner for now. Until, spring, at least. Lol! Which reminds me, he was only using the "going hunting for werewolves" as an excuse to go look for the potion's ingredients, then. That's good. But I wonder why he felt the need to have to lie about it, though? Also, I wonder what this "other way" to get Sarah to fall for him, is?

With Benny/Jack now gone, Ethan's restlessness as a werewolf is starting to kick-in, now. Along with a bit of boredom, too. Lol! But I wonder what he was looking for when he looked into the nightstand's drawer, though? Maybe a bible, perhaps? Since he was just thinking about the church they saw on their way on into town, earlier.

Anyway, great chapter! I'll try to respond back to your PM tomorrow night, sometime. So, be on the look out for that. If I don't get around to it by then, then it'll probably be Wednesday night, then.
2/12 c43 MBAV fan66
Jesse was gonna bag himself a werewolf. Meaning, he was hunting down Ethan for sport. Probably to kill rather than just trapping him to use for whatever reason. Those two really don't like each other. Thankfully, Ethan didn't have to find out the hard way about Jesse hunting him down. Meaning, while he was still in werewolf/were-Ethan form, him coming across Jesse and his gun while out frolicking in the woods doing werewolf-y things. Lol!

Ethan found the trigger that would bring Benny back to his old self again! Sorta. Benny's still stuck having to play the role of the loyal and faithful bellboy who'll do whatever you ask of him. So, technically he's only half back his old self. He can still think and act for himself a little bit, but that's only as long as nobody gives him orders, that is. And he's still bound by Stephanie's spell to always wear the bellboy uniform, no matter what, too. But hey! It may be a small victory for Ethan but at least its something he can work with! Am I right?! Lol! And even though, Benny is still bound to follow orders from either Stephanie or Jesse and has to come when summoned, too, he can now act as an informant for Ethan when he's not busy serving his "masters" on what they're up to during his free time.

Now, that Benny's sorta-kinda back, I wonder who's next on Ethan's rescue list?! And how he'll bring them back to their senses, as well?! :D
2/4 c42 MBAV fan66
Now, Ethan completely back and ready for action, baby! Lol! He has been restored to his human form, once again! And he as a plan getting back his friends from Stephanie's evil punishments, too! At least, a plan on maybe getting Benny back for now, at least. Lol! But once he frees him then it'll be a bit more easier to free the others since he'll have help to do it.

Even the ghost of the local general store is on his side. Lol! Waving the free for everything he owes for that he used or took, as along as he stops Stephanie and returns the ghost town back to it's peaceful state nonexistence, again. Lol! Although...that means the store's owner has been watching him all this time since setting foot (or rather, paw) into her store. Including, watching him change clothes while in the store! So, she pretty much saw him naked! Lol!

You better look out Stephanie! Cause one of your little punishments didn't quiet stick for very long like you thought it would and now Ethan's coming for you!
2/4 c41 MBAV fan66
It's a glimmer of hope for the gang! Ethan's mind has regained full control over his werewolf self, now! Yay! Its a miracle! Though, a slow acting miracle, seeing as at first his mind was able to influence his werewolf self's mind a little bit until he caught a glimpse of that magazine page that had Marlyn Monroe on it with her infamous blown skirt pose. Then his regular mind was able to take over completely. That and I'm sure since his werewolf self's belly was now full and satisfied, the werewolf mind was more at ease and was probably ready for a nap, too. Lol! Which allowed Ethan's fight over his own self be able to take control while the beast within him takes a snooze from a fully belly.

Stephanie and Jesse are going to regret not killing them when they had the chance because now the tables have turned and good is on a comeback to win this thing, once and for all!
1/24 c40 MBAV fan66
Stephanie's punishment for Ethan is for him to be stuck in wolf form until further notice or at least for no more than two years before possibly turning back again! At least, this time the transformation didn't take as long as it did last time, though! Or was probably as painful and uncomfortable feeling, as well! Lol! And her punishment for Erica is to be her peppy cheerleader subordinate for a week until she's ready to sacrifice Erica's soul to the devil! And for Sarah, she's forced to also be a mindless slave to Jesse, as well! Though, with her punishment she was suppose to be a mindless slave who's also in love with Jesse, BUT since her hatred for him is so strong that Stephanie's glamouring spell just isn't strong enough to fully work on her. So, as a result it only half works by making her still be obedient to Jesse and do what he says, just...not in love with him, that is. As in, any romantic type gesture he tries with her shall be met with a swift karate chop to the back of the neck or some other karate defensive move to some other part of his body. Lol!

Seems like Stephanie's revenge has finally come to pass. Too bad it'll be short lived, though. Lol! I wonder how it'll all turn around in Team Sabre and Erica's favor, though, in the end?
1/23 c39 MBAV fan66
Oh, man! Stephanie's acting as Team Sabre's and Erica's own personal judge, jury, and executioner! Well, technically she's not "executing" anyone here since she's not killing any of them or anything. But I guess, you could say she's a different kind of executioner! Instead, of carrying out a death penalty (which is what an executioner does), she's carrying out harsh punishments on them that will last a lifetime for them! Or beyond! Lol! Punishments that they'd much rather die over than ever have to face or do. Lol!

Now, Benny back to his obedient zombie like self again (aka, Jack the bellboy) and has been forced into a lifetime of servitude to Stephanie as his punishment. And poor Rory's punishment is having his lifeforce transferred from him to Jesse, thus making Jesse a living person (who's human) again and leaving himself nothing more than just a doll (or action figure in his, Benny, and Ethan's case, that is). Just like what happened to all of Debbie Dazzles victims when she drained them of their lifeforce through touch, just to remain living. And Stephanie even made the doll Rory dressed up in the same outfit he mistakingly wore to the "Fly Off To The Moon" dance in "Revamped".

I wonder what punishment Stephanie will give the others next?! :D
1/22 c38 MBAV fan66
So, Stephanie doesn't want them dead, but rather she wants them to suffer like she had over the year. I wonder what she plans to do to them, then? And look! Benny's back to his old self, again! Granted, he's not too thrilled with the outfit he's currently sporting and the name that's on his nametag, as well. Lol! So, the first deal Stephanie made with the devil back then, her soul wasn't up as a bargaining chip. So, she was able to remain alive after her first defeat. But now with her second deal with the devil, her soul IS up for grabs now if things don't workout in end and she winds up defeated, again. I guess, the devil doesn't do third chances, eh? Lol! With him it's not "three strikes and your out", it's "two strikes and your out", instead! Lol!

Anyway, great chapter! I can't wait to see what happens next in the other two chapters you posted! :D But I'm afraid that'll have to wait for now, as I don't have the time to read them all in one day. I'll probably just read and review them one each day. So, I'll read and review chapter 39 tomorrow and then I'll read and review chapter 40 the day after that. ;)
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