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9/11 c200 Maria
Really brilliant story...Love your action one's too...
8/5 c200 68zeilfanaat
Okay, so I've finally gotten around to reading this very last chapter. Congratulations on getting there! (Even if it still makes me a bit sad to know this is the final chapter, which I'm sure has been hard to tell...)
Yup, nice round number. And I'm sure it won't disappoint at all. :-) Hehehe, yeah...you definitely stretched it just a little bit...
Aw, thanks for the shout-out. And for your awesome review replies. Definitely looking forward to our collaboration kicking in faster (although most of the delay is mine). ;-)
And looking forward to what other stories you'll eventually end up posting. (Don't worry, this won't be the last time you'll hear from me... or maybe that is cause for worry. ;-)) On to the chapter!

Intriguing start of the chapter. What's Callen right-yet-wrong about? Ah! Title-tie-in. Hehe, guess that would have been a bet he'd have lost then. :-D
Now as to the right part... Hmm, well, I suppose Jessie's the only one (and therefore last one) he'd fall for. Hehe, true, it was a long fought battle, but so worth it. And he definitely found his home and heart with Jessie. Ah, there you go, last one.
Yay! That's a good thing to be wrong about. :-D Glad there was no battle this time. Ah, still premature, but sounds like he has healthy enough lungs then. :-)
Wait... blue eyes? (Reads back, 'Jessie's brown eyes') ...dare I hope they had another child? A girl this time perhaps? Reading on... Yay! Ooh, a twin! (You did it, you caught me by surprise. ;-)) Ooh, a redhead and Callen's blue eyes... I'm thinking Callen will keep up with his gun practice for a long time. :-D Loving the names, by the way. Hehe, there you go, sleepless nights. Yes, Sam would have experience by then. Love the image if Valentina falling asleep on top of Callen, and him sensing the moment she falls asleep.
I figured they were going somewhat traditional with the names. (Though I suppose that came from one or two of our conversations.)
Haha, so Callen's glad to be a heater for his family, huh? Keeping them nice and toasty. :-D
Yikes, that definitely doesn't sound like an easy pregnancy - though it wouldn't have been one anyway, there being two kids on the way would have made it even tougher. Wow, that's still impressive that they made it to over thirty-five weeks. Yup, Jessie's determination is definitely a powerful thing. Ah, glad the extra time enabled them to breathe on their own.
Glad Trevor and Hetty were able to be there, just in case. Very glad it wasn't necessary though!
Aw, love that the twins turn their heads towards each other even while asleep. (Though I'm not surprised, considering Jessie and Callen's awareness of each other.)(Well, there you go. ;-))
Yup, your children, Callen. You never even thought you'd get married, never mind kids, and here you are. :-)
Ah, there's a double bed, huh. Well, I suppose with how long Jessie was on bed-rest at the hospital, Callen probably spent a lot of time at the hospital as well.
Ah, Jessie's awake. No, Jessie, no need to worry about a few more days. You did what was possible, and look at how well they're doing. Hmm, Jessie, are you saying both Callen and I were jumping to conclusions concerning what you were going to say? ;-) Ah, yes, a lot more than a few days before that. But Callen knows what she's trying to do. (They know each other well. ;-))
Hehe, yeah, it definitely was teamwork in the beginning. Though I'm sure Callen still did what he could to support Jessie through the rest too.
Aw, still only twelve hours ago? Then it definitely sounds like the twins are doing well.
Hehe, expand the cabin, huh. I'm sure Mac wouldn't mind giving a hand. :-) Or Sam, for that matter. Oh, small loft sounds good. Heehee, there you go.
True, it does make sense that their visits there coincide with their relationship deepening. It's definitely their safe place after trouble (even if trouble is not necessary for it to be their safe place).
Ooh, Alex and Trevor keep up the stuffed toys tradition. :-)
Ah, sounds like they might have to go house hunting again. A plan huh? Does it involve Hetty/Dovecote? ... It does! :-)
Oh good, glad Hetty's therapy sessions had continued, and that she'd trusted Jessie to do them. Yeah, not surprised they make quite a team. I mean, two women who can keep Callen (mostly) in line, getting along. ;-)
Hmm, wonder what Hetty's decision is... Ah, join forces with A.J. and start looking for a suitable replacement that would fit with Callen's skills. That sounds like a good plan. Haha, and of course her retirement looks a lot brighter with two grandchildren. Because as much as Hetty may have hoped Callen and Jessie would work out, Hetty too wouldn't have expected to get such an extended family. (Hehe, wonder what Duke will think, having the 'kids and grandkids' over.)
Sounds like they'll definitely have plenty of help those first few weeks. Hehe, Deeks' Diaper Duty.
Aw, that's sweet that Callen put Angel's otter to watch over both cribs.
Yup, still Callen, just a better version of himself. Hehe, so Callen learnt his lesson to use the phrase 'the last one he'd fall for'.
And then it was over. (snif) Great ending to a brilliant story. Definitely did not disappoint! It was great watching both Callen and Jessie grow and grow closer. Even bringing them to the point where the decisions they made, like the ones regarding Callen's job, were perfectly in character, even if it's not something I could imagine the Callen from the series do at this point (although, of course, I'm no where near the newest episodes, so who knows). You're really a great author. Thanks for this awesome journey, both with the story and in the conversations that followed.
On to many more brilliant stories. :-)
7/20 c200 6ssl71
Beautiful ending to a fantastic story.

Take care and be well.
7/20 c200 27knirbenrots
Totally loved this final chapter. In fact Jessie's pregnancy looked so much like mine, which feels awkward and saddens me a bit too. These twins, who were born too early. Mine didn't survive though...

Anyway, well written and thank you so much for this story!
7/19 c200 11countrygirluk56
I resisted a couple of days before actually reading this final chapter as I didn't want it to end. You did not disappoint. It was tender, hopeful and sensitive. Callen now has his perfect family - a loving wife and twins with a plethora of aunts and uncles eager to help out. The idea of moving into Dovecote is brilliant which will be good for Hetty as well as them. I loved the different meanings of the title. Well done. Thanks also for the shout-out. It was my pleasure. I'm glad I was able to help.
7/19 c200 4ancilla89
Awww! That was an amazing ending! But I wish you would write more...I would love to see Callen as a dad
7/19 c200 altarp2408
Great finish to a great story. You tied things up in a most loving way.

Going to miss checking for the next chapter to this story. Has been a terrific journey you took us on, and anything I may have commented on is insignificant to the way you executed the story.

Congratulations and thanks for a great miniseries.
7/18 c200 S
So sad that this story is now complete but what a wonderful ending. Soon I will read it all over again. Please remember that you can always write a little story or two (or more) about their life in the future. I always had a smile on my face when I saw a new chapter. Look forward to more of your stories. Keep up the FANTASTIC work!
7/18 c200 50fanofmcgarrett
Good story
7/18 c200 1Sarai
This was a wonderful story. Loved the epilog.
7/12 c199 27knirbenrots
Hetty will know soon enough. I love the way Jessie is playing the negotiation game with Hetty, she sure knows how!
7/9 c199 68zeilfanaat
Aw, how sad that the story became another chapter longer... *broad grin*
Hmm, intriguing title, I wonder what's not happening. (Hmm, might Hetty try to retire...again? No wait, she already did, I think.) Anyway, off to read what is happening. ;-)
Hm, an envelope? But Hetty's not looking up, so I'm guessing she knows what the envelope contains. Hehe, pickpocketing again. Ooh, Duke gave it to him. Aw, like Hetty would really fire Duke. See. ;-)
Love that Callen had wondered once why they hadn't married, but that now he understands why. Very good question about how Duke came to be with Hetty... Really curious about what's in that envelope now, seeing as whatever's in it, wasn't reassuring to Duke (nor, I'm sure, to Callen). Ouch, none of Callen's concern, huh? I'm guessing Duke disagreed.
Ah, it's been four days since they returned. Love that Callen sits down and tells Hetty they love her.
Huh, so it was her resignation after all.
Hehe, go Jessie! Love that she too won't let Hetty resign, even going so far as to formally recommend that it not be accepted. This definitely doesn't sound like the right moment for Hetty to make such decisions.
I can definitely see Hetty trying to try and pull her authoritative voice to overrule them, even if she's not successful.
Hetty, for such a smart woman, you're definitely being silly: you're part of 'them'. Aw, Jessie's pleading to not let the bad guys win. And it's getting to Hetty. Good.
Aw, Hetty, that's okay, you're allowed to be tired and worried. That's just not the right time to make decisions like that. Yay, Hetty's talking. True, she did the best she could with what she knew; that's all anyone can ever ask of someone. (She was the one who told Callen that you can't save everyone. I guess she knows that the theory is easier to swallow than the reality.) Sure hope that seeing Keane will help Hetty.
Haha, love that for once it's a look from Callen that has Hetty stopping whatever she was going to say. Yup, in the lone wolf department, Hetty's definitely an example of 'do as I say, not as I do'.
Aw, Hetty. Like you don't want to risk any of them, they don't want to risk you.
Hehe, good strategy of Jessie, pointing out what kind of mischief they might get up to without her supervision. (Kind of an echo to Callen admitting to his pickpocketing of Hetty's previous resignation.) Ooh, a counter offer... interesting. Wow, that does sound like a great counter offer, as well as something that would have Hetty look at it in disbelief. Ah, but she has to commit to therapy.
Jessie's saying that you can go to any therapist you'd want, Hetty, including herself as an option. Whatever works best for you.
Love that Callen knows when it's time to stop pushing for a moment.
Hmm, losing his touch? Ooh, the Admiral! That's great. Although I have to wonder at how well Chegwidden and Callen will work together. Of course, Chegwidden does have some experience with subordinates who sometimes use unorthodox methods... :-) Hehe, I can see Chegwidden say those things. Ooh, and it was Jessie who managed to get the pay sorted. I'm impressed. Haha, love that Callen's still staying away from that part of Hetty's job. Hmm, so this has more to do with Jessie herself, if Callen's leaving it up to her as to how much to reveal... A thank you... Is Jessie paying for the rest? Aw, for guiding her to her new family. Love that.
Yay, Hetty's really smiling.
Haha, not up for negotiation. I can see how that might be like a red flag to Hetty. But perhaps that's exactly what she needs. :-) Yup, hint of old Hetty coming through. Woohoo!
Hehe, and Callen just watching between the two most important women in his life to see who'll win this one. I'm thinking Jessie probably won't back down on the length of it being twelve months, so perhaps the negotiation area will be the full/half pay part. ...Haha, yay, was right about that.
Ooooh, she's daring Hetty! Tuntuntundun... and, we have a winner!
Haha, and this time it's Callen who has the pen ready.
Oh, I'm sure Callen is fully aware that he has a persuasive wife. :-D
Hehe, not inclined to lose another battle. Well, that's okay; I'm sure Callen and Jessie are very happy to have won that particular battle. They won't mind the other one too much, especially now that they've seen hints of the old Hetty and know that she won't be making a drastic decision before she's ready to make it with a clear head.
Hmm, I wonder why Hetty's shoulders are slumping again. Possibly at the thought that people won't leave her alone.
Hm, time to start dropping the Mr. ... Nope, I'm staying in the confusion zone for the moment. Eh, okay, so it somehow let Hetty know about the baby - and yay, it worked to get Hetty in a more optimistic mood - just not sure how.
Yes, Hetty does trust Jessie. I suppose it's more a case of her not trusting herself. But hey, I'm sure Jessie will be able to help Hetty.
Hmm, almost time for what... are they going to get an echo or something, since they can now both go? Yay, they are.
Not surprised Jessie's scared. Love Callen's answer. One day at a time. And of course, "I've got you. Always." Hehe, and Jessie's reply that she's always good because she's got him.
Oh good, Callen's managed to reassure her and get her laughing again; just like he managed to give Hetty some hope back just before.
Great chapter! Loved it. I'd never have guessed it wasn't part of the original plan. And very curious as well as to what they've made. :-)
7/6 c198 6ssl71
Great chapter with just enough heat! The chapter arrived on my birthday too.️
7/6 c199 altarp2408
oooo Jessie winning a battle with Hetty's Will... that is one for the ages. and Hetty herself knows that she should not make any decision at this particular time.
7/6 c199 1Sarai
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