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6/10/2019 c35 Guest
Kwak, I beg of you, let this chapter be a bad dream. I can't bear the thought of a shackled Anne losing their baby, or an injured, maimed Gilbert. Let them and little May all be safe and sound. Please. My heart is breaking.
6/10/2019 c35 Guest
oh no I hope Anne and the babe are okay(I hope May is okay. I kept hoping Fred would turn up to rescue them)love this story.
6/9/2019 c35 FKAJ
P. S. Congrats on your 400, darling! Argh!
6/9/2019 c35 7Formerly known as J
I usually tell you how much I love your chapter openings, kwaky. But this time, THIS time it's your chapter *ending* that's made me sit up and almost forget everything else! How you can take us from the sweet little camping trip to this in so few words is nothing short of remarkable. I love how easily you can send me on a journey and even though I don't know the outcome, I'm just so excited to strap myself in and just follow you wherever you take me! I love, love, love it. Oh, how I love it!

I hope Doctor Dave regrets inviting that detective over and how the constable went from questioning to kidnapping and then truncheons to the stomach and carting Anne off, argh! I was shouting 'no, no, NNNOOO!' just as loudly as I suspect Gilbert must have been. The build up of tension and the way you showed Gilbert's growing anxiety as they questioned Anne was making me jump up from my seat every two seconds as I read it. And speaking of jumping, when Gilbert leapt on the policeman's back I was beside myself. So hot! Sorry, I don't think I'm making much sense because I'm still reeling from the shock of this chapter. So, Gilbert's in the paddy wagon all beaten up and Anne's being carted off by the constable, what next? And what did the others say that lead to that conclusion? ?

You can't ask me for a favourite line, because I'm still all in a tizz about this chapter. Maybe I can be more coherent later, but not now, kwaks, sorry. Please, please, pleeeeeeeeeaaassssssse don't wait too long to update!? I don't think I'll be able to stand it if I have to wait very long to find out what happens next. This story is so good! I'm speechless. Love it!
6/9/2019 c35 astrid
OMG! an update soon yes?
6/9/2019 c35 Bright Promise
I want to clobber that policeman over the head. Beating up Gil like that, then taking Anne away like some sort of criminal grrr!

Update soon, please!
6/9/2019 c35 Guest
Wow, what just happened ? Who has taken May? Have Anne and Gilbert both been arrested? I need an update soon love it
6/9/2019 c35 6DrinkThemIn
Holy shit. #whatthefuckjusthappened
(a hashtag recently made famous by Megan Follows)
6/8/2019 c34 Guest
That was so funny! Did Jen know what she was saying. You always describe little May being so cute, she’s sweet :) is Gil really going back to school?
6/7/2019 c1 AdeptatHumanError
Gilbert's reaction was so Gilbert. I knew he wouldn't disappoint. I'm so grateful for this little peak into his mind during this bit. I feel like we didn't get nearly enough of his mindset in anticipation for their children, in canon, so this was such a treat.
6/7/2019 c34 7Formerly known as J
I loved that Gilbert's immediate response to the news was thinking about the future, and how he's going to look after his girl and then how he's going to tell their family. Including facing up to Marilla! That boy is an absolute darling. And fearless to boot.

Oh how I loved Anne curling her fingernails into her palms to restrain her self at dinner! And didn't I guffaw like a loon at Jen's innocent enquiry? Hi-larious! I am also in love with Anne collecting stories. I love it that Anne is inspired by his mother's book. I can imagine how much she would enjoy those stories and ever the writer, with her notepad and pencil. She is adorable.

Most of all I loved them camping out in the woods together with May. There is just something about them living simply like this that tugs at my heartstrings and makes me go all gooey inside. I know you love this pair out of doors, and so do I, kwaks, so do I. :) And what an interesting letter from Ro with that update on Davy's erm, health. Yikes! I've been wondering where he got to, and I knew you'd get back to him sooner or later... Is he gonna fess up about Ruby I wonder? Or has he gone for good this time?

You already know which line gave me the biggest laugh, kwaky, but the one that went straight through my heart? Gilbert talking to the baby in Anne's belly and calling him/her 'little pearl'! Have I told you before that boy is a DARLING?
6/7/2019 c34 Regina
Kwak, it’s not me, I discovered a glitch here, but at least it’s not me. Really.
6/7/2019 c34 Guest
Hi again Kwak. I reread the story on my breaks so I could appreciate the flow of the story more. I discovered I mistakenly referenced ch. 26 instead of ch. 20 for the body hair. ( don’t know if I can say the more specific location of said hair on this site. ) I must have been thinking of ch. 26 in Anotherlea which is my favorite chapter of that story for obvious reasons. ( ch 26 in Gilead is pretty damn hot too.)
I don’t want to make anyone crazy trying to find it the reference.
6/7/2019 c34 Guest
love that they camped out under the stars with may. Now what does John have against Anne) she's a strong independent woman like Ro after all)
6/7/2019 c33 Guest
I'm a flustered after reading that.) you write very hot love scenes, even better you write heated arguing turning into passion. )Gilbert enjoys going downtown,lucky Anne. Yes Gilbert is even hotter with a beard. love this story)
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