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6/7/2019 c34 Guest
love that they camped out under the stars with may. Now what does John have against Anne) she's a strong independent woman like Ro after all)
6/7/2019 c33 Guest
I'm a flustered after reading that.) you write very hot love scenes, even better you write heated arguing turning into passion. )Gilbert enjoys going downtown,lucky Anne. Yes Gilbert is even hotter with a beard. love this story)
6/6/2019 c34 Regina again
Dammit, that was me below Kwak. When will I learn?
6/6/2019 c34 Guest
Hi again!
First I want to say that yes I did pick up on the sexual innuendo. ( It more like smacked me in the face.) I happen to be a master at keeping a straight face when an inadvertent double entendre occurs in my presence.
Ok, the depilatory cream I did pick up on as well. Way back in Ch. 26 there is a mention of Anne’s body hair so I’m assuming she used the homemade concoction which Gil speaks of fondly.
Miss Hackthorne is a wee bit obsessive and it’s a good thing Anne and Gilbert left Acacia quickly. She has stalker potential and could’ve made more trouble than Margaret. Speaking of which...?
I’m happy that even after marriage Gilbert will continue his schooling. Won’t the baby arrive around final examinations and why am I even thinking of that?
Despite Gilbert’s careful planning I can’t help quoting the line by Robert Burns; “the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men...”
See, I can be literary too sometimes!

John’s mad and Anne doesn’t seem concerned about it at all.
Does she harbor continued resentment that he wanted to keep Gilbert at a distance from her? Well, lucky for Anne she has Ro whom she’ll need for the continued support.

Btw: I’ve never seen you come close to a Mary Sue moment with either Anne or Gilbert. ( I don’t know what the male equivalent is.)

Finally, on the 75th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy I just want to give a thought to the beautiful young men who lost their lives on those shores. They will forever remain immortalized in our hearts and minds.
6/6/2019 c34 wow
Oh my god I sniggered like a teenager when I got to that! Well done.

I forgot to mention in my review for the previous chapter that one of the reasons I loved Anne's fury was because it reminded me a bit of that scene in Call to Arms when Anne throws the lighter at Gilbert's head because she's angry with him. If you ever want to write about older-married-with-kids Anne and Gilbert again I will happily read it. You write every incarnation of them so well.

I love that Gilbert reacted so practically to the pregnancy news. Will we ever get to meet the little pearl? I'm in denial that this story will be over soon. Psst are we ever going to find out who May's father is? Is Gil really going back to Redmond? Can he really bear to be apart from Anne and the baby for that long? I'm glad that Anne saw his vulnerability.

Is it wrong that I laughed at Miss Hackthorne sniffing Gilbert's pillowcase. She got it bad real quick and who can blame her. Loved her hand to her throat. For a moment there I thought she was going to do something to Anne for rocking up and destroying her dreams!
6/5/2019 c34 Regina
It occurred to me after I typed this that maybe erotic fiction was the wrong term. I don’t have a literary background so what the heck do I know. I do know that your stories have erotic elements that are so well written and REAL. Whatever you call it just keep on doing it.
6/5/2019 c34 Regina56
Hey Kwak,
This came through during my shift and since I’m dealing with other types of body fluids I was confused at first. But yes, absolutely, it is in part. I did want to tell you before that the lovemaking scenes aren’t gratuitous and felt integral to the storyline. Not that I’d mind at all if they were gratuitous.) You do write erotic fiction beautifully and it’s your own brand.

I had a friend in school who was the first to go “all the way”. This experienced friend warned us that once one has sex it’s hard to go back to just holding hands. That’s how I feel after reading your M stories. I can’t go back to just holding hands now in fanfiction.

I’ll review properly soon but damn, I wasn’t expecting this so quickly. You are awesome for not wanting to leave your fans dangling.
6/5/2019 c34 6DrinkThemIn
Okay, first - GROANER. But I did laugh. Oh and I read this at work (how scandalous).
Second, oh this is why I love Gilbert. Your Gilbert or anyone else's Gilbert. He is always 100% devoted to Anne and as you said, he's willing to jump into the fray. I just may love your Gilbert a bit more because he is willing to get down and dirty!

I'm still up there with anticipation...not at all ready for the thud. Don't end this story. Just don't!
6/5/2019 c33 wow
sweet jesus that was *hot*. Anne's passion and fury, Gilbert locking the door with a satisfying click, undressing himself with one hand and 'I've thought about this for far too long. I am going to take my time, and you are going to let me.' :0 Then Gilbert um kissing her back to life and the beard only made it hotter.

Then Anne threw him back in the pit. This Glen is nothing like the one in canon - in this story the place has bought nothing but trouble for our couple. They need to grab May and get out of there. I never thought of what a toll this separation would take on them and I keep forgetting how young they are in this story until you remind me. The way you write Anne's vulnerability is beautiful and poor Gilbert - he has been pulled in a million different directions this whole story. He wants to fix everything and be everything to everyone. Everyone tells him what he should be and that's a lot to deal with for a what 21 year old? I really hope that the baby news gives him a chance to forge his own path with Anne by his side, of course. He should tells Eggers to stfu and start his own business. I keep thinking of that scene in the windy willow love letters where Anne and Gil are recounting their last week together before they had to part and how they imagined a life where they stay in Avonlea, doing up a cottage and having babies peeping out of every window. That Anne and Gil couldn't have that life but this Anne and Gil...I love how all your stories feel linked somehow.
6/5/2019 c33 Regina56
I have to begin by saying the sex in this chapter is scorching hot and has your signature all over it, Kwak.

The description of Gilbert with the beard and how it accentuates his full brown lips gave me pause. I realized up until now I hadn’t appreciated how the Mi’Qmaq blood in him contributes to his astounding good looks.
It got me thinking that I’d always assumed Gilbert resembled his father physically but perhaps it is his mother he favors. I have a good image in my head of John Blythe but I’ve struggled to picture Ro. I never imagined her as a physical beauty but perhaps I’m wrong about that.

I’m shocked that I actually foresaw some of the happenings in this chapter. ( Except for the lovemaking though, I wasn’t sure how they’d be able to do it in the mansion but I hadn’t realized it was that immense. ) The dialogue is just so exquisite between them.
Besides the lovemaking scenes you really do excel at the dialogue. Why is it that I loved Anne telling Gilbert off ? I prefer a fiery and passionate Anne I suppose. For a scary moment I really thought Anne wouldn’t tell Gilbert and depart from him.
Gilbert has developed into a masterful lover but credit must also be given to Anne who’s been an encouraging partner. Your Anne is so open, trusting and uninhibited. The part where they are both filled with doubt again after sex was wretching. Loved the bit about a part of Anne always moving. Even at this stage, Gilbert still fears losing her. And Anne, afraid that Gilbert is changing and no longer regarding their relationship the same way. The emotions here are so palpable and I’m feeling ‘em Kwak, I’m so feeling ‘em. So what happens now that Gilbert knows? What will he say? How will they explain their relationship to the folks downstairs? It’s all so complicated, Kwak. I’m in awe that you’ve got it figured out.

Re your AN: I do appreciate how important authenticity is to you because it affects how I regard a story if it lacks historical accuracy. I get that our sensibilities have changed over the century but I won’t criticize the author if I know they are presenting an accurate depiction of the time period.
It all makes one appreciate how attitudes have evolved over time and can generate thought-provoking discussions. For example, I really, really wanted to like Gilbert in AoI but I just couldn’t warm to him for a few reasons. Yet I know LMM never intended it that way.
Your Gilbert on the other hand, I am a goner for him. This story has affected me in more ways than you will ever know, and my husband would thank you too if he knew.

Btw, I love Creole cuisine and visiting southern American cities that were a part of the antebellum era. It was only recently that I learned that the Cajuns of southern Louisiana are descended from refugees of the Acadian diaspora. No doubt you already knew that!

Just seven more chapters? Say it ain’t so! I could go all summer reading this.
6/5/2019 c33 Guest
I really liked the bit about Anne dreaming of Gilbert unbuttoning her dress while she was sewing the buttonholes. This chapter was awesome and I want to know what he says in reply to Anne's announcement at the end! This is the best story on AOGG fanfiction for sure :)
6/4/2019 c33 Guest
Between this chapter and the[ searching for goldmines] in UTK and the scene in The Honeymoon there is nothing hotter than Gilbert doing that to Anne.
6/4/2019 c33 NotMrsRachelLynde
You definitely brought the drama to the last two chapters! The image of Anne as she arrived at Dr. Dave's house was so visceral that I actually needed a glass of water just thinking about he wind and dust. I have always love how passionate your Anne and Gilbert are. In for penny, in for a pound for those two. I loved the transition from anger and hurt to a nearly animalistic passion. I believe I have said this before, but it is worth mentioning again how well you do M. There is nothing predictable and mundane about it. That is a gift and not an easy task to accomplish. Thanks as always!
6/3/2019 c33 Guest
That I was not expecting but this was amazing. It was hot when Gil kept asking if she knew him now. I like his beard too I hope he keeps it I wonder how he’s going to react to the news
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