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6/2/2019 c33 6DrinkThemIn
Damn. Was about to start putting my kid to bed when I got the chapter notification. I cursed and rushed my little you KNOW how long it takes her to eat 2 manadarin oranges and read a book (which is always Goodnight Anne, btw)? It was forever and agony lol! Ch33 was my reward.

I didn't see a romp coming but am glad it was there! I am on the edge of my seat..."flying up on the wings of anticipation." How is Gilbert going to take it?
6/2/2019 c32 Regina
Ooh, meant to say that Anne walked through the Glen not to it on her way to Acacia House. (But you know what I meant, Kwak.)
6/2/2019 c32 Regina56
I have tons to say about this chapter but I’ll try to keep to the main points. (Not easy.)
First, the thought of Anne in her first trimester walking to the Glen in the heat wearing heavy clothing was distressing. It’s a fact that redheads feel hot and cold temperatures more extremely than anyone else ( I can attest to that as I have natural auburn hair.) and combine that with pregnancy and the overwhelming fatigue that accompanies it and that walk had to be brutal for Anne.
I can imagine that Gilbert is really in for it with Anne and from her perspective I don’t blame her if she is upset with him. She first catches Gilbert, sporting a stylish little beard, relaxed and enjoying himself before she is badly treated by Cook and Jen in the kitchen. She then learns that Gilbert had passed her off as a chum to his relatives and doesn’t defend her to Jen, Dr. Dave or Eggers. Poor Anne with her hormones out of whack has had quite a trying first day at the Glen and Gilbert might now get the worst of it from her. He must have figured out quickly the reason for Anne’s unexpected appearance at the Glen, wouldn’t he now?
I don’t like Jen and Dave in this chapter and I don’t know if they can redeem themselves either. The ladle incident really bugged me when Jen ordered it sanitized after Anne used it. She said it right in front of Anne like she was a dog or didn’t exist. As for Dave, his emphasis on gentility is grating and I hope his bedside manner doesn’t reflect that. Meanwhile, his guest Eggers is ogling Anne but Dave wouldn’t welcome a street urchin into his house because they lack refinement.
What a hypocrite the man is and he is not a gentleman in my book.
I’m going to end this with a personal story that this chapter reminded me of.
This past Christmas Eve my family went to an upscale Cajun-Creole restaurant in the city for dinner. The foyer was crowded with well dressed diners waiting to be seated. Suddenly in walks a bedraggled woman clutching a dirty doll. I held my breath when the proprietor of the restaurant, a handsome middle aged man, suddenly strode into the foyer and headed toward her. To my amazement, he kissed the woman on the cheek and warmly wished her a merry Christmas. They stood there chatting for a few minutes and the woman proudly showed him her doll. Then the owner told her to wait while he fetched something for her. There the woman sat and waited amongst all the guests in their holiday finery in this elegant foyer. Moments later the owner returned and presented her with a wrapped Christmas gift that he had purchased especially for her. That little moment tugged at my heart and defined for me what a true gentle person is.

This was a fantastic chapter and didn’t feel inconsistent at all, Kwak. One of my favorites, actually.
6/2/2019 c32 Guest
"Don't change yourself so that other people will like you. Be yourself so that the right people will love you." This saying reminds me of Anne. I love the way you write her :)
6/1/2019 c32 Guest
Your writing is amazing. This story is incredible so many great twists and turns. Thank you!
5/31/2019 c32 Guest
Everyone is enchanted by Anne they can't help it. it was so funny when she yelled out Gilbert's name) Now what will happen to the income Gilbert was going to get to help May. Love this story)
5/31/2019 c32 wow
I just love this story so much. You just constantly surprise me, I never would have thought this is what Anne's arrival would have been like. But of course, it's brilliant. Of course Anne the disruptor upends everything. I love that the cook thinks she's a witch, how Anne was more hurt to be called Gilbert's chum than a trollop. Gilbert and his beard(!) completely flustered and on the back foot by her surprise arrival until the very end when he tells the truth. I love that she slapped that hypocrite creep Eggers and that she told off smug Dr Dave over his treatment of May.

'Surely the best way to fit in, Dr Blythe, is to make a space for her to fit into?"

'I feel sorry for you, Dr Blythe,' Anne responded, coldly, 'for the prison you've put yourself in. The world won't stop turning if you make a little room for a mismatched chair!'

Yep. That's exactly what its all about. What powerful lines. I just adore the way you write Anne.

"She has not spent her childhood being bustled away like yesterday's sweepings, without coming to recognise that look." Heartbreaking and brilliant.

I had almost forgotten about Anne's pregnancy altogether, so entranced was I by everything else. Can't wait for the next chapter! Like another reviewer said, I don't want this story to end.
5/30/2019 c32 3Lavinia Maxwell
I was getting mad at Gilbert for not standing up for Anne and then Gil yells out,"She is my wife!" I just show Uncle Dave's face. Lol :)
5/29/2019 c32 7Formerly known as J
Oh, kwaky, this story is so amazing, I adore it! You know, the first time I read this chapter, I didn't even notice that it was written from Anne's pov. It wasn't until I went back to read it for the third time (or maybe it was the fourth? Your writing is so good, I always have to read it over several times, just to make sure I take all your genius kwak-ness moments in) and I saw your note at the top. I think it's a testament to how effortlessly you draw me into the story, that I was so absorbed in the action I truly didn't notice the change in pov at all.

I know I always rave about your chapter openings, but this one was truly superlative. Of course Anne would choose walking over a cab to the Blythes' and I'm in love with how you can describe something as seemingly simple as the wind, and paint the scene in my mind. How do you do it?

And then you give us that fantastic entrance, with Anne being hustled off to the kitchen, and them all mistaking her for the Crawford's maid with her basket. Of course Anne would think the library was paradise, and I lolled so hard at the whole toasting and 'GILBERT!' as Anne marches into the room at first. But it was Anne's magnificent transformation that made me sigh and smile. It's true, nobody but Anne could go from looking like she's stepped out of a volcano (so good!) to her earthy grace silencing the room in mere minutes. Argh! I loved how our Gilbert spent twenty minutes rearranging the chairs - I could almost feel Doctor Dave's blood pressure rising at such un-planned imbalance!

As much as I cringed at her saying 'chum' - perhaps more than Gilbert did - I loved him seeing something wild in her eyes and the familiar throb he feels as she approaches. Rrrr! But then Anne launching straight into a debate with her gracious host. That's our girl! I loved Gilbert sitting up straighter when he recognised her tone. I loved Eggers on the floor, and Anne stalking out of the room. So Anne, so fantastic!

I was trying to decide whether 'bustled away like yesterday's sweepings' was my favourite line or 'making room for a mismatched chair' until I read that last line from Gilbert. Ooooweeee! I think that's going to be give them all a start!

I can't WAIT to find out what you have in store for us next!

P. S. Trollop! Combined with the word 'blancmange' in a sentence - hahaha I loved it!
5/29/2019 c32 Bright Promise
Yeah, go Anne! Good on you for putting Dr Dave in his placeLooking forward to Anne sharing her news with Gilbert :D
5/29/2019 c32 6DrinkThemIn
Ahh I don't have much to say other than I enjoyed this chapter. I love how Anne is always herself! I cannot WAIT to see the drama unfold. What fresh hell awaits Gilbert?
5/29/2019 c32 variedfield
I’ve been so busy that I became a silent reader for the longest time, but I just had to express my love for this chapter. I adored Anne’s bewitching entrance—I laughed for a good five minutes about the whole ‘To Gilbert!GILBERT!’ bit. Yes, she is very much his wife.

It was also utterly satisfying to have Anne put down David Blythe, and to literally put down Eggers!

Very very interested to see how Gilbert’s going to dig himself out of this one. And at least he made that announcement to the whole dinner party before Anne tells him her own news.
5/29/2019 c31 Regina56
Kwak! What a wonderful Gilberty chapter this was. I loved the bit about Gilbert being used to doing everything himself or it doesn't get done. It gave me a further glimpse into his character, and it is touching the way he will sacrifice for others, in this case, little May.

I did know a little about the practice of oralism and its growing popularity back then because as a girl I was fascinated with Helen Keller and read books about her. I also learned about Alexander Graham Bell's influence on HK and the deaf community. (the Miracle Worker with Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke was so raw and amazing to watch.)
It is breathtaking the way you can weave these details into your stories. (Seriously, I suck in my breath as I read.)

Anyway, getting back on track, I love how just when I think the story is heading one way you take a sharp turn in another direction. Sure, we all saw the ending coming here but I still don't know where you are going with the story. I think you are up to something but I just don't know what it is. I'm not forgetting that little hint you gave us about the English gentleman staying at the Blythe farm in a previous chapter.

Kwak, I treat your characters like they are living, breathing creatures which is a compliment to you. I can't say I'm excited for Gilbert to get the news of Anne's condition but I'm curious as to how it will affect his plans. I had just one pregnancy scare in my life when as a college student I was 3 weeks late. I remember my hand was literally shaking when I held up the urine stick from the pregnancy test to read. My boyfriend at the time later became my husband and we were in a committed relationship but it still freaked me out. The pregnancy test was negative and I got my period on St. Patrick's Day which gave new meaning to the term 'luck of the Irish'. However, for the first time I completely understood why a couple of young women I knew had been in complete denial of their pregnancies up until they went into labor. Your Anne is so strong here but I get the sense she is freaking out on the inside as well. How fortunate she is to have Ro! My MIL would have been cool if I had actually been pregnant back then, but my parents, geez, I just don't know. They probably still think I was a virgin when I got married.
Btw, I have never seen an anachronism in one your stories but it is a relief to know that you would welcome the knowledge.
Finally, just so you know how much you have infiltrated my world, I went to a Billy Joel concert last weekend. Billy comes to my town every summer and I never miss his concert. It's surreal how I attended my first Billy Joel concert with my husband when we were both in college and now we are returning with our kids who sing and dance alongside us at the concerts. (Having your kids grow up isn't necessarily a bad thing.)
Anyhoo, towards the end of each concert Billy sings his signature song Piano Man. It's a tradition that after he sings the line "And he's talking' with Davy, who's still in the Navy" the crowd roars back " And probably will be for life!" Well, now that song, which I love, has made me think of you and this amazing story.
'Til next time, Kwak!
5/28/2019 c31 Guest
Omg I love this story
5/27/2019 c31 Guest
How many chapters left? I don't want this story to end. Anne gets pregnant was inevitable ) can't wait to see Gilbert get the news from Anne) love this story)
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