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5/19/2019 c30 Guest
I love doctor David! I also loved jen cuddling baby may. For a while i thought gil wasn’t going to catch up with sark and Claudine so i was happy he found them I love this story
5/18/2019 c30 EllaOfDale
okay but it's been a selfishly long 150 BILLION years since I've lumbered out of my cave to reviewand you know how anxiety works: the longer you DON'T do something, the heavier the weight of guilt gets for stopping and fear gets for starting againbut OH! Then you go and drop *this* sly nod on you loyal readersthat, and Gilbert, came later." What?! Tell me truly, babygirl: when you thought of that, did you leap from your keyboard, dash out the door, and run up and down the street, high-fiving every bewildered neighbor you passed? [I ask because I'm one of those thousands (!) of readers you mentioned from the United States, and we celebrate our victories out loud.] Sincerely: you dazzle us. The pockets you explore within Maud's world, the universe of possibilities you illuminate in hidden corners of your own writing, are all reasons you don't just have readers, all of us in the kwakpack are RE-readers. And for all the bold choices you make for our heroes and all the bright colors you use to paint every scene, it's those subtle asides that I'd recognize anywhere as your distinctive literary fingerprint. Of course I enjoy your plotlines, but more than anything, I delight in your prose. I have never encountered anything quite like the musicality of your writing, and the way you play with the dynamics of LOUD!soft to create these unexpected, unforgettable moments. Turns out it wasn't excitement but ham. The fact that you and J are plotting to have us roaring with laughter is JUST TOO PERFECT. What an intriguing combo you two make! #IShipIt Thank you for leading all your Anne-Girl fangirls and fanboys wherever y'all want to take us.
5/17/2019 c30 7Formerly known as J
OMG, kwaks, your characterisations never fail to get me excited. David Blythe is another one that you've just blown my mind with! You have captured him to perfection. Even though I never really thought all that much about him before this, now I can see him so clearly and I loved it! Before, he was merely that guy who inexplicably stayed for dinner and invited Captain Jim to Anne and Gilbert's wedding night at the House of Dreams. Now, he is so wonderfully drawn in my mind, and exactly as I imagine most doctors would have been in those days. A bit pompous, used to getting his own way, cantankerous (love that word!) and likely just a leetle bit misogynistic. Contrast this with the doctor we know Gilbert becomes in canon, with his cheery "there's nothing the matter with you!" greeting to his patients and now I just know why he was such a great healer and loved so much by the Four Winds community. Not just because of his twinkling hazel eyes and killer smile, but his compassion and genuine care for others. Argh! I love how you make me see new things. But sorry, I've gone off on a tangent...

Now for our Gilbert, and how much he was hating the marketing discussions about his miracle wart cream. Then I loved his innate skills as he escaped up the hill taking him five minutes before he tripped. Thanks for the insight into the contents of Anne's letter, no wonder Gilbert came later - wowsers! I adore how after that you can tug at my heart strings with that kiss to Lottie when he sees the white bird. And that feeling of peace as he lies by the fire and thinks of Anne. Oh my, that boy is deeee-licious!

Favourite line: My nephew has no time for sweethearting. LOL
Second fave: Why has Rhodaline's portrait been turned to the wall? double LOL.

P. S. I think I did actually wet my pants with excitement when I thought about writing our new story together. Desperate desires indeed!
5/17/2019 c30 NotMrsRachelLynde
I just love this Dr. Dave. He is so obnoxious that it is wonderful. I loved Jen’s comment about why they have no children! In canon, Gilbert was always so confident in everything except Anne. It is interesting in this to see him questioning everything except Anne. I love the relationship she that you have brought to life. I also enjoy Anne and Ro’s relationship as well. I see that filling a void that may have formed in her relationship with Matilda since she married Martin. I do love waking up to an update from you and lord you have me all kinds of excited about your collaboration with fkaj!
5/17/2019 c30 Regina56
Your characterizations of Dr. David and Aunt Jen separately and as a couple are wonderfully written and didn't disappoint.
The prospect of Gilbert as an inventor and business partner is intriguing. I do wonder where all this is going especially since Gilbert will be returning to Redmond. I need to reread this chapter because I'm sure I missed a few things but this is the only time I have to write a review this weekend and I'm trying to keep up with you, Kwak! Your not so subtle hints about Anne have made me curious for what's next. (Are they hints or are you pulling the wool over my eyes once again?) Part of me is apprehensive for what's next and its amazing that you can fill me with dueling emotions of anticipation and dread.
All the research you do for this story makes me appreciate how very difficult it is to do a period story. On the other hand, at least you don't have people who lived during the time period pointing out anachronistic errors in dialogue and situations. I mentioned once that my all time favorite drama is Mad Men. The creator was a brilliant writer who paid meticulous attention to getting the period of the 1950's-60's right and he had a team of researchers to help him, too. However, he still made a few tiny mistakes which people were only too happy to point out. I noticed them too sometimes (even though I wasn't born then) but it didn't change my opinion that the show was awesome. (The songs that cued the end of each episode were terrific btw. Just like you, the show's creator used music to inspire him and reflect the episode's mood. Do all writing geniuses do that?)
Which brings me to your writing partner FNAJ. I am so happy that you are collaborating on a humorous sexy story and that it is giving you so much fun. I see enough stuff at work to make me adverse to melodramatic fictional stories. I've never understood why some law enforcement people would watch crime dramas or hospital employees, medical dramas but they do. I love my job but I don't want to be reminded of it when I'm not there. Thank you for the welcome diversions and for inviting me into your wonderful world, Kwak!
5/16/2019 c30 6DrinkThemIn
Tender bosoms, eh? :D
5/16/2019 c26 8Catiegirl
Such a chapter of extremes! But blessed ones. I loved the shock of this chapters opening- as opposed to the dread of being called out by Marilla! This trio of men you created keeping Gilbert from Anne was brilliant- so wonderfully commonplace, without an ounce of imagination between them. Again, that topsy-turviness, of this ’right’ world of law and trained medicine is so wrong, compared to the rightness of the couple together. The last scene is breathtaking- I love that it's rarely just one emotion when they are together- it’s a journey together, and I love the way you write it, passionate, painful and utterly sweet. Every chapter has me totally gripped- how I love the way you write, Kwak.
5/16/2019 c25 Catiegirl
This chapter is sublime- i’ve read it so many times now, and keep getting amazed by it. The heat is unbelievable, but somehow, it’s the way they are finding to put their relationship into words that catches me, and yet again, the fact that Anne is able to put words to it, that Gilbert understands instantly. And we’re right with them- i’m cringing at the consequences, but we understand it so much. I loved several things especially- Gilbert arguing that he should go home with her, and the simple way she acknowledged it- that she had been thinking like a child. That was beautiful. Most of all, though, that little moment where Anne assures him that she isn't going anywhere, when he didn't even remember pleading with her to not leave him. I kept thinking about all of the times he likened loving her to a butterfly, that he had to not grasp her- and he accepts that. But this subconscious cry just made me want to weep- there's a price for loving. I’m so glad she heard it, and i’m so glad she could reassure him. It's just heartbreaking and so very beautiful.
5/14/2019 c29 7Formerly known as J
Ok, I'm back now to give my proper review now, kwaky, and I can tell you that I think I'm loving this even more after reading it a few times over. This story never fails to excite me and what I love most is that I never know what's going to happen next.

First off, that poor, ill-fated little heart pendant. Will it ever find its rightful owner in this story? The first thing I thought when Anne wrote to Gilbert about it was, I wonder if he knows it's the same one? But I quite liked Ruby's stylish idea to hang it on a black velvet ribbon with her low collars to show it off. Just vampish enough to make it Ruby and at the same time making me sad for her because she's so desperate for her story about Davy to be true. But then 'Mother Rossi' - I could almost see the look on Marilla's face when she said that - not to mention the rest of the sewing circle! So good.

Once again, the vivid picture you've painted for me of Gilbert's uncle in only a few sentences is a testament to how great your writing is. You make it look so easy, but I am constantly awe-struck at how succinctly you can tell me everything I need to know about a character - and I don't think Dave's even had any actual direct dialogue yet!

And then, our wonderful, beautiful boy and the unpredictable problem in his trousers. As much as I loved the thought of him studying all those books at Uncle David's place, it was his very Gilbert-y escape out the window which I absolutely adored most. Our boy *must* get himself out of doors and especially when he has that letter in his pocket. That meeting with Claudine, and Gilbert trying to tell him he was 'sleepy' was hilarious. I loved how dry Sark was, his sarky comment about Gilbert's 'little picnics' made me laugh, calling him blanket and then that parting comment about keeping his trousers up. Another wonderful character study encapsulated in so few words. I love him!

Needless to say, I'm so curious to know about what is going to happen tomorrow. And also, whether Gilbert ever actually gets to finish that hot letter from Anne. Will we learn anything more about its contents?

Favourite line: Then Anne's letter arrived and Gilbert's composure disappeared like the mist that hugged the hill each morning.
So beautiful and yet sooooo hot all at the same time. How do you DO it, kwaky?
5/14/2019 c29 geekloverlz
For a moment there I thought you were going to introduce us to Leslie (I read 'red bonnet' and remembered she always wears something in that color)!
5/13/2019 c29 astrid
This story is so awesome. I’m excited to read more :)
5/13/2019 c29 Regina56
There was so much to ponder here and I loved the unexpected introduction of new characters into the story.
Ruby is pretty flaky but the girl just cracks me up. Mother Rossi indeed. Is this some sort of pretend marriage she's got going with Davy? If it is, it sure feels different from Anne and Gilbert's "marriage". I do prefer your characterization of Davy to Maud's. It's not a criticism of LMM; I just find your Davy more suited to my tastes. I'm still not ready to hate on the boy either. Sure, if he was being a manipulative and diabolical jerk who preyed on women I would hate him but I'm not seeing that yet. And no, I'm not attracted to bad boys but I've been chums with them in the past and they've been very useful friends to have. You know, it takes a player to recognize another player.

Gilbert's reaction to Anne's letter was great and reminded me of a book I read as a preteen- Judy Blume's Then Again Maybe I Won't. The book was quite an eye opener for me as I hadn't realized what boys actually went through during puberty. What you wrote here was witty and subtle; even more important, it felt in character for Gilbert.
Then you go ahead and name one of your new characters Deenie. That's the title of another Blume book that has been frequently banned due to the brief mention of a taboo subject which you also touch upon. (No pun intended.) I know I've mentioned before that I was a huge JB fan growing up and that you sometimes remind me of her with the brave yet entertaining way you write about controversial topics. Was this some sort of subliminal nod to her? I don't think so but it's still funny to me.

The research you do for your stories just blows me away. I actually live not far from Vineland where Mary Treat lived for a time and where she did much of her scientific research. I sometimes feel guilty that I am getting all this amazing content from you for free. I can't even imagine the time and effort you put into your stories. Thank you!

Another thought- Sark calling Gilbert Blanket made me think of Michael Jackson's son.

I'm so happy your collaboration with FKAJ is off and running. No need to apologize to me for the writing delays here. Whatever you guys put together will be well worth it later. I've always gotten a kick from the fact that like myself, FKAJ is only familiar with the AOGG books and none of the tv adaptations. Can't wait to read what the two of you have cooked up for us in M world but in the meantime I am enjoying this story immensely.
5/13/2019 c29 Guest
this story is always full of great twists ) I love it. I love this story )
5/13/2019 c29 FKAJ
Kwaky, I’m so sorry it’s taken me such a long time to review! I’ve had a crazy weekend with out of town guests staying, but you must know I’ve been dyyyyying to read this ever since you posted! Even now I’m writing this on my phone (instead of working !) and I promise I’ll give you a proper review soon, but after reading this, I just HAD to tell you how much I loved this chapter!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you are hands down the best writer on here when it comes to hotness. Even when our pair aren’t together- they aren’t even on the same side of the island - I was getting all flustered! How do you DO that?

And there is truly never a dull moment with this story! You know I especially enjoyed reading about our Gilbert studying his heart out at Doctor Dave’s, but my absolute fave was him trying to find a private spot to read Anne’s letter (I loved it!). then before I know it, you’re taking me on a completely different journey than I ever expected to go on at the Glen. This is why I am so lucky to have you as a writing partner, this is why I’m so excited about how much fun we’re going to have creating our story together. Thanks, kwaks, you’re the best. :)

More soon I promise!
5/12/2019 c29 wow
I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am that you and FKAJ are writing a story together!

So Ruby found the heart pendant and is pretending that Davy gave it to her...oh girl.

Love that Gilbert left through the window! And contemplated sliding down the bannister. I just love the way you write him. Also Anne's racy letter sending him into a tailspin. Yes please. :o

I love how you include indigenous characters/ culture in your stories. I love how I always end up learning things from reading your stories, like finding out who Louis Riel was or the bridge collapse that you mentioned in Begin Again. I think I ended up watching a youtube documentary about that one!
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