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5/11/2019 c29 NotMrsRachelLynde
You know what I love most about you? You never cease to surprise me. Here I am all prepared for a chapter about Gilbert and Uncle Dave trying to cute little May’s heating problem. Instead you give us the most interesting interpretation of David Blythe I think I have ever read as well as two mysterious, intriguingly new characters. Love it! Gilbert’s trouser incident and the lasting impression he left with these two left me in stitches. And kwak and fkaj writing together...mind just blown. I adore both of your works and am no so excited about what you do together. I am certainly okay with a little delay if it leads to something of this epic proportions then I am okay with that
5/11/2019 c29 Guest
I loved how Gil met Claudine! lol. Every chapter is like a new adventure I love this story thanks for writing :)
5/10/2019 c28 Regina
Kwak, I meant to say authors are EVEN more interesting than their characters. Your characterizations are sublime and I’m sorry to keep bringing up Charlottetown but those characters in the bookstore were the some of the best you have written. I’m looking forward to many more.
5/10/2019 c24 8Catiegirl
I must say, I adore the masculinity of this story- it's the perfect counterpart to Anotherlea, and so very enjoyable- I never feel I have gotten enough of Gilbert, somehow. I did laugh at the 'will Anne be here or not' distraction- and his reaction to her presence! Oh, he's got it so bad... Laurie as a chaperone is so much fun, too, and I love how Anne is like a big sister to him as well here- perhaps in the way Diana is meant to be. Them sitting before that fire is one of my favourite images, and Gilbert selecting the flowers that are right for his girl. It's so easy to see them together, so easy for them to be one here- I love the gloriousness of seeing them so free together. I do love those touches of Anne of the Island, they make me want to squeal happily whenever they appear. Love your work!
5/10/2019 c23 Catiegirl
I love the way you describe the physical reactions these pair have to each other- it's gorgeous! And I couldn't help but chuckle at how very obvious they were being- and laughing along with the parents... ah, young love, that thinks no one else can understand... your incidental descriptions are magical too- billowy rolls! I love that Anne puts things into words that Gilbert can only feel. You took those gorgeous letters from her mother and turned them so ominously on their head- and yet I could see it, so clearly, the reason Bertha was writing. I love Gilbert understanding why she was sharing these with him- the pain, the adoration, and the bits the made him blush (VERY nice touch!) I could see why they had changed Anne, too, you can't read that unmoved- and how I loved that Gilbert saw it. Lastly, that beloved bird, that to us speaks of their union. Lovely!
5/10/2019 c28 Regina56
I'm back from JD (attempted murder trial) and trying to catch up with everything at the moment. Although I do think I can be fair and impartial I'm not a punitive person by nature which is why JD can be difficult. I don't like being in the position of judging people as you saw by my unwillingness to heap criticism on young Davey and Margaret. However, the best part of JD is being thrown together with people from all walks of life where everyone shares an equal role in making a decision that will ultimately change people's lives. Since we were forbidden from discussing the trial proceedings until deliberations we had to engage each other with our own personal stories during lengthy breaks and it could be quite entertaining. As one juror, a Mexican-American college administrator smilingly said to us, "There's a book here." I realized that as much as I adore reading, real life people are the most interesting characters and you truly can't judge a book by its cover. I've mentioned before that authors are more fascinating than their characters and that includes you, Kwak.

Anyways, regarding this chapter, I must confess that I didn't see it coming with May's deafness. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Morrissey, who sold Gilbert the pendant, is Margaret's father. The same man who kicked his daughter out of the house when she was pregnant. (I'm breathlessly waiting for Margaret to reappear.)
I'm looking forward to reading about Gilbert's train trip with baby May which should be good. Although having been there myself I'm already sympathetic for him.

I am ecstatic that you are collaborating on a comedic M story in the future. I adore comedy and it will give me something to look forward to when this story ends which I fervently hope is a long time away.
5/10/2019 c1 Guest
Can't wait for the next update!
5/6/2019 c28 GreenGabledGirl
Dear kwak, I come with my hat in hand and offer sincere apologies for my absence. Real life intervened hard, and my heart and head couldn't even string together a few sentences worthy of posting.

I'm enjoying your sparkling story so. You are quite the wordsmith, with nary a wasted syllable. Your prose is gorgeous without being showy, and your chapters flow with such wit, passion, and grace. I love how well you know Maud’s characters and that you have the talent and insight to make them your own. I also love how I have no idea where you are going with this story, and rather than trying to puzzle it out, I prefer to go on the journey of Gilead as each chapter unfolds.

I totally missed the dropped breadcrumbs regarding darling little May. I most likely was thinking about Gilbert and Anne’s next tryst, feeling sadness about Ro’s decline, or fuming over Davy’s impertinence. And I was a German Lit major in college! Oops. ;-)

I loved how this chapter opened with a ”meta”statement about love, referencing Helen of Troy and Romeo and Juliet, and ended with a personal, very Gilbert-esque statement about love and honor, with Gilbert publically kissing Anne at the train station in front of his parents, and gathering little May in his arms for the journey to Glen St. Mary. And his parents and the conductor’s reactions to Gilbert’s kiss were priceless and made me laugh, as it sounded like they were talking about Davy! (And, as I’ve been called Obsessia regarding my love of and familiarity with P&P, I, too, saw the Wickham-ness in Davy!)

I'll be honest, I'm not that wild about the Glen when Anne and Gilbert begin their lives there. I found Captain Jim and the other inhabitants to be rather tedious. I also felt that Anne lost a lot of her Anne-ishness when she became a wife and mother. I guess I'll go sit in the naughty corner now, lest LMM’s ghost decides to have her way with me! ;-)

In any event, I AM looking forward to the Gilead version of the Glen!

My favorite line from this chapter: ”...and a long line of drool like a spider's web connects her rosy lips to the toy.” Such a vivid, apt, and beautiful description.
5/6/2019 c28 NotMrsRachelLynde
I loved the end of the chapter! That kiss was perfect (even if Gilbert can't find the enamel heart!). Plus, everyone's reaction was just spot on perfect. So no more secret courting and I do hope that Anne finds her way to Four Winds. I'm sure they need a teacher in the Glen :-)
5/5/2019 c28 Guest
Oh poor little May! No wonder Ro is upset. I hope the doctors at the Glen can help. Loved that kiss in front of everyone
5/4/2019 c28 Guest
May is so cute I hope Gilbert can help her. Is Anne pregnant? Love this story )
5/3/2019 c28 5LizzyEastwood
Ha, sorry K! I was one of those guest reviewers last time around... thought I was logged in. Oops! Anyhow, clever chapter! I was wondering how you were going to get Gilbert to the Glen! Poor May! Poor Ro! I can imagine how helpless she feels having missed that. That's a mother's guilt, let alone a woman who has been used to noticing and healing people's problems. Yet when one of her own his affected. It honestly reminded me of the line, I think from Anne's House of Dreams maybe where Gilbert says something to the affect of mitigating the old adage that a doctor's wife never gets the pill. Poor Ro has been so focused on what she can't do anymore that she sort of missed what she can. And Gilbert's guilt make sense too... he's been so caught up in himself and Anne. Ha, I wonder if Gilbert will ever recall just where and how he lost that pendant! I know I sure do. Loved the kissing send off. It was great!
5/3/2019 c28 wow
omg yes Gilbert twisting in his sheets with righteous indignation. This is how wars start, okay? I love it. Then of course he ends up going anyway, Because it's the right thing to do. That's our boy. Poor little Mayflower. I went back to reread scenes with her and it was all there! But I never guessed it, I just thought she was a placid baby. What can even be done in the 19th century for a baby with hearing loss? I'm looking forward to seeing Gilbert in the Glen. Whatever will the local girls do when they realise they don't stand a chance with him? ;)

Poor Ro, though I love that Anne is going to be at her side. And man Gilbert really loves beating himself up. Is he going to have to choose between herbalism and medicine? I am so curious about what's going to happen when the summer is over.

Gilbert's badass goodbye was just brilliant.

Yes where is that heart necklace?

are you and FKAJ writing something together? *squeals with excitement*
5/3/2019 c28 Guest
It was so good how this started with Gil so furious at John and then he decided to go anyway. I hope doctor Dave can help May.
5/2/2019 c28 6DrinkThemIn
I loved it! I am also sad about May but am glad Gil can leave on a useful mission atleast...rather than being plain banished.

You are so fantastic with throwing us for a loop so I know even if I have inklings they will still find their own crazy way of coming true. It wouldn't be YOUR story! You're never alowed to end this one, K?

Gil's declaration was incredible and had me laughing, too. So frickin cute.
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